100+ Good Luck Gifts and Other Ways to Say Good Luck

Our Favorite Good Luck Cards and Gifts

In need of a little luck? Here we have over 100 good luck gift ideas! I bet you didn’t know there were THAT many different ways to say good luck! Since St. Patrick’s Day is all about the luck ‘o the Irish, we decided we needed to round up ALL of the cutest good luck gifts and other ways to say good luck! Whether it’s good luck cards or fun good luck gift ideas, we have OVER 100 of the cutest and most creative ideas for how to wish someone good luck! So, what are you waiting for? Use this list to spread some luck to everyone in the world!

Wow! I never knew there were so many ways to wish someone good luck! I love love love these ideas! #goodluckgiftideas #wishingsomeonegoodluck

And since there are SO many different occasions and ways on how to wish someone luck, we’ve split all of our ideas into categories to make it nice n’ easy for ya! Below we have:

There really are THAT many reasons to want to wish someone good luck! So let’s get started!

Good Luck Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

If you say ‘Good luck’ or ‘Best of luck’ to someone, you are suggesting that you hope they will be successful in what they are trying to accomplish. That is why when someone has something important to do, we wish them good luck! Some call it fate, destiny, fortune, or karma. But, most of the time, it’s something that just happens! Additionally, people believe that the more positive you are, the more luck will come into your life! Regardless of the “why” behind the reason, here are some good luck gift ideas and other ways to say good luck!

Ways To Say Good Luck

  1. Good Luck Goodie Bags – First, these can be used for just about anything! So add a little treat inside with a cute tag and you are set! So easy!
  2. Horse Shoe Heart – Horseshoes are one of the many symbols of good luck! And, this welded heart is just about the most perfect gift idea ever!
  3. 4-leaf Clover Necklace – This clover necklace says exactly what you need to say! So simple and beautiful.
  4. DIY Fortune Cookie – Find some cute craft paper, insert a few happy, good luck fortunes, and this gift is complete!
  5. Horse Shoe Cookie – An edible good luck charm? So perfect!
  6. Good Luck Wrapping – Isn’t this adorable?! I am loving the glued fabric 4-leaf clover!
  7. Fortune Cookies In A Jar – Create your OWN fortunes, place them in a jar with some fortune cookies, add a cute little ribbon, and you’re set!
  8. Good Luck Necklace – This necklace has it all! A lucky penny, wishbone, horseshoe, AND a 4-leaf clover!
  9. Welded Horseshoe – Horseshoes welded INTO a 4-leaf clover? This is so GENIUS!
  10. You’re Gonna Nail It! – I LOVE THIS! All things nails – polish, remover, files, etc. to wish someone good luck!
  11. Wish-Bone Earrings – These are just the cutest… so simple and understated but really make a clear statement!
  12. Good Luck, You Rock! – So easy ANYONE can do it! And on top of that, it’s adorable!!
  13. 4-leaf Clover Bracelet – This might not look like a 4-leaf clover at first glance, but that’s just part of the charm!
  14. Blow Their Socks Off! – Make it literal with a blow pop and socks! So fun!
  15. Knock Their Socks Off! – This is another take on a playful little saying.
  16. Black Eyed Peas – I didn’t know black-eyed peas were a symbol of good luck but package some up with a cute tag and you’ve got yourself a gift!
  17. I’m Rootin’ For You! – Decorate a can of root beer for your cute good luck gift idea! So fun!
  18. You’re Simply The Best! – Simply Orange Juice turns this saying into a refreshing and thoughtful good luck gift!
  19. Dollar 4-leaf Clover – Who doesn’t love getting money as a gift? So fold it up into a 4-leaf clover to make it double as a good luck charm.
  20. Be EXTRA-ordinary – Wish someone good luck with this cute play on words! And, the goodie bag makes it EXTRA cute {wink!}
  21. 4-leaf Clover Footprints – Have the kiddos help out with this one! Isn’t that SO creative??
  22. Lucky Penny Print – Give someone a lucky penny with this adorable print! So cute!
  23. Good Luck Knot – The perfect finishing touch to this gift wrap job!
  24. You’ll DEW Great! – A refreshing way to wish someone good luck! So easy!

Good Luck Gift Ideas for Sport

If there’s any occasion that calls for wishing someone good luck, it’s at a sporting event! That being said, these ideas on how to wish someone good luck at a sporting event are sure to cover ALL of your luck-wishing needs for your favorite athlete.

Gift Ideas for an Athlete

  1. Blow ‘Em Away! – Okay, it doesn’t get much cuter than this bubblegum good luck gift idea!
  2. Football Goodie Bag – A personalized CD, some cute notes, and any other gifts you want to include, all topped with a good luck card!
  3. Push Yourself! – Say “good luck” and encourage the BEST with a tasty push-pop! YUM!
  4. Lace Penny to Shoe – Keep your good luck penny nearby at all times with this cute idea!
  5. Team Color Gift Bag – Say “good luck” with ALL the colors of your athlete’s team! So fun!
  6. SKOR Another State Title – Or just SKOR another point! Now, these candy bars are GREAT for athletes!
  7. Good Luck Marathon – Have a runner who needs some luck? Make a gift basket just for them with a cute good luck card to top it off. Because who wouldn’t love this?!
  8. CHEW UP – Another perfectly literal and perfectly adorable idea!
  9. Good Luck At Districts – Everything an athlete could ever want all in one gift basket!
  10. Don’t Be an Airhead, Remember Your Training! – All athletes need a gentle reminder to just remember what they’ve been trained to do!
  11. Good Luck Goin’ to War! – Competition is like a battlefield, so these GI Joes are the perfect gift!
  12. Baseball Good Luck Kit – So many cute ideas for your baseball player!
  13. Polish Off The Competition – Wouldn’t you just LOVE to get this? I know I sure would!
  14. You’re the Sweetest Fish I Know! – This one is for all those swimmers out there!
  15. Ring In A Win! – A cute ring pop to help remind your athlete to go for the WIN! So good!

Good Luck Gift Ideas for School

FINALS. Need I say more? We all remember needing a little extra luck come test season. That being said,, using these good luck gift ideas, help your student feel like the genius they are! One of the easiest ways to express all of your good luck sayings is to give the individual a lovely greeting card. Greeting cards typically have their own “good luck” messages written inside, but you can express more personalized and heartfelt good luck sayings in a blank card, as well.

Good Luck School Lunch Surprise

  1. Smart Cookie – Just attach a cute tag to any kind of cookie and you’re set!
  2. Good Luck Smartie Pants – This is just the cutest ever… SMARTIE pants! Because who wouldn’t want to be called smart?!
  3. You’re No Dum Dum – Wish them luck on their exams with this gentle reminder.
  4. Candy Poster – Because everyone loves a cute candy poster! And this one is just the CUTEST!
  5. Lucky Charms – Either pick out all the marshmallows or just leave them in there, because either way, you’ve got a cute bag of good luck charms!
  6. Finals Good Luck Kit – Such a cute good luck saying. Combine a little bit of everything with this fun kit for your student!
  7. It’s CRUNCH Time! – A simple candy bar can say it all with a cute tag attached!
  8. You’re Going to ROCK Your Finals – Now who doesn’t love Pop Rocks?! So good!
  9. Good Luck Key Chain – Do you have a graduate? Find that year’s penny and make them a cute keychain!
  10. Assorted Good Luck Ideas for Finals – Good luck printables + yummy candy = all the luck ya need!

Good Luck Cards For a New Job

What is more frightening than starting a new job? Quite possibly, nothing! Boost the new employee’s confidence with a surprise card full of good luck sayings! Wishing them the best and expressing other forms of good luck will be a great start to the new beginning in their career.

Good Luck in Your New Job Card

  1. Hello, My Name is The Boss – Nothing will boost their confidence more than THAT!
  2. You Rock – This cheeky card is sure to make them smile on a nerve-wracking day! Isn’t that the goal? 😉
  3. Tie Card – This could be an easy DIY card for a new worker.
  4. Knock ’em Dead – Make them laugh with just a tad bit of sarcasm (wink!)
  5. Running the Place In No Time – Another confidence-boosting card when it’s needed most!
  6. …You’ll Miss Us – Okay, I love this! Say goodbye and good luck with this fun card! So sweet!
  7. Origami Shirt and Tie – This fancy card {which is DIY!} can easily double as a good luck card!
  8. Clipboard Card – If you’re feeling crafty, this scrapbook-esque card is just plain adorable!
  9. Typewriter Card – Someone starting out as a secretary? This is the PERFECT card for you!
  10. File Under Awesome – Another adorable, scrapbook card that is sure to bring good luck! So clever!
  11. Dog Good luck Card – Now that’s what I’m talking about! I just love the simplicity of this cute card!

Good Luck Cards For Baby

Having a baby is a huge event in someone’s life. Express your love by giving a good luck gift along with your best wishes. Simply put, bringing a baby into the world is one of the most amazing experiences of anyone’s life. However, all new moms and dads need just a little bit of luck when bringing home a newborn. And, with all of the ways to say good luck to them, the new mom and dad-to-be will be feeling pretty lucky to have YOU in their life!

Quick and Easy Card Ideas for Parents

  1. Stroller Card – Now this cute stroller card says it all plain and simple!
  2. Good Luck! – Isn’t your goal to make them smile? Do it with this cute little card (which is oh-so-true!)
  3. Hand Drawn Baby Card – I just love these cute hand-drawn baby items. In short, they make the perfect card!
  4. New Baby Girl! – This pack includes an adorable card for bringing home a cute baby! So precious!
  5. Hand Writing Baby Card – I love the simplicity of this cute, colorful baby card.
  6. Modern Baby Card – This sleek and modern card is sure to bring a smile!
  7. Bassinet Baby Card – Isn’t this too cute? Simple and adorable, I just love it!
  8. Baby Color Good Luck Card – This can be an easy DIY! Just pick either pink or blue!
  9. Lucky Sixpence – Include a very lucky coin with this lovely gift.

Cards For Being Lucky In LOVE

I don’t know about you, but I sure feel like the LUCKIEST girl in the world for snagging my man! These card ideas below are the perfect way to combine the luck of St. Patty’s Day with a little bit ‘o romance!

Romantic Love Notes

  1. 10 Ten Reason I’m Lucky In Love With You – This adorable good luck printable is totally customizable and speaks right to the heart! So awesome!
  2. Lucky “Card” – Get it??! Say it with a deck of cards how lucky you are to have them in your life!
  3. It’s Your Lucky Day! – Make their day by giving them a lucky penny and this sweet love note. So sweet!
  4. I’m Lucky To Have You! – These cute tickets tell your spouse how lucky you are to have them.
  5. Lucky In Love Scratch Off – Send a secret message with this cute scratch-off idea! So adorable!
  6. Lucky Keychain – Pound your initials into a lucky penny to make it clear just how lucky you two are!
  7. Lucky Scratch-Offs – The options are endless with what you’ll write behind this 4-leaf clover!
  8. Luck In Love Framed Art – Make it a part of your permanent decor with this gorgeous print! So cute!
  9. It’s Your Lucky Night! – Make it saucy (wink!) with this DIY scratch-off printable and tutorial!
  10. It’s Your Lucky DATE! – A date night FULL of luck, love, and other ways to say good luck! 
  11. Good Luck Mug – Surprise your sweetie with a hot drink in this lucky mug! So perfect!
  12. Good Luck Necklace – Your sweetheart will adore this necklace and the message behind it.

Good Luck Cards For Any Occasion

Finally, we have all kinds of adorable good luck cards that you can use for pretty much ANY occasion! In short, wishing someone good luck is something we should be doing all the time, right? Basically, it’s a great way to show kindness and to spread love to everyone! So, check out these adorable ideas!

Thoughtful Ideas for Any Occasion

  1. Something Wonderful Is About To Happen – Well, isn’t that just about the most perfect way to look at it?
  2. All the Good Luckness – Love this! “Luckness” is TOTALLY a word!
  3. Good Fortune – Cut the calories of eating a cookie and put it on a card! So smart!
  4. Simple 4-leaf Clover – For all the minimalists out there, this card says it just right!
  5. Knock On Wood! – This one MIGHT be my favorite good luck gifts! Love the expression and the cute little woodpecker!
  6. Big Whoop – You’ll have to open the link to see what’s inside! (Ps: it’s hilarious!)
  7. See A Penny Pick It Up – Remember that saying? Bring out your inner child with this cute good luck card!
  8. Good Luck Out There – Another simple but perfect good luck card! Perfect for just about anything.
  9. Wish-Bone Card – I just love this one! So darling!
  10. Modern Good Luck Card – Stray from the 4-leaf clovers and go with a more modern design with this cute card.
  11. Lucky Socks – Now these socks are just adorable and say everything you want to say to your spouse!
  12. DIY Black Cat Card – Turn black cats from bad luck to GOOD with this cute card!
  13. Black Cat Card – Here’s another spin on changing black cats from bad luck to good! So perfect!
  14. Chalkboard Good Luck Card – This card is just too cute to pass up! Gotta love some chalkboard art, too!
  15. Good Luck Horseshoe Card – This cute, hand-drawn card is simple yet meaningful!
  16. Scrabble Piece Good Luck Card – Now, WHY didn’t I think of that?! So cute!
  17. 4-leaf Clover Plant – Make a cute pop-out card with an entire PLANT of 4-leaf clovers!
  18. Pop Up Balloon Card – Loving this card because of all the fun and bright colors.
  19. You Got This! – Because you gotta love THAT boost of confidence!
  20. Good Luck Charm Card – Hang any kind of good luck charm onto this card! So clever!
  21. Good Luck Confetti – Sprinkle some good luck confetti over their desk, car, or bed!

Well, there ya have it, folks! The luck ‘o the Irish is in FULL swing because of all of these adorable good luck gift ideas! Additionally, if you’re looking for more great St. Patrick’s Day-themed posts, check out our 25 Green Ideas for St. Patty’s Day and 55 FREE St. Patty’s Day Printables!

Best of luck!


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