20 of the Best Gamer Gift Ideas

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Creative Gamer Gift Basket Ideas

Surprise your boyfriend or husband with the best gamer gift ideas of all time! Many of our spouses love to play video games in their spare time, and with that in mind, we’ve come up with the perfect gift idea; a gamer gift basket! This is one that gamers on any level will be sure to appreciate AND won’t cost you an arm and a leg! It’s time to show your honey a little gamer love with an adorable gamer gift basket!

Can't wait to give this gamer gift basket to my gamer hubby. :) #gamerlove #gamergifts

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Joanna from JAB Creative really helped us take this video game gift basket to the next level! She is seriously a dream to work with! She helped us create these impressive printables for this gamer gift basket that are not too girly. Your guy will definitely like them!

How to Make a Gamer Gift Basket

The best part about this gamer gift idea is that you can customize it to your gamer’s likes! Not to mention, it could not be any easier to put together! Follow these instructions to create the perfect gamer gift basket:

Step 1: Find a basket or wooden crateย to store all your gift basket items in. I wanted something a little more “manly” for my man, so I went with a crate!

Step 2: Print the adorable gift tags and flirty love notes linked below! Trust me. Each tag and note is gamer-friendly and sends the perfect message! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I personally love the “Baby, You’ve Got Game” sign that can be attached to the very of the basket.

Step 3: Arrange all your gift basket items strategically so the tags can be seen. (We’ve got tons of ideas below!) Don’t hesitate to use some basket filler to make it appear nice and full!

Gift Ideas for a Gamer Husband

Gamer Gift Ideas

Check out these easy-to-find, fun, and tasty gift ideas you could use to fill your gamer gift basket!

  • Your sweetie’s favorite snacks – Don’t forget to attach the adorable gamer snack tags!
  • Extra batteries for their controllers
  • A new game (or 2)
  • Their favorite drink – Gotta stay hydrated! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • A gift card to buy more games!

Gamer Snacks for Gamer Gift Basket

We even included a few bonus gifts that you can add to your basket (or crate!) that you don’t even have to shop around for. Just print out these gamer-themed coupon cards and flirty notes on someย card stock, add them in, and then your honey can use them while he’s gaming to request a kiss or your company! Isn’t that the cutest little touch?

Gamer Love Notes For Gamer Gift Basket

A Gift For Any Occasion

This gamer gift basket full of gifts for your boyfriend or husband would be the PERFECT gift for any occasion! Everything from your anniversary, to a birthday, or even Christmas! Additionally, this could be a surprise gift for no reason at all – just because!

One of our favorite ways to use this gamer gift idea is to make your man smile for Father’s Day! Just leave out the love notes and use the “Dad, You’ve Got Game” sign for the front. Then, let your kiddos pick out a few snacks for their dad and you are all set! Without question, this video game gift basket will not disappoint regardless of when it’s given!

Video Game Gift Basket Idea

If you loved this simple gift idea, check out another fan-favorite,ย the Sex Box gift,ย or The Man Can. Both will unquestionably make the man in your life feel like a million bucks!

Happy gifting!

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I am sooo not a gamer, but my fiance is – so I love all the adive and tips

    1. Hi Fiona! Thanks for your comment!! We are so glad you found the post and can use it for your fiance!! We hope he absolutely LOVES it! ๐Ÿ™‚ XO

  2. This was a perfect gift for my boyfriend this Christmas as he is an awkward one to buy for. I sort of made the box in to a classic playstation, though my handy work on the box needs a little work; I’m really grateful for this inspiration from you guys and the printables.

    1. That’s awesome! We are so thrilled you were able to customize it to be perfect for your boyfriend!! Thanks for your comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

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