Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas

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The Best Couples Halloween Costumes

Don’t you just love being creative and getting all dressed up for Halloween?! The challenge I always face is what cute and easy couples Halloween costumes we can do together. We love clever couples Halloween outfits and it’s even better when we actually look like we’re in sync with one another. We’ve gathered some of our favorite couples Halloween costumes in one place, so look no further – you’re sure to find something to suit your personalities! We have funny couple costumes, cute couple costumes, unique couple costumes, and more! Just scroll on through this brilliant list of the best couple costume ideas!

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If you’re looking for something in particular, you can just check out the section that most appeals to you, but if you don’t know where to begin and just want to find some unique couple costume, no worries! We’ve got 101 couples Halloween costumes for you to choose from, divvied up into 4 different types of the best couple costumes:

You might even want to share these ideas with your spouse and you can decide on your favorite couple costume ideas together! Want to know the BEST part? You can snag most of these couples Halloween costumes with just a few clicks because we’ve linked up our favorite Halloween stores and online retailers to grab the easy couples costumes for the best prices!

Cute Couple Costumes of Famous Couples

If you’ve got a favorite book, movie or TV show, dressing up like the most popular characters is always a fun way to go! These are the cutest couple costumes for character lovers. Dressing up as a famous couple is sure to be a hit at your next Halloween costume contest! So our list of famous couples Halloween costumes includes some old classics and some newer famous couples. Cute couple costumes are my favorite because it’s a way to bond with your sweetie and take on a new role for the night living as a famous character!

Famous Couples Costumes

  • Mary Poppins & Bert – You might just have to break out into song if you’re dressed up as this duo.
  • Mike & Sully – Who knew you could make a monster look so cute?! So these are the best couple costumes to help you do it!
  • Woody & Jessie – A fun twist on the traditional cowboy garb, these two are the perfect set of friends and the perfect set of unique couple costumes.
  • Lucy & Ricky – Talk about a throwback! If you love Lucy, you’ll definitely want to try this set out because who could be more famous couples costumes than these stars?
  • Aladdin & Jasmine – You could totally add a magic carpet or a baby dressed as Abu to really set these costumes apart.
  • Mario & Princess Peach – Love retro games? Mario is an absolute classic and an all-time favorite when you’re talking great couples Halloween costumes!
  • Popeye & Olive Oyl – The ultimate in muscle-men, dressing as Popeye is sure to make him feel like a stud plus, Olive Oyl can still look pretty cute!
  • Peter Pan & Wendy – Perfect for the couple who will always be young at heart, these are some of the best costume ideas to cover in pixie dust.
  • Batman & Cat Woman – Inspired by animals, these superheroes have naturally amazing instincts. It’s a plus that you’ll both look super sassy in all black together!
  • Superman & Wonder Woman – Two amazing characters for two amazing people—do couple costume ideas get any more amazing?!
  • Curious George & The Man in the Yellow Hat – What a beautiful friendship and a cute way to make a monkey costume into a couples costume.
  • Joker & Harley Quinn – If you’d like to try out your villainous side for just one night, these two sure know how to have fun and might just be the best couple costume idea for you two to have fun, too!

More of the Best Costume Ideas of Famous Characters

We can’t stop there! If you are itching for more classic couple Halloween costume ideas, these will be a bit more up your ally. These are cute couple costume ideas that you can wear again and again!

Couples Halloween Costumes

  • Minnie & Mickey Mouse – Mickey and Minnie are easily recognizable and full of nostalgia. Do famous couples costumes even get any more famous than this?!
  • Cinderella & Prince Charming – Cinderella is the ultimate in every little girl’s fantasy and now that you’ve found your prince, these couples Halloween costumes are the perfect fit.
  • Buddy the Elf & Jovi – Is there anyone that doesn’t love Buddy’s enthusiasm? He probably loves Halloween for all the sweets and these two make such a sweet pair so they’d be a perfect couples costume.
  • Westly & Buttercup – Be the stars of the hilarious fairy tale, A Princess Bride. So then you could even take use these costumes on date night!
  • Han Solo & Princess Leia – If you love these two, get decked out and try our new Star Wars Date.
  • Fred & Wilma Flintstone – These two are a fun pair, but beware: if you choose to be the Flintstones, you’ll be singing their theme song all night long.
  • Morticia & Gomez Addams – The absolute perfect Halloween couple – with just a touch of creepy and scary!
  •  Alice & Mad Hatter – We’ve even got fun Alice in Wonderland printables that you could pair with these famous couples costumes for a magical date!
  • Harry Potter & Hermione Granger – Let these costumes do double duty on a Harry Potter Date!
  • Ghostbusters (for Men & Women) – Add these costumes to your wardrobe for Halloween and then wear them on our Ghostbusters Date Night.
  • Where’s Waldo? & Where’s Wenda? – You might not blend in like Waldo and Wenda, but they’re still fun couple costume ideas!

Ideas for Couples Costume

  • King Kong & Ann Darrow – Just imagine the fun pictures you could create with this creative costume set.
  • Smurf & Smurfette – A childhood favorite! So I think I’d love to imagine being a Smurf and besides, these are such unique couple costumes!
  • Thing 1 & Thing 2 – These things just have too much fun – and you would too if you dressed the part!
  •  Jackie O & JFK – She was a style icon and it’s always fun to try your hand at being president! Everyone is sure to recognize these famous couples costumes, even without a presidential motorcade.
  • Sally & Jack – The perfect Halloween couple makes for the best couple costumes!
  • Minions (for Men & Women) – If you’re dressed up as minions, get ready to have a good time.
  • Kermit & Miss Piggy – THE muppet couple. Can you even imagine a world where these two aren’t a pair?
  • Fred & Daphne – Two favorite characters from the classic show, Scooby-Doo!
  • Top Gun (for Men & Women) – Excitement, bravery, and love – all in one movie! Make all these emotions part of the best couple costumes, when you choose these for some 80’s nostalgia
  • Trekkies (for Men & Women) – For the nerd in you, these uniforms are the perfect couples Halloween outfits. Plus you can wear them on our Star Trek Date Night!!
  • Little Red Riding Hood & Grannie Wolf – This wolf costume had me in fits of laughter. You’re sure to be the stars of any party with these Halloween couple ideas!
  • Max & Monster – A favorite childhood book! For the monster costume, let your imagination run as wild as this book. You can grab a striped shirt and viking hat for an easy monster!
  • Raggedy Ann & Andy – Old-fashioned and still tons of fun. Classic dolls turned into sweet and easy couples Halloween costumes.

Clever and Funny Couple Costumes

If you and your spouse have funny bones and love to laugh, then you’re sure to find your best costume ideas here! So bring your own clever charm and put your own unique spin on any of these funny couple costumes and you’re sure to be the hit of your Halloween party! As far as couple costume ideas go, you can’t go wrong with any of these unique couple costumes!

Couple Costume Ideas

  • Milk & Cookies – Yum! Just be careful no one tries to take a bite of these funny couple costumes.
  • Mermaid & Sailor – Ahoy! A beautiful mermaid and the sailor who found her!
  • Piñata & Player – If you’re the piñata, you might just have to GIVE candy instead of getting it, but it’ll be worth it because these are some of the best costume ideas!
  • Statue of Liberty & Uncle Sam – Be patriotic for Halloween this year these are great couples costumes that could even be used again for celebrating our country throughout the year!
  • Salt & Pepper – Add a little seasoning to spice up the fun at your Halloween party with some absolutely unique couple costumes!
  • Tacky Tourists – Stick out like sore thumbs and get a good laugh at these over-the-top travelers.
  • Paper Doll & Plastic Soldier – The best couple costumes are about being inspired, in this case by vintage toys!
  • Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head – Make people do a double take all night by rearranging your features over and over! Seriously one of our favorite ideas for funny couple costumes.
  • King & Queen of Hearts – The perfect couples costume for card sharks in love!
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly – Everyone’s favorite childhood lunch. Get a few more laughs by carrying lunchboxes!
  • Bacon & Eggs – All the breakfast fans will start drooling over these costumes. Who doesn’t love bacon?!
  • Tooth & Fairy – You might want to carry around a few quarters or toothbrushes to hand out instead of candy to complete these funny couple costumes.

More Funny Couple Costumes

We scoured the internet for unique couple costumes that would have your friends laughing for weeks! None of these couples Halloween costumes would be much work to put together, but they will easily be the hit of any party!

Funny Couple Costumes

  • Granny & Grandpa – Can’t wait to be a grandparent one day? So dress up as one right now and have fun with it!
  • Mona Lisa & DaVinci – Bring out the cultural snob in yourselves and at least act refined with these unique couple costumes.
  • Knife & Spoon – Think: “And the knife ran away with the spoon…” It’s actually a super romantic costume!
  • Pop Art – Modern and unique, dress like you belong in an art museum. So fancy!
  • Gnome & Gnomette – Stand really still on your neighbor’s lawn and see how long it takes them to notice!
  • Soap & Loofah – Stay clean this Halloween! Such great couple costume ideas!!
  • Emojis (for Men & Women) – Show your happy face all night long!
  • Green & Yellow M&Ms – One of the most classic Halloween candies!
  • Pac-Man & Ghost – Make a game out of chasing and running away from each other!
  • Candy Corn & Candy Bar – Get decked out in the treats of the season instead of asking for candy… BE the candy!
  • Big Foot & Abominable Snowman – Two legendary beasts… So where will you be hiding?
  • Cookie Monster & Cookie – Me. Want. COOKIE! How cute is this cookie monster?!
  • Astronaut & Alien – You can have a ton of fun with an alien costume. Can we also suggest making sure you’ve got your alien voice down?!

Classic Costume Ideas

For the traditional and frightening looks, we’ve got you covered. These easy Halloween couple ideas will have you decked out in your favorite couple Halloween outfits of all time in no time! These couples Halloween costume ideas will never go out of style. So that means you put together the costume once and you can wear it for years and years to come!

Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Clown (for Men & Women) – It seems like clowns scare people more than making them laugh – making these some of the best couple costumes for a freaky Halloween!
  • Varsity Player & Cheerleader – Throwback to your high school days.
  • Cowboy & Cowgirl – Yeehaw!! So reenact the wild, wild west with some great couples costumes from yesteryear!
  • Egyptian PharoahQueen – Rule over ancient Egypt together, decked out in these golden couples Halloween costumes.
  • Ancient Greek God & Goddess – It’s always fun to dress in togas and throwbacks make for some of the best couple costumes!
  • Doctor & Nurse – Feel free to switch these up – women can totally be doctors too!
  • Zombies (for Men & Women) – The ultimate couples Halloween costume if you love watching The Walking Dead!
  • Ninjas (for Men & Women) – Be stealth in the best couple costumes to help you creep through the night.
  • Scarecrows (for Men & Women) – Some ideal couple costume ideas for this fall holiday.
  • Mimes (for Men & Women) – Good luck staying silent all night!
  • Soldiers (for Men & Women) – Men and women in uniform are total turn-ons {wink}! So with enough camo in your closet, you could probably just use these couple costume ideas as inspiration.
  • Vikings (for Men & Women) – Strong and striking warriors!

More Classic Couple Costumes

Classics are classic for a reason–they are universally cool! So choose a classic couple costume and wear it again and again!

Cute Couple Costumes

  • Roaring 20’s (for Men & Women) – A favorite decade, get dressed up and inspired by the era of The Great Gatsby.
  • Cop & Robber – A typical pair – who didn’t play cops and robbers as kids?! Now, use these couple costume ideas as a nod to your childhood fun!
  • Nerds (for Men & Women) – Push up those glasses and pull up those pants. So get your geek on!
  • Medusa & Perseus – A creepy, snake-infested goddess and the demi-god who defeated her.
  • Witch & Warlock – No costume feels more perfect for Halloween than a witch. So no need to cast a spell for the best couple costumes – they’re right here!
  • Pirates (for Men & Women) – Arrrg! Shiver me timbers! Just imagine all the fun things you can say as a pirate!
  • Hippies (for Men & Women) – The ’70s were years filled with lots of fun fashion, so use it to inspire your best costume ideas!
  • Skeletons (for Men & Women) – What’s Halloween without a few bags of bones? So cute and easy couple costumes that will still be comfortable, yes, please!
  • Mummies (for Men & Women) – It’s amazing how such a simple costume can elicit such scary thoughts!
  • Day of the Dead (for MenWomen) – Bring this Mexican holiday to Halloween! With the hit movie, Coco in play, these are some of the best couple costumes around!
  • Vampires (for Men & Women) – If only you could turn into a bat… now those would be some great couples costumes! So wanna suck some blood?
  • Steampunk (for Men & Women) – These great couples costumes are so much fun!
  • Pilot & Flight Attendant – So, for those couples that love to travel the world! If that’s you, you might also be interested in our Around the World Date Nights!

Animals Couple Costumes

Everything from cute and cuddly to fearsome predator–we’ve got the inspiration you need for the best couple costumes from the wild! Use things you already have at home to create your own critter costume, or make things easy and just buy the ensemble! Either way, an animal couples Halloween costume is a great bet!

Couples Costumes

  • Spider & Web – The most common Halloween creeper and the web he weaves! Ideas like these are so on point, that they’re easily the best couple costumes!
  • Dalmatian & Fireman – A serviceman and his loyal companion! You’re just not going to find easy couple costumes that are more simple than these!
  • Lion & Tamer – We’ll see if the tamer really can control the lion…
  • Bo Peep & Sheep – Sweet and innocent, Bo Peep sure loves her sheep. All that love is why WE love these couple costume ideas.
  • Butterfly & Catcher – How adorable are these two?! They’re some of the best costume ideas we’ve found!
  • Bull & Matador – Olé! Bring the excitement of the ring to your Halloween. So if Spain inspires you, wear these great couples costumes on our Spain Themed Date Night!
  • Deer & Hunter – The best couple costumes for the country guy and gal.
  • Cow & Farmer – Don’t you just love this adorable cow costume?! What a perfect pair of couples Halloween outfits.
  • Bee & Keeper – This team produces something sweet for everyone!
  • Shark & Surfer – Sharks are a whole different kind of scary, but still part of a fun and funny couple costume.
  • Parrot & Pirate – Practice your parroting before you put on this ensemble.
  • Pandas – Halloween nights can be cold, but this costume set would be cuddly and warm.
  • Magician & Bunny – Where would the magician be without a cute, little bunny to pull out of his hat?!
  • Unicorn & Leprechaun – Two mythical creatures unite for one night only to create the best couple costumes!
  • Safari Explorer & Crocodile – Go on an African safari with your love! Maybe you could even let these do double duty and wear them to get in the spirit of our Kenya Themed Date Night!

Last Minute Costume Ideas

We have given you so many great ideas, but they are all costumes you have to order and then wait for them to ship to you. If you’re like me, you may have put your costume off until the last minute. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want it to be a unique couple costume! Don’t worry, we have a handful of last-minute costume ideas for you. Most of these are DIY and there are quite a few that would be great for last-minute ideas! Just click on the title & you will be sent straight to the idea!

Here ya go!

Cute Couple Costume

  • 8 LAST MINUTE Costumes – These are all super unique couple costume ideas that you could throw together and head out the door with!
  • Barbie and Ken – This idea is so cute and totally doable to throw together as a last minute costume idea. Just grab two big boxes and get ot work!
  • Couples Costumes Ideas – We love this great list of ideas, including one really cute one if you are preggers this year!
  • Swamp Couple – This costume is so cool, you will be the talk of the party!
  • Bat Couple – Be a bat couple! SO easy to throw together and the pictures you’ll take are priceless!
  • Bunches of Grapes – Simple couple costume idea that looks like you really tried!
  • Listerine and Toothbrush – This funny couple costume is the perfect DIY project for you and your hunny!
  • Barbie and Ken – Slap on some tight clothes and poof the hair! You’re good to go!

No matter what you do for Halloween, make some time to bond with your spouse! So create a couple costume together and have a blast!

Even though we think these are some of the best couple costumes, if you’re looking for other Halloween costume ideas, we have SO many more couple costume ideas! Check out our 101 Family Costumes, 50 Last Minute Costumes, and these Diva Halloween Costumes!



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