You Played Your Cards Right!


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Here is an idea that is so quick and easy that I am sure anybody can do it. Grab a deck of cards and a marker and you are almost done!!

  We have all heard the phrase, “Have you played your cards right?”  So, I thought why not leave a message on the bed using that phrase for your man to come home and see when he gets home from work.

You can even leave a trail in the hallway to make it more alluring. This will surely get your sweetie thinking about later tonight….. and you have made his night just a little more exciting!

 It is basically the same idea as sprinkling rose petals all over the room except, we are using playing cards to change it up. But the idea is still there and your man is sure to be pleased. You could even leave a sparkling cider in the fridge with a playing card attached with a ribbon!

This makes for an super romantic idea that is sure to last a long time. You might even come home to find the same note for you one night as the cards may be brought out time and time again!

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5 Responses to You Played Your Cards Right!

  1. I think this is a really cute idea. I will definitely use this!

    Something that is really fun with cards is correlating each suit to a particular body part, and numbers 2-10 and ace, king, queen, jack, and joker to actions. Shuffle the cards and find out your next action. For example If I pull out the 2 of hearts the hearts means neck and 2 means kiss; so I kiss my husband’s neck etc… Make up what they mean and it is a lot of fun to take turns ‘choosing’ your next action or playing an actual game of poker and whoever wins has their spouse play their cards.

  2. Oh my goodness! I have to try this one! My hubby LOVES card magic, and is pretty good at sleight of hand! He will love this one, and maybe we’ll make some magic of our own! 😉