How To Revive Your Sex Life

How to Overcome Common Sex Struggles and Have Amazing Sex

a guide for the low and high drive spouse!

Heads up: We’re going to get a bit real today–but we’ve got ideas to transform your sex life and foreplay in the STEAMIEST way possible. {wink!}  

I think almost anyone would love to kick things up a notch when it comes to their sexy time…
In fact, I bet you can relate to at least one of these common sex life struggles:

  1. Do you or your spouse struggle to really ANTICIPATE and crave each other’s touch like you used to? 
  2. Have you or your spouse ever wondered about FRESH FOREPLAY ideas but been nervous of what you’d find online?
  3. Have you or your spouse ever found physical intimacy to be more of a DUTY on your chore-list rather than a fun, bonding experience?
  4. Do you or your spouse feel a bit bored of ROUTINE SEX but are unsure how to bring up fresh ideas?
Table of Contents
  1. How to Overcome Common Sex Struggles and Have Amazing Sex
  2. When Anticipating Sex Feels so Last Season
  3. When Foreplay Needs to be Forefront
  4. When Duty Sex is Your Reality
  5. When Routine Sex Ruins the Mood
  6. A Text Subscription for Couples: Classy, Sexy Foreplay Ideas
    1. Rave Reviews for ForePLAY Fixes
  7. 15 Benefits to Having a Great Sex Life
    1. Conclusion
Couple enjoys improved sex life and communication in their marriage | The Dating Divas
Couples communicate about their intimacy for a better sex life

When Anticipating Sex Feels so Last Season

When is the last time you REALLY anticipated sex? 

We’re talking about a sex life where you are:

  • EMOTIONALLY in sync together 
  • DESIRING and PINING for your spouse’s touch
  • MENTALLY prepared for time in the bedroom
  • PLANNING ahead to be well-rested for sex
  • ROMANTICALLY wooed to the point of excitement
  • FEELING as though you and your spouse are pursuing each other on MORE than just a physical level?

If it felt attainable, I think most of us would say THAT is what we want! Whether we relate more to a low or high drive, a great sex life doesn’t sound too bad! Well, it can start here. But first, we have to show you HOW…

Intimacy is SO MUCH MORE than SEX. In fact… an AMAZING, mutually anticipated sex life often starts with OTHER forms of intimacy.

It takes intimacy to make soul-shaking love and to trust that you can play in the depths of your raw desire… You feel accepted and known, and you feel alive and intrigued, and you are able to reveal your deepest sexual desires. You can let go of inhibitions while remaining deeply connected to your lover and explore your sensual self with freedom and abandon within the safety of love and intimacy.
Cheryl Fraser, PhD Writer for The Gottman Institute

imagine a sex life filled with anticipation and desire,
free of routine and duty…

This is why we created the ForePLAY Fixes subscription… to help you and your sweetie truly connect and begin the fun ANTICIPATION process before you even reach the bedroom. Because research shows that the most anticipated, BEST SEX really does start OUTSIDE the bedroom.

When you get your emotional needs met and feel emotionally connected to your partner (that is, you have emotional intimacy), then you’re often more able and willing to connect sexually. In other words, emotional intimacy often bolsters sexual intimacy.
Kristie Overstreet, Clinical Sexologist & Psychotherapist

ForePLAY Fixes is exactly the challenge that you and your spouse need to spark some steamy new energy into your sex life! 

Whether you are feeling…

  • Frustrated or disappointed that your spouse doesn’t seem to desire or long for physical intimacy the way you hope they would…


  • Exhausted by the transition between LIFE & sexy bedroom time and discouraged that your desire doesn’t flow as easily as it used to… 

The ForePLAY Fixes challenge is made for you! We’ve got to tell you all about it!

Anticipation is vital to a thriving sex life. | The Dating Divas
Couples can build a sex life so amazing that they each anticipate MORE

When Foreplay Needs to be Forefront

Let’s talk FOREPLAY…

We now know how important it is to begin building anticipation outside the bedroom before sex. But what about IN the bedroom? Couples need foreplay ideas to use once the door is closed and locked–without googling or searching on Pinterest!

Where do you go when you are looking for tips to spice things up in the bedroom?

Foreplay is one of the most IMPORTANT components to a thriving sex life but finding CLASSY ideas can be a biiiiit sketch if you’re looking online. #yikes

Can you relate?

  1. You try to search for suggestions online but end up getting vulgar or awkward ideas…
  2. You try to search for suggestions and find WAY too many to even know where to begin!

good news:

we’ve got a place to get exciting new foreplay ideas without worrying about what else you might run into. 

It’s that simple, and it’s that awesome. 

Trust us, this is one subscription you DO NOT want to miss! After all, we are foreplay EXPERTS when it comes to genius, sexy, and CLASSY ideas!

This is the BEST way to get sexy new ideas sent STRAIGHT to your phone without having to do any searching!

Click below for more details!

say goodbye to raunchy resources and sketchy
web browser results. say hello to FOREPLAY FIXES!

Foreplay can change everything in your sex life

When Duty Sex is Your Reality

Chore vs. Pleasure

Okay… let’s just cut right to the chase here.

Has sex ever felt like another CHORE on your lengthy, exhausting to-do list? 

Or maybe you’ve experienced the other end:

Have you ever felt like your spouse gave in to your request for sex simply because they felt obligated?

Duty sex is when sexual interactions shift from an enjoyable expression of play, connection, intimacy, and togetherness to a divisive issue that creates dread and turns sex into a duty undertaken as an obligation or to avoid feelings of guilt or obligation.
Michelle Mays, LPC, CSAT-S. 
Founder of PartnerHope and Center for Relational Recovery.

No matter which side of this equation you find yourself, there’s a better way!

kick duty sex to the curb!

Around ten years ago, research on duty sex was published by a University Department of Psychology in Norway stating that FOUR out of ten, “married or cohabiting couples, either the woman, the man, or both suffer from distressing reduced sexual desire.”

This research shows us that most of our sex lives have one thing in common: 

  • A higher drive spouse
  • A lower drive spouse

Even though this potential pain point in our relationships is extremely universal, handling sex-pectations in a healthy way can be a big challenge! 

Here at The Dating Divas, we strongly believe that sex is intended to be mutually enjoyed and should be free of duty or the need to perform.

…So we designed a solution for the common pain points!


This subscription features engaging, sexy, connection-focused foreplay ideas sent straight to your phones EACH WEEK to help you begin craving your partner before you even reach the bedroom

Less negotiation, more anticipation

Let us help you reignite your desire for physical intimacy with challenges that engage you OUTSIDE the bedroom first! Click below to sign up!

Both partners need pleasure for a healthy sex life. | The Dating Divas
Couples who overcome duty sex learn to maintain healthy boundaries and foreplay

When Routine Sex Ruins the Mood

For SO many areas of life, having established routines is seen as IDEAL–I mean, who doesn’t love some stability with their chaotic schedules? 

BUT, when it comes to routine SEX… sometimes predictability isn’t QUITE what we’re looking for.

Are YOU having predictable sex?  

Let us help you keep some EXCITEMENT in your sex life and maintain the mystery with a fewwww surprises! {wink!}

We totally understand that breaking out of routines can be super uncomfortable!
This is why we created an AMAZING way to provide foreplay options for you and your spouse to keep sex FRESH–with an idea each week that won’t leave you guessing on what to try next. Let us help you take the “uncomfy” out of your communication AND get BOTH of you taking charge with new ideas in the bedroom!

ForePLAY Fixes is the perfect subscription for keeping that sense of wonder in your sex life, allow both you and your spouse a chance to take charge, and create fun opportunities to accommodate every love language!

  • Mondays: husbands get a text with a fun new foreplay idea!
  • Wednesdays: wives are texted a completely different and unique foreplay idea to keep things exciting!
  • Fridays: a bonus text is sent to one of you (alternating between each spouse every other week) with an easy-prep, super-sexy date idea!

That bonus miiiiiight even leave you two wanting to stay in the bedroom all weekend long… {wink!}

You’ve GOT to join our ForePLAY Fixes subscription. Working toward having GREAT sex will be such a benefit for you and your spouse.

foreplay your way out of routine sex today!

What are you waiting for? Click below for more information!

Couples can find fun new foreplay to keep from having a predictable sex life

A Text Subscription for Couples: Classy, Sexy Foreplay Ideas

If you’ve ever wished your sex life could be more:

  • Exciting
  • Intimate
  • Pleasurable
  • Connecting 


Designed with both the LOW and HIGH drive spouse in mind, each challenge in the ForePLAY Fixes subscription serves as a tool you can use to SPICE UP your sex life!

here is how this steamy subscription works:

    Husbands get a text with a fun new foreplay idea to surprise their wife!
  • WEDNESDAY: Wives are texted a completely different and unique foreplay idea to implement!
    A sexy date idea that can be accomplished with minimal prep!

Learning to have PLAYFUL and MEANINGFUL communication as you tackle these weekly challenges with your spouse is a FANTASTIC way to work together to achieve a sex life that is more enjoyable and exciting for BOTH of you

Fun foreplay ideas are easy to find with The Dating Divas

Here’s why people are LOVING ForePLAY Fixes:

  • Every challenge is digital. Just read the text and GO!
  • The ideas are classy but still sexy–no online searches needed. 😉
  • The challenges are designed with both the low and high drive spouse in mind!
  • Texts alternate between husband and wife, so you both take turns taking charge.
  • You both get a sexy date night idea each week in addition to the foreplay ideas!

Rave Reviews for ForePLAY Fixes

Wondering if ForePLAY Fixes is right for you? Check out these reviews:

My husband and I started… when it first launched. He had recently lost his job and while our sex life wasn’t suffering I wanted to give him a gift that was something special for him to look forward to in a stressful time. Aaaaand we might have enjoyed the texts too much… expecting baby #2 in August! It’s safe to say we LOVE the prompts, and I hope to keep them going even during pregnancy!
– Bekah

[It] has provided me and my husband with more ways to enjoy foreplay and to get creative in the bedroom! We look forward to the sexy, yet classy, weekly texts and what follows after! 😉
– Whitney

Your end goal may be the same…
{ahem… achieving an INCREDIBLE, ENGAGING sex life

BUT learning to have PLAYFUL and MEANINGFUL communication as you GET to that goal is KEY, since each spouse often approaches physical intimacy differently than the other.

Fun foreplay ideas sent to you and your spouse can change your sex life

Let us help YOU bridge the gap between
the sex life you HAVE and the sex life you WANT!

With this HOT subscription, you and your spouse will get your own engaging, sexy, connection-focused foreplay ideas sent straight to your phones EACH WEEK! 

You and your spouse will receive different ideas and challenges to complete for each other… AND, as a bonus, you’ll both get a sexy date idea each Friday for you to complete whenever!

This is exactly the challenge that you need to spark some steamy new passion into your love life!

Want to check out more details for this INCREDIBLE intimacy-focused service?

15 Benefits to Having a Great Sex Life

We’ve been chatting a LOT about sex today… but this conversation has good reasons! A healthy sex life is proven to be SO essential in marriage.

While there’s a LOT that can get in the way of a great sex life, here are 15 well-researched reasons for you to keep things FRESH in the bedroom with your spouse:

  1. Benefits anti-aging
  2. Improves self-esteem
  3. Increases commitment
  4. Elevates moods
  5. Improves lifestyle
  6. Heightens skin and appearance
  7. Recovers immunity
  8. Alleviates menstrual symptoms
  9. Enhances sleep quantity and quality
  10. Relieves bodily pains
  11. Provides unity, benefitting the entire family household
  12. Reduces stress
  13. Provides exercise
  14. Releases positive hormones
  15. Stimulates heart health


It’s time to make your sex life a priority again! Though these common marital sex struggles we talked about today are… well, COMMON, they don’t need to be!

You and your spouse deserve to enjoy an uncommonly GREAT sex life!
You will not regret making an investment in your marriage by prioritizing your special sexy time.

Click below to sign up TODAY, and see what ForePLAY Fixes can do for your bedroom!

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