May 17, 2014

Lucky Penny Day


Bet you didn’t know, but May 23rd is Lucky Penny Day!

Paige - Lucky Penny - Pinterest Pic

Who doesn’t love finding a penny on the ground?! It’s the small things that give us a smile and put a pep in our step!  Give your man a pick me up by letting him find “lucky” pennies all day long! And because he’ll be finding more than one, he is SURE to have a lucky day!

How to give your man a “Lucky Penny” Day:

1. Print out these adorable printables, created by the talented Leah Aldous!


 2. Write a corresponding message on each printable and attach a penny {heads up, of course!} to each printable!

For example, on the Penny for your Thoughts printable, write a special thought you have about him OR on the By my Penny of Observation printable, write something you’ve noticed about  him or that he’s done lately. 

3. Place the “lucky penny” day printables in a variety of places for him to find! Some ideas may be next to his breakfast, in his suitcase or lunch, in the bathroom, on his bed stand, or in his drawer!


Create this special Lucky Penny DIY Keychain and attach it to his final “lucky penny” day printable as an added bonus!


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One Response to “Lucky Penny Day ”

  1. Jennifer says:

    These are great for many people. Thanks to the DIVA’s for making these available to everyone to use.

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