110 Must-Have Wedding Photos

110 Photos for Your Wedding Day

A picture’s worth a thousand words…. maybe MORE on your wedding day! And now that you’ve spent MONTHS preparing for your big day, ensure you capture every, last moment!

Must Have Wedding Photos

In our round up, we’ve gathered 110 of the most gorgeous, must-have photos! No need to search any further. Direct your photographer right here for creating the ULTIMATE shot sheet! Included are:

  • 30 Must-Have Photos of the Bride and Groom
  • 20 Must-Have Bridesmaids Photos
  • 20 Must-Have Groomsmen Photos
  • 20 Must-Have Bridal Party Photos
  • 20 Must-Have Wedding Day Detail Photos

It’s only appropriate to start with the stars of the show, the bride and groom!

30 Must-Have Photos of the Bride and Groom

Must have Photos of the Bride and Groom


Wedding Photos

1. The Ring {Jean Smith}: Rings are visual symbols of your commitment and it’s only natural to want to have a close up of the gorgeous pieces of the jewelry you’ve both hand selected for each other to wear as your symbol of love!

2. Silly Moment {IZ Photography}: Although your wedding day represents a serious milestone, it’s a MUST to have a special moment to let loose and celebrate your new union! Have the photographer be the only one there to witness that silly moment.

3. First Dance {Jean Smith Photography}: Don’t forget to document the moment you take center stage to have your first dance as as the new Mr. and Mrs.

4. Closed-Eyes {Chard Photographer}:  A picture like this captures more than just faces, it captures the feelings the couple share! It’s romantic and sweet and a total must-have!

5. Low Vantage Point {Jean Smith}: Sometimes it’s all about the angle. A low vantage point can really make for a gorgeous photo, especially if it gathers more of the scenery!

Photos of the Bride and Groom

6. Throwing Flower Petals {Art Photo}: It’s tradition that as you exit, your guests sprinkle you with rice, flower petals, or bubbles. Make sure to capture a picture!

7. In the Rain {Art Photo}: It’s said that rain on your wedding day is good luck! Take advantage of a beautiful photo opportunity!

8. Sparklers {Jean Smith Photography}: These gorgeous pictures are all over! Ask your photographer if they know how to capture this style before booking… as it’s not as easy as it looks!

9. Make a Wish {IZ Photography}: This picture is darling! Make a wish and blow beautiful glitter toward the camera!

10. In the Snow {Anna Lee Media}: Again, take advantage of your uncontrollable weather conditions. They can really make for gorgeous and unique photos!

Ideas for Wedding Pictures

11. Sun Flare {Chard Photographer}: This style of photo really adds such a romantic and warm feeling to the overall image.

12. Silhouette {Jean Smith Photography}: Silhouetting the couple adds a sense of mystery and romance.

13. Kissing Behind a Fountain {Jean Smith Photography}: A unique take on a simple pose.

14. Reflection {Hoffer Photography}: Using a mirror as a simple prop can really create a unique style of photo.

15. From Above {Chard Photographer}: The angle and setting of this image really creates a romantic feel.

More Wedding Photo Ideas

16. With a Cool Sign {Alex M Photography}: If your location has a cool sign that is perfect for your occasion, be sure to grab a picture with it! It will stand as a great reminder of your day.

17. Holding an Ampersand {Anna Lee Media}: You are now an ‘and’ – this creative image is a fun way to display your new status!

18. Holding your Bouquet {Chard Photographer}: You did it! Grab your bouquet and snap a playful picture of you and your spouse.

19. With Your Dog {Jean Smith Photography}: It’s your big day and that means EVERYONE is invited! Yup, your dog too… you’ll be glad you did!

20. Creating Your ‘Thank You’ {Renaissance Studios}: Make it easy on yourself. Create a fun sign reading “Thank You” and use them as your “Thank You” cards, post wedding!

Wedding Day Photos

21. Running Into the Sunset {Bre Thurston}:  You just got married! Your future awaits and you should have an image that captures you setting off into the sunset to celebrate!

22. Staring Into the Future {Kristen Weaver Photography}: There are so many amazing memories ahead! Look towards what awaits.

23. Taking in the Moment {Chard Photographer}: This is just another angle of the couple. Take a picture from the back expressing your love for one another by either kissing, laughing or smiling at each other.

24. Score {Alex M Photography}: You’ve won big! You officially are Mr. and Mrs. and this picture is such a cute way for the hubby to show his excitement!

25. A View from the Head Table {Chard Photographer}: As the night winds down, it is so important to take a look at all those who have come out to celebrate your beautiful union.

Must-Have Wedding Pictures

26. Laying on the Ground {Moira West Photography}: Gorgeous, just gorgeous! This picture is stunning and sweet, a TOTAL must-have!

27. Putting on the Rings {Bre Thurston}: Such a small part of the ceremony is actually such a significant part of the process! Don’t forget to grab a picture of the exchanging of the rings.

28. Alone in Your Location {Jean Smith Photography}: With all the hustle and bustle, be sure to grab a picture of just you and your spouse in your setting while it’s quiet and set up!

29. Large Dip {IZ Photography}: LOVE this image because it’s so playful and fun! You need fun images during such a serious occasion.

30. Making a Heart {Azzura Photography}: I love this idea! Create a heart using your hands and if you can add a significant item or location inside, even better!

20 Must-Have Photos of the Bridesmaids

Must-Have Bridesmaid Photos


Bridesmaids Photos

31. Being Silly {Bre Thurston}: These lovely ladies are standing up with you because you have so much fun with them! Be sure to get silly and have fun on your special day as well.

32. Prepping {Alyssa Marie Photography}: Those who glam together, stay together! Capture the pre-wedding, fresh face look.

33. Helping the Bride {Chard Photographer}: A bridesmaid’s job is never over! There should be plenty of photo opportunities of the bridesmaids helping the bride.

34. Pre-wedding Celebration {Clane Gessel Photography}: Grab some sparkling cider and celebrate! Your best friends want nothing more than to share this big moment with you.

35. Best Friends {Chard Photographer}: Blast from the past, pull out a childhood photo of you and your best friend to remember the days you when you looked forward to celebrating your wedding together.

Photos with Bridesmaids

36. Show off the Bling {Art Photo}: If all of your friends are engaged or married, a fun shot is of all the ring bling!

37. Expose the Toes {Art Photo}: If you let your bridesmaids choose their own shoes, snapping a picture of the varying colors and styles really adds to the fun of your overall wedding album. It’s all the small details that make a difference.

38. Groomsmen’s Jackets {Jilda G Photography}: Sometimes it’s simple shots that really make a cute picture. Grab a more candid shot, like the one seen in this image with the bridesmaids wearing the groomsmen’s jackets.

39. Throwing Bouquets {Chard Photographer}: Add height to a photo by throwing your bouquets.

40. Spell LOVE {Art Photo}: This is SO cute, playful and PERFECT for a day filled with love.

Fun Bridesmaids Photo Ideas

41. Close Up on the Bouquets {Aria Photography}: Wedding flowers are beautifully thought out and significant to the overall feel of the day. Don’t forget to grab a picture of these beautiful works of art.

42. In A Line {Chard Photographer}: Switch up the typical line of bridesmaids, when you catch all the bridesmaids in a line! You create a whole new look to the standard, posed photos.

43. Covering Face with Bouquets {Jilda G Photography}: Just another way to accentuate the beautiful bouquet arrangements and create a fun picture in the meantime.

44. Close Up on Dresses {Renaissance Studios}: The dresses are just another detail of the wedding as a whole. Be sure to capture a close up of the bridesmaids’ dresses, especially if they are all different!

45. Focus on Bridesmaid’s Feet {Art Photo}: This is a fun way to show off the dresses and shoes!

Ideas for Bridesmaids Pictures

46. Candid Moment {Chard Photographer}: A photo like this is refreshing among all of the staged and posed photos.

47. Bridesmaid Looking at Bride {Zoe Rain Photo}: All eyes on the bride! This is another photo where using a prop adds a completely different feel to the overall image.

48. Focus on Bride {Chard Photographer}: Stand the bridesmaids behind the bride and let the bride be the main focus.

49. Sending Kisses to the Bride {Moira West Photography}: Send the bride off with love with a photo of kisses!

50. Having the Bride’s Back {Alyssa Marie Photography}: Best friends for life – I think this photo says it all!

20 Must-Have Photos of the Groomsmen

Must-Have Groomsmen Photos


Funny Groomsmen Photos

51. The RING {Jilda G Photography}: Whether this is mocking the ladies or not, it’s such a funny picture that it’s a must-have on your big day!

52. Fun Socks {Jilda G Photography}: The socks are where you can get funky! Take a picture to show them off.

53. Cufflinks {J Rocks Jewelry}: Regardless of whether or not you have a theme for the the cuff-links, show them off and snap a shot.

54. Fun Underwear {Funky Groom Gear}:  Looking for another fun idea? Get customized underwear for the groomsmen for this silly picture!

55. Jump! {Art Photo}Adding height and movement, this is an easy and fun picture that will bring a smile to your face when you look back on your wedding day.

Pictures of Groomsmen

56. Getting Ready {Kristen Weaver Photography}: Boys will be boys, but that’s why we love them! Catch a photo of them getting ready in the mirror!

57. On The Way {Chard Photographer}: How fun is this?! I love the movement in this photo!

58. Walking Away with Jackets {Stock Photo}: A handsome line-up of men on their way to the wedding!

59. Almost Ready {Jean Smith Photography}: Classic picture of the groom finishing getting ready while all the groomsmen stand around.

60. Helping with the Tie {Jean Smith Photography}: Capture the men helping each other in a completely casual way.

Wedding Photos of Groomsmen

61. Close Up on Groom {Chard Photographer}Here’s to your big day! Make sure you capture a close-up to help you remember the thoughts and feelings you had before the big moment.

62. Sunglasses {Chard Photographer}Grab a prop and snap a shot! Sunglasses are the ULTIMATE prop for a group of ‘cool’ looking men!

63. Selfie {Jilda G Photography}Getting married?! But first… let me take a selfie! LOL – Undoubtedly you will be taking many selfies on your wedding day, why not have a photographer document this trend?!

64. Strike a Pose {Kristen Weaver Photography}Not every photo needs to be perfectly staged with big smiles! Try something different, like looking around or funny smirks.

65. Throwing the Groom {Bre Thurston}Why not use the strength of of all the groomsmen to make an uplifting (haha – pun intended) photo?!


66. Strutting Your Stuff {Art Photo}Take off your jackets and strut your stuff!

67. From Far Away {Jean Smith Photography}: This picture just makes the men look cool and sophisticated, standing far away!

68. All Lined Up {Kristen Weaver Photography}Make sure to capture some casual and candid shots so you can see the emotions that were felt that day!

69. Focus on the Groom {Chard Photographer}Place the Groom in front and have the groomsmen in the background, slightly out of focus, to ensure all eyes are on the Groom.

70. Just the Feet {Renaissance Studios}What a unique photo idea! Love the look!

20 Must-Have Photos of the Bridal Party

Must-Have Bridal Party Photos


Bridal Party Pictures

71. Cheering {Chard Photographer}Line everyone up and demonstrate how exciting this day is by giving a big cheer!

72. Lift the Bride {Zoe Rain Photo}Another silly picture that you’ll totally get a kick out of years later!

73. Jump over the Bridesmaids {Alex M Photography}Have the bridesmaids duck and the groomsmen jump to create a truly dimensional and eye-pleasing photo!

74. Entire Party Jumps {IZ Photography}Have your photographer count to 3 and at the same time have your entire bridal party jump! Makes for a great picture.

75. Another Jumping Shot {Art Photo}This is probably one of my favorites! Jump for joy!

Photos of the Bridal Party

76. With Props {Zoe Rain Photo}Using props, you can add texture to your photo and/or create a backdrop that draws the focal point directly to the Bride and Groom.

77. Low Vantage Point {Anna Lee Media}Stairs or rocks are a perfect place to take a low vantage point photo. It really is a neat angle for capturing your large group.

78. Staggered Group {Jean Smith Photography}Stagger your bridal party in the background of the focal point, the Bride and Groom. This really adds dimension!

79. Follow the Band {Rebekah Westover Photography}How fun would this be to follow a band into your wedding?!

80. Casual Bridal Party {Kristen Weaver Photography}Allow the bridal party to act casually while keeping the Bride and Groom in a formal pose to create a lighthearted scene that still draws attention the sweet couple.

Ideas for Bridal Party Pictures

81. Big Group {Chard Photographer}Gather everyone together and get a picture of the whole group!

82. Use Stairs {Nicole Paulson Photography}: You can always use stairs to help add a little height to your photo and bring the focus to the bride and groom.

83. First Dance {Chard Photographer}How cute is this?! Take a picture with the bridal party and the couple kissing as they start their first dance!

84. Using Your Location {Renaissance Studios}If your wedding has unique architecture near it, totally take advantage of it for some amazing images!

85. In a Blur {Anna Lee Media}Just LOVE this! Now, this is a play on the aperture, so ask your photographer if they know how to do this before requesting this style of image.

Pictures of the Bridal Party

86. Throwing Flower Petals {Jean Smith Photography}If you can, catch the flower girls throwing flower petals from above!

87. Yuck Face {Chard Photographer}How cute is this?!  We can’t forget the flower girl and ring bearer – this picture is the cutest way to include them on your special day!

88. Moving Forward {Kristen Weaver Photography}: I love how the party is walking forward, but you can still stop and catch the bride and groom in a special moment!

89. Walking {Anna Lee Media}Even in transition, every time is a good time for a photo opp!

90. Pair up with a Prop {Jean Smith Photography}Pair the bridesmaids and groomsmen up and give each pair a prop! This give your photo more dimension and makes for a beautiful picture.

20 Must-Have Wedding Day Details Photos

Must-Have Wedding Day Detail Photos


Wedding Day Details

91. The Dress {Chard Photographer}Find an open space where you can hang your dress for a full dress shot!

92. The Bouquet {Sarah Kate Photo}A close up on your beautiful bouquet is a must!

93. Dress Details {Alex M Photography}It’s time for a close up… of the dress that is!  Get a shot of the gorgeous details.

94. The Garter {Art Photo}Since this is going to be tossed, make sure to capture a shot.

95. The Rings {Jean Smith Photography}A close up of the rings is ALSO a must!

Wedding Pictures

96. The Invite {Aria Photography}Be sure to grab a picture OR frame your invite.  You’ll be happy you did, years later.

97. The Wedding Program {Moira West Photography}Just like the invite, take a quick shot of these.

98. Cards Box {Renaissance Studios}With the help of Pinterest, cards boxes are not just boxes any more. Make sure to get pictures of all the fun things you’ve created for your special day.

99. Instagram Trend {Jilda G Photography}Everyone is creating #hashtag for their wedding day pictures. Be sure to display the info for your guests and have your photographer take a picture. It’s a great way to freeze the latest trend to share it with your grandchildren some day!

100. Boutonnieres and Corsages {Chard Photographer}Make a list of all the fun things you prepped, including your tip jar, to make your wedding your own and give it to your photographer so they can be sure to take a picture of each.

Pictures of the Wedding Day

101. The Menu {Jean Smith Photography}Similar to the invite and program, this will be a fun memory image.

102. The Table Settings {Sarah Kate Photo}: You didn’t forget any details, so neither should your photographer.

103. The Appetizers {Jilda G Photography}Venues are great at finding creative ways to serve typical appetizers. Snap a shot of the beautiful way they put it all together.

104. The Cake {Aria Photography}Ah, the cake! Don’t forget to grab a picture of this beauty. You spent a delicious amount of time picking it out!

105. The Sweets Table {Moira West Photography}A sweet picture of your sweets table or a table of snacks, post dinner.

Wedding Day Photos

106. Chair Signs {Chard Photographer}These are darling signs to decorate your head table chairs!

107. Table Markers {Aria Photography}There are so many fun ways to assign guests to tables.

108. Fully Prepped Table {Jean Smith Photography}Again, you didn’t miss a detail, so don’t miss a shot.

109. Centerpieces {Sarah Kate Photo}Centerpieces can be as elaborate or simple as you choose, but be sure you have a picture of your personal creation.

110. Mr. and Mrs. Pillows {Chard Photographer}A beautiful prop that you can keep forever to cherish your wedding memories!

Now, if you haven’t created the ULTIMATE shot sheet for your photography, then get busy! This round up has ALL of your wedding day bases covered! And if you have yet to have your bridal shower, pass this amazing list of 150 Bridal Shower Ideas along to your party planners! OR, if your are planning or attending a bridal shower, check out these 60+ Creative Bridal Shower Gifts that are more thoughtful than anything found at a store!



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