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The Online MARRIAGE CLASS for You

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to or heard of a couples retreat or marriage class. That’s right, an event typically hosted by marriage experts or couples therapists, designed to bring a group of couples together to help them learn and grow in their own marriages. Couples retreats are actually growing in popularity all over the world, but more recently, virtual couples retreats & classes have started popping up and the convenience can’t be beat.

Personally, there is really nothing I love more than learning from the comfort of my own home, wrapped in a cozy blanket, surrounded by the atmosphere of familiarity…and snacks. Usually lots of snacks. {wink!}

As a slightly introverted human, I will almost always choose the “stay at home” option when available. As for the rest of us, I think we can agree that we prefer to choose the DISCOUNTED option. For this reason {and so many more I can’t wait to share} I am ITCHING to tell you about the best virtual couples Marriage Class we recently found.   

Find a great couples retreat near me | The Dating Divas
Finding a couples retreat near me has massive marital benefits

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The Perks of an Online Marriage CLASS

If you’ve never heard of a virtual retreat or marriage class, I want you to sit back for a second and soak this in: Imagine skipping all the travel plans and babysitters and expensive hotel reservations. Imagine bypassing all the awkward meet and greets with other couples.

Sold yet? {I already was by this point, but I’ll keep going in case you need a liiiittle more convincing.}

Now imagine all the uncomfortable feelings of sitting in a waiting room outside the door of the therapy office before your session starts. {You KNOW the Dating Divas are huge advocates for therapy, but stick with me here!}

Imagine your comfy couch. Now imagine your very own bed! At this point, I hope you’re catching my drift. 

With something that tends to be as vulnerable as pursuing GROWTH in your marriage, there’s really something to be said about being trained under your own roof. It can already be so difficult to determine the right resource for pain points you experience in your marriage. It can also be tough to figure out the “right time” to reach out for assistance. In fact, The Gottman Institute has done research that concludes most couples will wait nearly 6 years AFTER identifying a tender spot in their relationship before seeking external help. 

Are marriage classes only for couples that are struggling? Absolutely not! The beauty of it, virtual or not, is that it creates an opportunity for the couple to focus exclusively on growth and education in their marriage. Whether or not you’re experiencing challenges as a couple is no qualifier for a couple to attend a couples retreat.

So, how about we declare today the right time for growth in your marriage, the chance to learn ways to overcome potential challenges, to receive helpful tools for communication, and all in an easily accessible, awkward-free, DISCOUNTED online Marriage Class?

Couples retreats are a great way to improve your relationship without the office visit | The Dating Divas
Pursuing a marriage retreat with your spouse can improve your marriage

Why We Love Dr. Wyatt Fisher’s Online MARRIAGE CLASS

When it comes to online couples retreats & classes, we would pick Dr. Wyatt Fisher’s course every time. Dr. Wyatt Fisher is a licensed clinical psychologist & marriage counselor. He is also the founder of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage retreat, author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book, creator of the Keep the Glow couples app, and host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast.

WOW, right?!

Not only does Dr. Fisher REALLY know his stuff, but he does such an incredible job communicating relatable relationship strategies humbly–often using his own marriage as an example! We actually hosted a live Q+A session with Dr. Fisher on our Instagram in September of 2022 that you can check out HERE if you’d like to see for yourself how calming and knowledgeable his presence is!

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to growing in my marriage, I love to learn in a format where it feels SAFE to be human. After all, feeling like we need to be defensive isn’t going to get us far when we’re trying to improve our relationship!

6 Best Steps to Remodel Your Relationship

The Dating Divas utmost passion is to see couples find success, satisfaction, and FUN in their marriage. But, in the midst of complex circumstances, there can sometimes be a bit of messiness to sort through before we find that success!

Dr. Wyatt Fisher’s virtual Marriage Class provides some really relatable and easily-implemented guidelines for this sorting. Let me tell you more about the 6 steps this marriage retreat will take you through in depth!

Step 1 – Establishing a Covenant Foundation

Dr. Wyatt’s first marriage step includes an overview of the many different foundations our marriage may be built on. One approach ensures more security and intimacy while others do not. Because of this, he will teach you how to reframe and remodel your marriage foundation and give several different examples of healthier lenses to see your relationship through. 

You will learn: 

  • An overview of the common root issues to many marital pain points
  • Ways to reframe your mental narrative about your commitment
  • The building blocks for many ideas introduced later in the retreat
  • Questions for self-reflection with this first marriage step

Step 2 – Owning Your Brokenness

You will learn:

  • What it means to become ONE in marriage and why it can be so hard
  • Tools to help you determine what shortcomings you bring to your marriage
  • Strategies to reconcile faster and create more emotional safety
  • Questions for self-reflection with this second marriage step

Step 3 – Learning to Share Power

You will learn:

  • Simple adjustments to share power better in your relationship
  • 5 steps to accept your partner with compassion and lightheartedness
  • Explanation of the NEO-Big Five test and how to apply it to your marriage
  • Questions for self-reflection with this third marriage step
Virtual marriage retreats can be a great tool for busy couples to access | The Dating Divas
Virtual marriage retreats give great tools to transform your marriage from home

Step 4 – Developing Emotional Attachment

You will learn:

  • 6 ways to develop healthy emotional attachment in your relationship
  • How to navigate a “head-heart check” with your partner
  • 7 step exercise to help you accomplish true empathy 
  • What the “Reunite Tool” is and how to use it successfully
  • Questions for self-reflection with this fourth marriage step

Step 5 – Cultivating Sexual Fireworks

You will learn:

  • 4 reasons sex is important in marriage for both low and high libido partners
  • 5 tips for low libido partners to have great sex 
  • 5 tips for high libido partners to have great sex
  • The building blocks needed for a healthy, satisfying sexual connection
  • Questions for self-reflection with this fifth marriage step

Step 6 – Staying in Love

You will learn:

  • What it takes to stay in love with your partner throughout marriage
  • Ways to identify you and your spouse’s “fillers” as well as your “drainers”
  • Steps to affair-proof your marriage
  • 3 more resources designed to help you keep up with these strategies!
  • Questions for self-reflection with this sixth marriage step

There is SO much good information packed into this virtual marriage class. Seriously, I wish you could see all my notes! And not only that, couples RAVE about this experience. For example,

“My husband and I have a good, solid marriage, and we want to keep it that way! We try to attend couples retreats every few years! We love working on our marriage and showing our kids how amazing marriage can be! Thank you Dr. Wyatt for a great online conference for my husband and I! Loved it! We left with more love for each other and some fun new things to keep our marriage on track!”  R.C.-previous attendant

But now for the moment I know you’ve been waiting on…

Online MARRIAGE CLASS discount

Use the code “DIVAS” at checkout to access 15% off!!

The price of this information-packed virtual Total Marriage Refresh marriage class is normally $299, but your discount takes off nearly $50 bucks!

P.S. This couples retreat includes a PDF with all the content in the videos so you are able to follow along more easily!

CLICK HERE to grab your all-access pass to the learning of a lifetime!
Don’t forget to use your discount code “DIVAS” for 15% off!

Never stop learning about marriage with a virtual couples retreat | The Dating Divas
Consistently learning about marriage is made easy with this virtual couples retreat

More Great Resource Recommendations by Dr. Fisher

3 Awesome App resources:

Keep the Glow App!

Gottman Card Decks App!

Between App!

Dr. Wyatt Fisher’s book resource:

Total Marriage Refresh: 6 Steps to Marital Satisfaction

live retreats with dr. Wyatt Fisher in 2022:

Marriage Conference Schedule

virtual relationship coaching with dr. Wyatt fisher:

Pricing and Scheduling


More information here!

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