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Sex positions match game

Have you and your sweetie wanted to try out a new sexual position? Are you hesitant to type “sex positions” into your search engine? (Who knows what will pop up on your computer screen? Yikes!) We get it, and we’re here to help you up your bedroom game without having to wade through the sketchy parts of the internet. That’s why we created this fun and flirty Sex Positions Match Game (complete with sexual position descriptions you can read about) for your next date night!

And did we mention it comes with free printables? Keep scrolling to learn more!

Find a new sexual position with our Sex positions match game! | The Dating Divas
Couple sit back to back with sex positions match game card and Kama Sutra book
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Sex Positions Match Game Printables

Whether you are trying to add a bit more spice to the bedroom or just need some new ideas, we’ve made it super easy for you and your sweetie to try a new sexual position!

Play a new sex card match game with your spouse! | The Dating Divas
Couple plays with sex cards on the grass

Here’s how to easily put this game together:

  1. First, click the pink download button at the bottom of this post.
  2. Next, print out the FREE PDF. We recommend using good quality cardstock. This will make the sex position cards more durable so you can play it over and over again!
  3. Cut out and fold each sexual card in half. This will create a front and back of the playing card.
  4. Attach the two sides together using tape or glue. Try this tape runner or double-sided tape.
These sex position cards are sure to bring some spice to the bedroom! | The Dating Divas
Couple holds up a Sex Positions Match Game card

And… that’s it! Piece of cake, right? Now, you’re ready to play!

How to Use the Sex Position Cards

The rules to this game are super simple! Just like the game of Memory, you and your spouse are trying to find matches with the sex cards. We’ll explain just how to play below:

Step 1: Mix up your sexual cards and lay them facedown in a 3 x 6 grid.

This sex positions match game is played like the game of Memory. | The Dating Divas
Spouse flips over sexual card while trying to find a match

Step 2: Take turns flipping over two cards with the goal of making a match. If a match is not made, then flip the cards back over. Note: You may have noticed that these sex cards have both descriptions and images. In this game, you will match the card with the description of the sexual position to the corresponding image card. The cute silhouette husband and wife image cards will help you and your spouse to visualize the description on the card.

Step 3: What do you do if you make a sex card match? Well, we think you can figure that part out! {WINK!}

Try to find matches for the sex cards in this game for date night! | The Dating Divas
Sex cards do not match in this matching game

Sexual Positions in this Spicy Match Game

You better believe we had fun coming up with these sex positions! 😉 Check out the names of the positions included and then click the download button below to read the full position descriptions!

  • Plush Puppy
  • Spin Cycle
  • Banana Split
  • T Spoon
  • Back Dive
  • Leapfrog
  • The Spider
  • The Caboose
  • The Valedictorian

Can you guess how these positions are performed just by the name?

More Ideas for Sexual Positions

If you love this game and you want even more ideas for sex positions to play around with, we’ve got you covered! Try out our 25 Best Sex Positions in a Jar or How to Shower Sex Like a Pro. They will definitely bring the heat! Feeling even more adventurous? Check out our list of 25 Best Sex Toys to Use with Your Spouse!

Bring on the romance with this sex positions match game! | The Dating Divas
Couple kiss after playing a sex positions match game

We just love date night ideas that are simple and sexy, don’t you? We think you and your sweetie will love this spicy game, and we hope you find lots of new sex positions to try out!

Happy Matching!

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Sex Positions Match Game

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