Yummy Summer Snacks

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Let the Summer Snacking Begin with these Summer Snacks

Summer is all about being outside and basking in the short months of warm weather! Whether you’re venturing out alone, with your spouse or with kids in tow, summer snacks are a MUST! They can easily be thrown in your bag, shared with a neighbor and brought to a BBQ! This summer, we’ve created the ULTIMATE list of summer snack ideas that cover just about ALL your summer needs.  We have ideas for the kids, healthy options, decadent treats and refreshing drinks! We’ve ALSO included festive ideas PERFECT for your Fourth of July plans!

This summer, let the snacks be abundant and tasty!

Summer snacks for the whole family! SO many yummy snack ideas! #TheDatingDivas #SummerSnacks

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Whether you’re hosting a get-together or just having the neighbor kids over, any of these summer snacks or drinks are sure to be a hit! For many, you can grab the kids and make it a fun summer activity to create your very own tasty treats. Start snacking now by selecting one of our:

  • 20 Healthy Summer Snacks
  • 20 Summer Kids Snacks
  • 20 Summer Drinks
  • 20 Summer Sweets
  • 25 Fourth of July Treats

Summer never tasted so good!

20 Healthy Summer Snacks

Staying healthy and feeling good is SO important over the summer! Who wants to feel sick and dragged down when you’re supposed to be out and having fun? These healthy summer snacks not only taste good but will help you FEEL good, too! And you don’t have to feel guilty about sharing them with your kiddos… healthy summer snacks are great for the whole family with these fun snack ideas!

Healthy Summer Snacks


Healthy Summer Snack Ideas

1. Peanut Butter Apple NachosThis summer snack is almost as good as dessert. Dress up your apple slices with peanut butter, coconut and mini chocolate chips for a protein-packed goodie.

2. Baked Apple ChipsIf you love the crunch of chips, try making your very own healthy version using apples.

3. Flower LunchKeep it healthy and beautiful by creating a meal full of healthy ingredients like bananas and string cheese displayed in a fun flower shape!

4. Fruit PizzaDid someone say pizza?! Fruit pizza that is! It’s almost too pretty to eat.

5. Fruit KabobsYou can put just about anything on a stick nowadays, why not fruit?! These summer snacks are perfect for little hands, too!

Healthy Snacks

6. Key Lime Cheesecake Fruit DipNothing says summer like key lime! Create a key lime dip that gives you the taste of dessert without all the calories.

7. Fruit SalsaA flavorful change of pace from the traditional tomato-based salsa.

8. Fruity Frozen Yogurt and Fruit SnacksHow cute are these summer snacks? Freeze your favorite yogurt and fruit for a refreshingly light treat!

9. Frozen Yogurt BitesCreate easy yogurt bites by simply squeezing small drops onto parchment paper and freezing them!

10. Frozen Yogurt SqueezesCreate your own healthy combination of fruit freezer pops! (You might even be able to sneak some veggies in there, too.) These Zipzicles are perfect for the job!

Healthy Snack Options

11. Frozen Pineapple PopsAdd slices of pineapple to sticks and freeze them for a healthy and cooling snack!

12. Watermelon PopsGenius! Add a popsicle stick to slices of watermelon for these mess-free summer snacks.

13. Watermelon Feta Mint SkewersIt may sound like a unique combo but the flavor is refreshing and light! This is a great appetizer idea for any summer get together.

14. Sour Patch GrapesThese are as good as candy! Using a pack of jello to roll and freeze grapes, you make a healthy version of Sour Patch Kids candy.

15. Kiwi and Grape TurtlesKids will love this healthy snack. Any time you can create pictures or characters out of healthy food you have a better chance of your kiddos eating it.

Light Snack Ideas

16. Cucumber SandwichesSkip the bread and use cucumbers to sandwich your favorite sandwich fillers.

17. Veggie RollUsing thin strips of zucchini, roll up various fresh veggies with hummus for these tasty summer snacks.

18. Cucumber ChipsIf you’re a chip eater, then these cucumber chips might be the perfect healthy substitute!

19. Strawberry Mint SaladAgain with the mint! Strawberry, cucumbers and mint make for a delicious summer salad.

20. Zucchini Pizza BitesA healthy take on traditional pizza. Use zucchini (or even eggplant) as a pizza crust for a tiny, healthy pizza snack or appetizer.

20 Summer Kids Snack Ideas

Ok enough with the healthy stuff… let’s get to the GOOD stuff! These summer snacks for kids are SURE to be a hit! So colorful, creative and the best part… YUMMY! Your kids will die over how fun these are, and they won’t be able to put them down with how yummy they are. I don’t know about you, but my kids are DYING to get their hands on these fun summer snacks for kids!

Summer Kids Snacks


Summer Snacks for Kids

21. Banana Peanut Butter BitesProtein-packed bananas and peanut butter. Of course, a few added chocolate chips never hurt!

22. Watermelon CupcakeThis is a healthy and tasty treat. Just add sprinkles and whipped cream on top of a fresh piece of watermelon.

23. Food NecklaceThis is a great idea for trips to the zoo, arboretum or nature walk! Kids can snack on the go!

24. Watermelon Rice KrispieJust darling! What a fun summer take on the traditional Rice Krispies.

25. Jelly Bean BraceletsAnother fun idea for edible jewelry! Kids will love making them, too.

Snacks for Kids

26. Shark Jello CupsAll kids love jello and whipped cream! And the summer has a variety of ways to use those two ingredients to make fun and festive treats, like this shark-inspired snack.

27. Underwater Jello TreatsAdd gummy fish to setting jello for an underwater adventure look!

28. Jello Sky JarsCreate a scenic snack of blue jello and whipped cream!

29. Bear on Beach JelloToo cute! Jello, whipped cream and graham crackers make up this beach-inspired snack!

30. Banana Dolphins with JelloLOL! Kids will go nuts over these dolphin bananas and jello snacks.

Fun Summer Kids Snacks

31. Flip Flop CookiesThese SCREAM summer! Just added some icing decor to turn an ordinary cookie into a darling flip-flop for these summer snacks.

32. Graham Cracker RainbowThese are just too cute to handle. Create a rainbow using sour airhead strips, marshmallows and blue frosting, all on top of a sweet graham cracker.

33. Pretzel Fishing RodsThis is one of the rare moments where it might be okay for your kids to play with their food!

34. Under the Sea Graham CrackersCreate an underwater scene on a graham cracker with these summer snacks.

35. Marshmallow PinwheelsWith just three ingredients you can create a full marshmallow jello pinwheel!

Kids Snacks for Summer

36. Cheese MonstersSilly and healthy, decorate baby cheeses into funny face monsters.

37. Dirt CupsDirt cups are a classic for any kiddo. Yummy chocolate pudding, cookie crumbles and gummy worms – what could be better!?

38. Octo PopsSo creative! When making your own popsicles, stick some gummy worms in the bottom to create an octopus look once frozen.

39. Sour Worm PopsiclesFor a fun twist, freeze sour gummy worms in sweet strawberry juice for a perfect summer snack!

40. Gummy Bear PopsicleFreeze tasty gummy bears in your favorite juice or refreshing coconut water! You’ll need some good popsicle molds, too!

20 Summer Drinks

Keep cool and LOOK cook with these fun summer drink snack options! And even though they are a drink, we still think they qualify as summer snacks. They are refreshing, delicious, colorful, and fun! What more can you ask for with your summer snacks? And the kiddos will love them, too!

20 Summer Drinks


Summer Milkshakes

41. Strawberries and Cream MilkshakeStrawberries and ice cream are a combo you can’t mess with!

42. Smore MilkshakeS’mores and summer go hand-in-hand. Why not switch it up and enjoy the decadent taste of s’mores in milkshake form?

43. Orange Creamsicle FloatsThree simple ingredients will create a refreshing summer treat!

44. Ice Cream Cube FloatsGenius! Freeze ice cream in an ice cube tray so you can mix and match flavors with milk for a delicious shake.

45. Frozen Hot ChocolateHot chocolate can be enjoyed all year ’round with this frozen version.

Refreshing Summer Drinks

46. Gummy Worm PunchFor picnics or parties, kiddos will LOVE this ‘gummy’ drink!

47. Watermelon Layer DrinkGreat for a BBQ or kids party, this layered drink is beautiful.

48. Slushie with NerdsMake a splash with a blue raspberry slushie! Sprinkle some Nerds candy on top for added fun and zing!

49. Shirley TempleWho doesn’t love a classic Shirley Temple?! This is a sure crowd-pleaser.

50. Ocean WaterThis just looks refreshing. With a little coconut flavoring as part of the ingredients it will definitely taste like summer!

Summer Drinks

51. Watermelon SlushieSimply add frozen watermelon to lemonade and ice for a juicy drink!

52. Raspberry Peach Iced TeaAh, flavored iced tea is just delicious! Make it peach AND raspberry for something sweet to sip on.

53. Caribbean SmoothiePineapple, bananas, coconut milk and ice have you drinking the “beach” from your glass!

54. Raspberry Lemonade SlurpieKiddos will love this bright and tasty, raspberry lemonade slushie!

55. Mango Green Tea LemonadeThis refreshing drink might take a little extra handiwork but if you love tea or mango, then this is for you!

Drinks for Summer

56. Strawberry Lime Mint WaterThis unique combination is perfect for a bridal or baby shower!

57. Coconut Lavender LemonadeLavender, you say?! Just another unique twist for a relaxing drink!

58. Sparkling Raspberry LemonadeAdd Sprite to your lemonade to give it a spritzer feel that tickles your nose!

59. Blackberry LemonadeStep back from the standard lemonade by adding ripe blackberries!

60. Tropical Strawberry Lemonade for KidsAnother delicious drink with a touch of Nerds candy.

20 Summer Treat Ideas

We’ve got even MORE snack options for you with these delicious summer snacks of a SWEET variety! We’ve even got some really great summer cupcake ideas that’ll knock your socks off! Time to bust out the sprinkles and up your summer snacks game with these delicious sweets.
20 Summer Treats


Summer Sweets

61. Banana Split StickDip a piece of strawberry, banana and pineapple into chocolate for a healthy banana split style treat.

62. Grilled Banana SmoresThese grilled treats will melt in your mouth. Stuff bananas with marshmallows and chocolate chips and grill for an ooey-gooey treat!

63. Oreo Pudding PopsOreos and pudding, need we say more!?

64. Kiwi PopsThis is a great, healthy treat that you can make at home for summer snacking!

65. Chocolate Dipped Frozen BananasKids will go bananas for these chocolate covered treats!

Summer Treats

66. Choco TacoMake and freeze your very own chocolate taco treats! Always a childhood favorite.

67. Dessert PizzaMake your own dessert pizza, where you choose the toppings!

68. Crab CupcakesThese darling crab cupcakes are so eye-catching and great for a backyard BBQ.

69. Icee CupcakesA sure hit for the kiddos at any summer get together with these summer snacks!

70. Fishy CupcakesThese darling cupcakes are perfect for a pool party!

Summer Cupcakes

71. Grill CupcakesHow intricate are these?! If you’re hosting a BBQ these are a cupcake MUST!

72. S’mores CupcakeSummer just screams “S’MORE.” And we’re pretty sure these cupcakes will satisfy the s’more sweet tooth.

73. Strawberry Lemonade CupcakesIf a fruity treat is more your style, try a refreshing strawberry lemonade cupcake.

74. Raspberry Lemonade CupcakesAnother lemonade style cupcake, only this time… raspberry!

75. Watermelon CupcakesKids fingers will find these cute watermelon inspired cupcakes.

Treats for Summer

76. Breakfast Cereal PopsCereal isn’t just for breakfast. Freeze your favorite flavor yogurt with your favorite fruity cereal for a unique and crunchy treat.

77. Cake Batter PopsiclesCake batter is the BEST, enough said!

78. S’more Popcorn BallThese might leave your fingers sticky, but they are totally worth it.

79. S’mores Snack MixThis is a throw together snack, perfect for neighborhood get togethers.

80. Rainbow Pretzel Sticks – This is an easy treat where you can get the kids involved in making!

25 4th of July Themed Cute Summer Treats

We are LOVING all of these cool summer snack recipes! Summer snacks never looked better with these 4th of July recipes for all of your 4th of July parties this summer. When it comes to cute summer treats, these take the cake.

Fourth of July Treats


Fourth of July Treats

81. Patriotic ConesSpice up the rim of a standard cone and fill it with sweet fruit for these summer snacks.

82. Patriotic ParfaitLayer granola, yogurt, blueberries and strawberries to create a patriotic-inspired parfait.

83. Cookie Cutter Fruit SaladGrab the kids and your cookie cutters to make this simple and patriotic fruit salad.

84. Cheesecake Stuffed StrawberriesThis recipe gives a simple cheesecake filling perfect for squeezing inside a ripe strawberry!

85. Donut Hole SkewersYummy! String doughnut holes along with fruit on a skewer for a sweet treat with these summer snacks.

Fourth of July Snacks

86. Patriotic DirtEvery kid LOVES dirt! Give it the patriotic feel with a little food coloring!

87. Patriotic Rice KrispiesEasy and always a crowd pleaser, patriotic colored Rice Krispies.

88. Firecracker CakelettesThese summer snacks might take a little more time but they are totally worth it due to their cuteness!

89. Patriotic Poke CakeA beautiful cake designed for a festive Fourth of July get together.

90. Patriotic Oreo PopsCreate Oreo pops by using dyed chocolate!

Treats for the Fourth of July

91. Firecracker DogsThese summer snacks are so clever! Wrap a hot dog in a crescent roll, add a cheese star on top and VOILA, you have a darling firecracker dinner for kids!

92. Dipped Flag PretzelsThe kids will love making these salty treats with you!

93. Patriotic Puppy ChowWho doesn’t love puppy chow?! Just add some coloring to give it the holiday spirit.

94. Patriotic PopcornOh.Em.Gee! Chocolate covered popcorn is always a hit!

95. Patriotic Trail MixSweet, savory AND fruity!? Now that’s the kind of trail mix I’d like to eat!

Snacks for the Fourth of July

96. Flag Pretzel BitesAgain, grab the kiddos and have helping hands to make these darling flag treats.

97. Patriotic Lollipop CenterpieceThis is super easy and a perfect centerpiece for any Fourth of July party. Love the galvanized bucket too!

98. Patriotic Dipped PretzelsJust another take on a festively dipped pretzel! Simple, but always a crowd pleaser.

99. Patriotic Dipped Rice KrispiesAnything on a stick is genius! It makes is SO much easier for eating and just gives it such a cute look!

100. Red, White and Blue Layered JelloThis may take a little patience but the outcome is gorgeous!

Food Ideas for the Fourth of July

101. Flag Fruit PlateIt doesn’t always have to be about what you make, it can be about how you display what you have that gives it the holiday feel!

102. Patriotic Marshmallow PopsDid someone say marshmallow on a stick?! Dip marshmallows in a little chocolate and sprinkles for these sticky and delicious summer snacks!

103. Flag Rice KrispiesThis may take a little handy work but the outcome is perfect for celebrating the holiday!

104. Fourth of July BarkYUMMY! White chocolate bark with festive goodies inside might be gone before you even get to try it yourself.

105. Festive Jello CupsBeautiful! These jello, fruit and whipped cream layered masterpieces are gorgeous and delicious.

Is your mouth watering yet?! There are so many healthy AND tasty summer snacks on this list, it’s hard to decide where to begin! But if you’re looking to stay healthy or get healthy this summer, use our healthy summer snack options and check out our 101 Summer Slimdown Hacks that will have you looking AND feeling great all summer long! For our foodies, we also have an amazing collection of 100 Simple Summer Suppers you can sink your teeth into as well!

And last, if you plan on hosting a get-together, check out our 65 Outdoor Party Games (adults to kids) that will have all of your guests entertained!

Have a happy and safe summer!



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