25 Best Sex Positions in a Jar

Fun Sex Ideas

Ever wanted to be intimate with your significant other but ideas for what to do in the bedroom are running low? We’ve got the ultimate solution for you… Now presenting: The Sex Jar!

It’s not uncommon for the stress of the day to occasionally creep into the bedroom. You want to keep things spicy and fun but the ideas just may not be there to try anything new. We recommend implementing a sex positions jar! It’s a jar full of the best sex positions on little slips of paper with a description of each one. Simply pull out a position slip at random and let the fun begin! Fun sex ideas are just a jar away!

Jar full of ideas for different sex positions

Keep reading to learn how to create your own sex position jar!

Fun sex positions bucket list in a jar! | The Dating Divas
Create The Best Sex Positions Jar

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Create a Jar Full Of the Best Sex Positions

Whether you’re struggling with too little sex, or too much of the same sex position, this jar can help! Here’s how to easily create this jar:

  1. First, click the pink download button at the bottom of this post.
  2. Next, print the free PDF (We recommend printing on cardstock so your slips of paper stay nice and sturdy for multiple uses!)
  3. Cut out each of the sex position + description slips, as well as the jar label.
  4. Combine all your slips of paper into a small-sized jar. You can fold them so they are discrete or leave them unfolded for easier access.
  5. Finally, wrap the “Love is in the Air” label around your jar to perfect the look.
How to Have Better Sex Through Creating a Sex Bucketlist | The Dating Divas
Sex Position Ideas in a Jar

Your new sex jar contains the best sex positions for couples along with descriptions of how to do each of the sex ideas. Without question you’ll be enjoying better sex with your spouse!

What Are the Best Sex Positions?

With 25 sex positions to try, you will not be bored in the bedroom anytime soon! On a designated night, or a night you’re feeling frisky, pull out one strip of paper and follow the directions. After you get through the whole jar put them all in and start again!

The Best Sex Positions for Married Couples | The Dating Divas
Fun Sex Ideas You Need to Try

So here they are, The 25 Best Sex Positions:

  1. Face-Off: First, the husband sits on a chair or the edge of the bed. Then, the wife faces him, seated on his lap.
  2. Doggy Style: The wife gets on all fours, the husband kneels behind her with his upper body straight up or slightly draped over her, and enters her from behind.
  3. Flatiron: The wife lies face down on the bed, legs straight, hips slightly raised, allowing the husband to enter from behind but on top of her.
  4. G-Whiz: In this sex position, the wife lies on her back with her husband above her. The wife has her legs resting on each of her husband’s shoulders.
  5. Cowgirl’s Helper: The wife kneels on top, pushing off the husband’s chest and sliding up and down the husband’s thighs. The husband helps support some of the wife’s weight by grabbing her hips or thighs to allow them to thrust together.
  6. LeapFrog: Here, the wife gets on her hands and knees, then, keeping hips raised, rests her head and arms on the bed.
  7. Stand and Deliver: For this fun sex position, both the husband and wife stand. The wife then bends over at the waist. Then, the husband enters from behind.
  8. Magic Mountain: The wife sits, with her legs bent, leaning back on her forearms. The husband does the same, on the opposite side of the bed. Then, they inch toward each other until they are close enough for insertion.
  9. Cowgirl: Have the wife kneel on top of the husband, push off his chest, and slide up and down his thighs.
  10. Reverse Cowgirl: The husband lies on his back. Then, the wife straddles him, and facing his feet, the husband enters from below.
  11. Ballet Dancer: The wife stands on one foot. Facing her husband, she wraps her other leg around his waist while he helps support her while he enters her.
  12. Missionary: The wife lies on her back while the husband lies facedown on top of her.
  13. Scoop Me Up: The husband and wife lie on their sides, facing the same direction. The wife brings her knees up slightly. Then, the husband slides behind her pelvis and enters her from behind. (You may also know this position as “spooning.”)
  14. The Seashell: The wife lies on her back with her legs raised all the way up and her ankles crossed behind her own head. The husband enters from a missionary position.
  15. The Chairman: The husband sits on the edge of the bed. Next, the wife sits on his lap, facing away.
  16. Spork: The wife lies on her back while the husband kneels. Then the wife raises a leg onto the husband’s shoulder to position his body between her legs at a 90-degree angle and enter her. The couples’ legs (the one of hers laying flat and both of his) will form the tines of a spork.
  17. Seated Wheelbarrow: The husband sits on the edge of a bed and positions himself so that his wife’s butt is in his lap, facing him, with her legs wrapped around his back. The wife leans back until her hands reach the floor. The wife stretches her legs out behind her husband’s waist (Tip: Have the husband help support the wife’s weight by holding onto her hips).
  18. The Spider: This is one of the best sex positions. The husband and wife sit on the bed with their legs facing toward one another and their arms back to support themselves. Both the husband and wife come together until the husband enters the wife.
  19. The Snake: Wife lies down on her stomach, while the husband lies down on top of her and slides in from behind.
  20. The Relaxed Man: The husband places pillows behind his back and sits on the bed with his legs outstretched. The wife straddles his waist, keeping her feet on the bed. The wife bends her knees to lower herself onto him. Then, the wife presses on the balls of her feet and can raise and lower herself onto him as slowly or as quickly as she pleases.
  21. Pretzel Dip: Wife lies on her right side. The husband kneels, straddling her right leg and curling her left leg around his left side.
  22. Cross-Booty: For this sex position, the husband enters her from the missionary position. The husband then slides his chest and legs off her body so his pelvis is in the same location, but his limbs form an “X” with hers.
  23. The Caboose: While the husband sits on the bed or a chair, the wife backs up into his lap, and they spoon each other while seated.
  24. The Pinball Wizard: The wife gets into a partial bridge position, with her weight resting on her shoulders. The husband then enters her from a kneeling position between her legs.
  25. Valedictorian: From a missionary position, the wife raises her legs and extends them straight out around the husband (forming a “V” around his body)

Sex Position Bucketlist

How fun would it be to use this sex positions jar as your own personal sex bucketlist?! It will certainly get you and your sweetheart out of your comfort zone and trying new, fresh sex ideas!

We recommend that after you try each position, together you rate how much you enjoyed it and write your rating on the back of the paper to reference for the next time. You can basically have a post-love-making discussion on how it went–what you liked, what you didn’t like, how you can improve for next time, etc. Communication about intimacy is super important!

This is an exceptionally simple idea that will make a world of difference when it comes to improving your sex life. Trying new things–especially new sex positions with your partner–is an incredibly connecting activity. You’ll feel closer than ever, and you’ll keep things fresh just by using this sexy little jar!

Saving this so we can try ALL 25 of these sex positions! My hubby will be so excited for this little surprise! #sexposition #funsex #bestsexpositions
25 Best Sex Positions in a Jar

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