Your Ultimate Guide on How to Be Sexy

How to Be Sexy 101

Have you ever wondered how to be sexy, but you couldn’t find tasteful resources? Lucky for you, that’s our forte!

Being sexy and feeling sexy can be game changers in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean you have to read explicit content to figure out how to be sexy in bed. Keep reading to discover our hot tips for how to be sexier.

Psst … Men, you can adjust these tips to work for you as well!

We've got the only tips and tricks you'll ever need when it comes to how to be sexy! | The Dating Divas
If you’re a couple in love, we’ve got all the tips on how to be sexy in bed.

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Table of Contents
  1. How to Be Sexy 101
  2. Before We Begin…
  3. Part One: Look the Part
    1. Bonus Tips: Look the Part
  4. Part Two: Act the Part
  5. Part Three: Set the Stage
  6. Bonus Tips: How to Be Sexy
  7. In Conclusion

Before We Begin…

Before we dive into our top tips for how to be sexier, we just want to say this: sexiness is different for everyone. What feels or looks sexy for one person may be really non-sexy for someone else, and that’s OKAY!

The best way to feel sexy is to be yourself and do what works for you and your partner.

That said, read through these tips and adjust them to your liking. The tips can remain the same, but the execution is completely up to you!

Our tried-and-true tips on how to feel sexy are the best you'll find! | The Dating Divas
Our tips on how to feel sexy are the best you’ll find!

Part One: Look the Part

Your training for how to feel sexy starts here! Once you look the part, it will be easier to act the part.

As we stated above, sexiness is different for everyone, so looking the part will be different for everyone, too! There are several ways to look sexy, and what’s most important is choosing what works for you. After all, this guide is here to help YOU feel your sexiest.

1. Prep your outfit: There are so many clothing options for feeling sexy. Whether that’s lingerie, your birthday suit, cute sweat pants, loungewear, silk pajamas, or something fancy, put on whatever helps you feel your absolute best!

2. Prep your body: Wash your hair, shave your legs, and apply some skin-softening lotion. Do any of the self-care routines that make your skin glow and make you feel amazing!

3. Prep your hair: Braids are a simple and cute way to pull your hair back for sex. You can also throw your hair into a sleek ponytail or messy bun, or you can let your hair down. Hair plays a huge role in how women feel sexy!

4. Prep your face: Use a face mask, apply makeup, or go au naturel. We love this lip-plumping balm for sexy time because it isn’t sticky, it softens and plumps your lips, and it comes in several shades (perfect for an ultra-sexy or natural look!).

Bonus Tips: Look the Part

BONUS TIP #1! Smell the part: Use your partner’s favorite scent and apply it all over your body, or indulge yourself and use your sexiest perfume. Smelling good helps you feel good! You can even purchase a perfume or body spray specifically for sex. That way, your spouse knows it’s go time whenever they smell it on you! {Wink!}

BONUS TIP #2! Prep your mind: As women, it’s pretty common for our brains to be working overtime. Whether you’re a “raising kids wife,” “working wife,” “entrepreneur wife,” or whatever awesome title you hold as well as “wife,” it’s important to take time to turn off your brain and turn on your body. Finding healthy ways to disconnect from your other responsibilities so you can transform into “just a wife” will allow you to bring your best self to the bedroom. Leave the dishes, last-minute work projects, stress from kids, etc., at your bedroom door and lock. them. out.

Wondering how to feel sexy? Try adding beautiful lingerie to your wardrobe! | The Dating Divas
Wondering how to feel sexy? Try adding lingerie to your wardrobe!

Part Two: Act the Part

What is the number one thing that partners find sexy in each other? Confidence.

That’s right, your spouse loves it when you feel confident! And when you feel confident, you act confident. If you’re wondering how to feel sexy in the bedroom, then bring that confidence with you!

1. Own your sexiness: Your spouse loves you and your body, and so should you! Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself five things you love about your body and your personality. Maybe even take turns sharing what you find sexy about each other.

2. Take control: Make a plan for sexy time and stick to it! Take control in bed and let your spouse enjoy what you have planned for them! Perhaps that’s trying a new position, performing their favorite sexual act, or just letting the moment take you where it needs to. Show your spouse that you are confident in your relationship, and let your body do the talking!

Need some ideas for sexy dates? Check out some of our faves:

Our complete guide on how to be sexy is the only guide you'll ever need! | The Dating Divas
Our guide on how to be sexy is the only guide couples will ever need.

Part Three: Set the Stage

Now let’s discuss how to be sexy in bed. It’s time to set the stage, per se. Lights, lube, action!

1. Set the mood with music: Music is a powerful tool when it comes to making people feel a specific emotion. Use music to your advantage and let it enhance your experience! We have a great sex songs playlist that is perfect for the occasion. (You can also use music to help you get in the mood while you’re prepping yourself for sex/Part One!)

2. Dim the lights: Nothing is sexier than mood lighting! Dim the lights, light a few candles, or hang some twinkle lights.

3. Set the stage: Your bed is the stage, and tonight you are the leading lady! Dress up your bed with rose petals, satin sheets, or anything else that will help you and your spouse enjoy the show.

Our #1 tip for how to be sexy in bed starts with prepping your bedroom for a night of romance.  | The Dating Divas
How to be sexy in bed starts with prepping your bedroom for a night of romance.

Bonus Tips: How to Be Sexy

We’ve covered the most important tips for how to be sexy, but we wanted to throw in a few more that didn’t necessarily fit with the other tips.

1. Use “props”: We’ve talked about sex toys before, and while they aren’t for everyone, they can definitely add some spice to your already hot night. If toys aren’t for you, consider using a blindfold, feathers, handcuffs, ice, whipped cream, or whatever you can think of to really take advantage of all five senses … especially touch!

2. Have lube on hand: We know lube isn’t absolutely necessary, but trust us, it can be good to have on hand. Our absolute favorite lubricant is Coconu Lube, but there are other great brands out there that you can use, including KY, Lube Life, and Wet Platinum.

* Enjoy 15% off of your Coconu Lube order with our exclusive code: DIVAS

3. Try something new: Experimenting with sex positions is a great way to shake things up in the bedroom. New positions take practice, and it’s okay if you don’t get it right the first time. Lucky for you, practice makes perfect! {Wink!}

4. Act out your fantasies: Ask your spouse what their perfect night of love-making would involve and make it happen! Who knows, acting out fantasies may lead to some of your most mind-blowing sex together. Or you can give roleplaying a try. Roleplaying is another fun way to embrace sexual fantasies!

Wondering how to be sexier? It starts with loving yourself! | The Dating Divas
How to be sexier starts with you and your self-confidence!

In Conclusion

You and your spouse share a connection that is unique to you, and that goes for your sexual connection, too. Don’t compare your sex life with those around you, nor anything Hollywood tries to tell you. Sexiness is different for every couple, as well as every individual. Do what works for YOUR partnership!

And don’t forget that while sex is great for bonding (as well as FUN together!), it’s also about expressing your love for each other. Let expressing your love for your spouse and the love they have for you be your top priority! We can’t think of anything sexier than making love with the person who loves you so passionately.

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