100+ Free Printable I Love You Cards

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I Love You Cards

Looking for the perfect card for Valentine’s Day? You know the Divas have you covered.  And in honor of LOVE day, I rounded up OVER 100 of the cutest printable love notes and cards… just for you!  And the best part is- they’re all FREE!

Over 100 Free Printable Love Notes for him

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Have you seen all of the darling Valentine notes and cards popping up on Pinterest?!  Ahhh! Romance is in the air.  We love this time of year!  And since we firmly believe that we should be loving our husbands every day (not just on Valentine’s Day)- it’s the perfect time to find romance ideas to use all year long.  So pin this bad boy RIGHT NOW- then whenever you want to show your man a little extra lovin’,  just print off a little love note or two.

I divided the love notes into 4 different categories to make browsing a little easier.

Below You’ll Find…

  • 78 Free Printable Love Notes FOR ANY TIME
  • 23 Free Printable Love Note POSTERS & PRINTS
  • 34 Free Printable Love Notes FOR VALENTINE’S DAY
  • 9 Free Printable Love Note GIFT TAGS

Ready.  Set.  SCROLL!

78 Free Printable Love Notes FOR ANY TIME

{Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, or… just because!}

FREE Printable Love Notes For Any Time banner

love notes for him

1.  14 Flirty Cards for Him– from The Dating Divas

2.  Love Note- This card is no longer available. 

3.  Love Sweet Love– from The Sweetest Occasion

4.  Love You. Mean It. –  This card is no longer available. However, we have some fun, sexy cards Here.

5.  Floral Heart Love Notes– from Camille Styles

6.  Fold and Send Love Notesfrom Camille Styles

Printable Love notes

7.  A Bushel & A Peck– from Classic Play

8.  Love Spelt Out- This card is no longer available. 

9.  I Think You’re Awesome– from That’s Pretty Ace

10.  6 Romantic Cards– from Little Miso

11.  4 Modern Love Cards– from Oleander and Palm

12.  3 Hand-Lettered Cards– from A Pair and a Spare

love notes for husband ideas

13.  5 “I Love You” Cards– from Muffin Grayson

14.  6 Love Notes– from The TomKat Studio

15.  Mini Love Notes- This card is no longer available. 

16.  Mini Note Cards & Envelopes– from Design Eat Repeat

17.  Mini Love Cards– from A Pair of Pears

18.  Mini Envelopes & Tiny Cards– from Lia Griffith

Free Printable Love Notes For Him

19.  Monogram Notes Cards & Envelopesfrom Lia Griffith

20.  Blank Love Note Cards– from Oh So Pretty

21.  Watercolor Love Notes– from Thorn and Sparrow

22.  Love Note Cards– from Bombshell Bling

23.  You’re a Gem– from Persia Lou

24.  You’re a Gem Mini Card– from Lovely Indeed

love notes for husband collage

25.  Love Machine– from Madame Citron

26.  You Are Such a Honey– from Clementine Creative

27.  “Be Mine” Cards– from Paper & Stitch

28.  Simple Love Notes– from SheKnows

29.  Mailbox Card– from Martha Stewart

30.  3 Love Notes– from Hello Lucky

Cute Card ideas for Husband or Boyfriend

31.  4 Sweet Postcards– from You Are My Fave

32.  4 Printable Love Cards– from The Sweetest Occasion

33.  4 Watercolor Cards– from Jones Design Company

34.  4 Simple and Sweet Love Notes– from Soda Pop Design

35.  8 Sweet Love Notes– from Today’s Mama

36.  6 Cute Love Notes– from Tales of a Thirty-Something

Free Printable Love Card ideas

37.  6 Romantic Love Note Cards– from Jones Design Company

38.  25 Sexy Love Notes– The Dating Divas

39.  Editable Romantic Card- This card is no longer available. 

40.  100 Reasons Why I Love Youfrom The Dating Divas

41.  Top 5 Things I Love About You– from Wants & Wishes

42.  The Many Reasons Why I Love You– from Kiki and Company

free love notes for him ideas

43.  Gold Foiled “I Love You” Cards– from Kiki and Company

44.  Love is in the Air– from Smitten on Paper

45.  L.O.V.E.– from Emily Strawn Photography

46.  Origami Heart Love Notes– from The Connection We Share

47.  Love Note Sheets– from Eighteen25

48.  Husband Card– from The Grey Tabby

Printable Romantic Card ideas

49.  Je T’adore– from Nest of Posies

50.  Je T’aime Mini Card Set– from Eat Drink Chic

51.  Heart Note Card– from Tatertots and Jello

52.  You Make Me Smile– from Falala Lovely

53.  You Make the World Better– from Tried and True

54.  “Oh Hey” Note Cards– from Design Eat Repeat

Printable Love Notes For Husband

55.  You Are My Happily Ever Afterfrom Live Laugh Rowe

56.  You are the Bees Knees- from The Dating Divas

57.  One Fine Piece of Meat– from Sissy Print

58.  You Are {Deer} to Me– from Embellish 

59.  You Rock– from Live Laugh Rowe

60.  Lucky Me– from A Bit of This & A Bit of That

free love notes for him collage

61.  Love You a Hole Punch– from The Dating Divas

62.  Venn Diagram Love Notes– from A Bit of This & A Bit of That

63.  Love is in the Air Card– from Lemon Squeezy 

64.  Love Note Cards- This card is no longer available.

65.  Little Love Note Cards– from Or So She Says

66.  “Open When” Letters– from The Dating Divas

love notes for husband ideas

67.  Candy Bar Love Notes– from The Dating Divas

68.  Lunch Love Notes– from 100 Directions

69.  Lunch Box Notes– from The Dating Divas

70.  Thanks For Being You– from Skip To My Lou

71.  Every Day I Love You More– from Live Laugh Rowe

72.  Air Mail Love Letter- This card is no longer available. 

Cute Free Love Notes

73.  14 Love Notes– from The Dating Divas

74.  Why I Love You– from HowDoesShe

75.  “Eyes” Only For You- This card is no longer available.

76.  Fruity Love Notes– from SomwhatSimple

77.  Floral Love Notes– from The Graffical Muse

78.  I Need S’more of You- from The Dating Divas

23 Free Printable Love Note POSTERS & PRINTS

{Love Notes that double as darling decor.  Perfect for the bedroom!}

Free Love Posters and Prints

Love Wall Prints for free

79.  Love You More– from Liz On Call

80.  You + Me Poster– from Oleander and Palm

81.  Love Art Print– from IHeartNaptime

82.  Love Wall Print– from A Night Owl

83.  You Are My Everything– from C.R.A.F.T.

84.  All We Need is Love- This card is no longer available.

Valentine Wall Prints

85.  Watercolor Heart Print- This card is no longer available.

86.  You’re My Favorite Husband– from The Paper Mama

87.  I Love Everything About You– from Tried and True

88.  Printable Love Quotes– from The Dating Divas

89.  Gold Glam Prints– from Classy Clutter

90.  You Are Loved– from Soho Sonnet

Free Printable Romantic Wall Art collage

91.  You Are So Loved– from Eighteen25

92.  I Love You More- This post is no longer available.

93.  Just the Way You Are– from Elske

94.  Love Is…- This card is no longer available.

95.  To the Moon and Back– from A Bubbly Life

96.  You & Me– from Carissa Miss

Free Printable Wall Prints for Valentine's Day

97.  It Was Always You- This card is no longer available.

98.  My Heart is Set on You- This card is no longer available. 

99.  Subway Art– from Catch My Party

100.  La La Love You– from Met De Hand

101.  All You Need is Love– from How to Nest for Less

34 Free Printable Loves Notes FOR VALENTINE’S DAY

{Love notes and cards especially for LOVE day!}

Free Printable Love Notes for Valentine's Day banner

Free Printable Valentines ideas

102.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Love– from Coco and Mingo

103.  Happy Valentine’s Day to You- This card is no longer available. However, we have 14 Valentine’s cards for you, Here.

104.  Hello, Will You Be My Valentine?- This card is no longer available..

105.  Be My Valentine– from Lil’ Luna

106.  Je T’aime Valentines– from SallyJShim

107.  Mad Lib Valentine– from Made Vibrant

Free Valentine Printables For Husband

108.  Looking Good, Valentine– from You Are My Fave

109.  Valentine Heart Card– from Design is Yay!

110.  Valentine’s Cards–  from Crystal Wilkerson

111.  Valentine Advent Love Notesfrom The Dating Divas

112.  Valentine’s Countdown Cards– from The Dating Divas

113.  2 Valentine’s Cards– from Kiki and Company 

valentines for him ideas

114.  4 Sweet Valentine’s– from Fellow Creatives

115.  4 Valentine Cards– from Get Buttoned Up

116.  5 Valentine’s Prints– from Pizzazzerie

117.  6 Valentine’s Notes– from Darling Magazine

118.  10 Valentine’s Cards– from We Lived Happily Ever After

119.  Fanciful Valentines– from a Fanciful Twist

Valentine Love Notes Free ideas

120.  Bee My Valentine– from Hello Bee

121.  Little Love Notes– from Falala Lovely

122.  Valentine Notes– from Paper Crafts

123.  Valentine Love Notesfrom Miss Tiina

124.  Valentine Love Notes for HIM– from The Dating Divas

125.  Secret Valentine Message– from Small & Friendly

Free Love Cards

126.  Valentine Love Printables– from Tiny Me

127.  Printable Valentine Cards– from Me and My Big Ideas

128.  Watercolor Valentine’s Cards- This card is no longer available.

129.  Funny Valentine’s Day Cards– from Landeelu

130.  Man Approved Valentines– from The Dating Divas

131.  Valentine Paper Airplane Love Note– from Country Living

Free Printable Love Coupons

132.  Love Coupon Book– from The Dating Divas

133.  Valentine’s Day Love Coupons– from The Elli Blog

134.  Valentine’s Day Coupon Card– from Elegance and Enchantment 

135.  Valentine’s Day Vouchers– from Sugar and Charm

9 Free Printable Love Note GIFT TAGS

{The perfect way to top off a romantic gift!}

Free Printable Gift Tags banner

Free Printable Valentine Gift Tags collage

136.  Love Gift Tags– from A Pair and a Spare

137.  Sweet Vintage Love Tags– from Lia Griffith 

138.  Chalkboard Gift Tags– from the Elli Blog

139.  Hand-Drawn Valentine’s Tags– from Funky Time

140.  Made With Love Gift Tags– from She Wears Many Hats

141.  Love Note Tags– from Mommy By Day Crafter By Night

142.  Heart Valentine’s Labels– from Pumpkins and Posies

143.  Valentine Labels– from Falala Designs

144.  Valentine’s Day Tags and Labels– from Valerie McKeehan

Oh, and if you enjoy love notes as much as we do – then you should totally check out our Printable Post-It Love Notes!  OR enroll your man in our Love Letter of the Month Club!

{These 30 Love Notes to Use Anytime, Anywhere are pretty funny too!}

Happy LOVE Day!


Besides my amazing husband, I love a good book, sappy love songs, chick flicks, musicals, cute crafts, and all things chocolate. I have four kiddos at home and they definitely keep life at home FUN!

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