I am a 5'2" girl living in my 6'2" husband's world and loving EVERY second of it! I am the proud dog mom to our beautiful Corgi Australian Shepherd mix, Kobe. (Lovingly named by my hubs after his favorite LA Lakers Basketball legend Kobe Bryant.) I am an Enneagram 3 with equal wings 2 and 4 who dreams to be the vibrant intersection where right brain meets the left. I am an introverted extrovert...or was it extroverted introvert?! I live for good music, challenging books, ALL forms of the glorious and ever-versatile potato, any DIY project that requires a big-girl power tool, binge marathons of The Office, every home renovation show that exists on a streaming service, and moments in time that are filled by nothing but loud, lawless laughter.

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CRAZIEST THING EVER DONE: My list of small "c" crazy things could be long... I've ran up a car hood to hop in through the sunroof. I've fit myself into (an empty) church trash can to scare my fellow cleaning partner in the dark empty building. And though my track record for clumsiness would tell me it might be dangerous, I've thrown a six foot flag pole above my head gracefully for sport (Ahem! Marching band color guard squad unite!) But my ALL TIME, big "c" CRAY-ZEY top-of-the-list-item will always be that I fell in love with a man who lived EIGHT HOURS away {wink!}
GOOD AT: Writing, organizing, singing, DIYing in my garage, and being an absolute goofball!
SCARED OF: Hilariously enough, I HATE taking risks. Also, spiders.
IN THE “BEFORE” LIFE: Mortgage Lending + Financial Literacy expert!
WORST HOUSEHOLD CHORE: There's a worst?!

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