14 Days of Love: Valentine Love Notes

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14 Days of Valentine’s Day Love Notes & Gifts

The Dating Divas love LOVE sooooo much that we are LITERALLY counting down the days to Valentine’s Day so we can show our spouses what they mean to us! Not only that, we feel like Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the ONLY day you give your sweetie a gift to express your love. Why not make every day in February leading UP to the big day feel just as amazing and special?! And really, since getting gifts before the big day is unexpected and out of the ordinary, it only makes it THAT much more meaningful. So that’s why we’ve put together the PERFECT way to simply count down the days with Valentine love notes each day!

By the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, they’ll be feeling the love!

Valentine Love Notes - Countdown to Valentine's Day with Love Notes every day! #Lovenotes #ValentinesCountdown

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These adorable printables from Messes to Memories feature 14 little tags for you to place on different items and make your sweetheart smile every day for 14 days as you countdown the days until Valentine’s Day!
Gum Valentine Love Notes
We feel like taking the ordinary, and making it EXTRAORDINARY is the best {and easiest} way to show your man you love him! That’s why we’ve created these little tags to add some love to the LITTLE things that your spouse might want or need daily! 

Valentine Gift Tags

Bananas Valentine Love Notes

Print and cut out the adorable gift tags and attach them to an item that goes with the love note with some cute baker’s twine. The tags feature cute sayings like: “Your love drives me bananas!” and “I ‘soda’ think you’re perfect!” So it’s pretty obvious what the tag should be attached to (bananas and soda)!

Soda Valentine Love Notes

SEE?! Aren’t they ADORABLE?! There’s no way your spouse won’t smile and feel your love with these notes, so PIN this cute idea right now and save it for later – but don’t wait too long! We’ve also created this PERFECT card for you to give on the 14th day, to wrap up the gift-giving and tell your sweetie, what you’ve been trying to say! Here’s the front…
Valentine Love Notes Card
and on the inside…
Will You Be My Valentine? Love Note
GAHHH!!!! LOOOOOVE it!!!!! It’s SO simple and sweet, your spouse will love the time and effort you put into the daily countdown.
I am SO excited for you guys to get your hands on these and see how much your spouse will LOVE it! Because trust me, they will!
To make these love notes all come together, be sure to grab a great quality paper cutter and nice cardstock.

Free Download

14 Days of Love: Valentine Love Notes

Printables Designed By Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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Recent Comments

    1. Hooray!! We’re so glad you are using this idea!! Here’s to hoping that this is the most fun Valentine’s celebration to date! 🙂 Enjoy!!

  1. Yeah! I guess I know what are the items that i need to put these tags on to set the perfect tone for a big day. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  2. Two comments:
    1. I’m apparrently the only male to respond here that i saw.
    2. I’m usually pretty good at plays on words, but struggling with something. A start could be I ho Panera…got one, I think…”You’re doh Panera sistable.”

  3. So just yesterday I bought all the stuff for the 14 days of love, but the Six Sisters Stuff version from 2012. When I got on to print the cards today, it got changed to this version! Can you help me find the old version? Thanks!!!

    1. Oh no!!! We updated it so the post would be more current! We tried to include a lot of the same ideas, so hopefully some of the tags will still work!

  4. I am “johnny come lately” to this site. But when I ran across it I knew I had to do this for my husband. I gave him the nuts on the 1st day and he was like what is this for? I told him Just Because. WE celebrate 4 years of marriage this year and I think this is an excellent way to mix things up. Trying the 30 day challenge starting May 1 since our anniversary is June 1

    1. Hi Teisha! Thanks for your comment! We’re glad you like the idea!! We have TONS of ideas like this on the site, be sure to check them out!

  5. Hi there,
    Could you email me the “We’re Mint to Be” tag? Cannot download and have the updated adobe. Have no idea why it will not work.

  6. Here are ones I added/had to modify due to resources/circumstances:
    – I “cereal”sly love you (box of cereal)
    -you are “eggs”acutely what I want (I made breakfast with scrambled eggs)
    -we make a dynamic “duo” (cheese it duoz)
    -my heart “steeps” for you (cup of hot tea with tea bag)
    -you bring me “joy” (almond joy)
    -you “crack”ers me up (pack of snack crackers)
    -you are my “sweet tart” (pack of chewy sweet tarts)

    Thanks for the ideas! My husband chuckles over how sillyd they are.

    1. The printables are uploaded to this post and are working just fine for us. We’ve talked to our tech gal and the only thing we can figure out would be that you don’t have the most recent Adobe Reader on your computer. You can download that here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/ Good luck! XO

  7. LOVED the idea! My boyfriend is waking up to a little surprise each day leading up to Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. Showed my co-workers what I was doing and they all wanted me to print the tags for them too!! Thanx so much!!!

  8. I also cannot get the cute tags to open in a pdf. Is there anyway you could send these to my email? Thanks so much! I love this idea!

  9. It won’t let me open the free printable tags! I have your cook book and seen this idea and now found it on pinterest! I love it! Will you please email me the tags! Thank you so much! By the way your recipes are delicous!!

    1. The printables are uploaded to this post and are working just fine for us. We’ve talked to our tech gal and the only thing we can figure out would be that you don’t have the most recent Adobe Reader on your computer. You can download that here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/ Good luck! XO

  10. Hey there this AWESOME little 14days of love wont open:( I was wondering if you could send the printable tags to my e-mail that would be AWESOME:) thank you!

  11. I tried to open the tags but there is an error opening the file.

    Day 1 is You are the “apple” of my eye!
    Day 2 is “Honey, comb” you’re hair, because we’ve got a date tonight!
    Day 3 is You are one “hot tamale!”
    Day 4 is I’m “nuts” about you!
    Day 5 is I wouldn’t “chews” anyone but you!

    and so on.
    Please send to my email. I would love to start on February. Thanks

  12. i love this idea. i will be doing this for my husband on valentines day. by any chance where can i get a blank tag so maybe i can write something myself. also my husband is bald so i want to get like a razor and switch the word “comb” to “shave” or something to that aspect. i love the other ideas all you ladies came up with. Will let you guys know how it turned out. Thanks!!

  13. I love this idea! I started it by saying something like ” i love you soooo much let me count the ways”..and i put it with the first gift…he won’t know until tomorrow that the gifts will be contfullinuing..

  14. LOVE this. Got everything printed and most of the treats purchased. We will be married 42 years this June and I think this will make him laugh! I love to make him laugh…I love when he makes me laugh, too. Thank you for posting this.

  15. Hi! I am so excited to do this for my husband this year. We are expecting our first baby (a little girl) in march so I figure this is my last year as his only valentine and this is so special! But.. I’m curious how to introduce the idea. Does it need an intro? Like, “heres your 14 days of valentines day present” (in prettier words) or do I just surprise him daily and when he asks “what is this for?” I say… “Just because?”

  16. After 18 years together and 13 years of marriage, I’m desperate for new ideas! This is perfect!
    Does one start this on Feb. 1st? leading up to Valentine’s Day?
    And since the tags are numbered by day, you could give them in any order, right? This year, our V day date isn’t until 2 days after V day…. so the honeycomb won’t work on day 2.
    I love your ideas on this site!

  17. I’ve thought about doing things other than food… A pair of socks, you knock my socks off. My husband is a police officer so, police say you’ll be my valentine and get him something police related. But back to the food aspect, chocolate covered strawberries, love you berry much or a s’mores setup, I love you s’more than anything.

    1. Marta, you can get the printables by clicking “here” at the bottom of the post where it says “Print your darling 14 day tags here!”

  18. I was thinking instead of the “comb” (since I also have a balding hubby) I’m going to focus more on Honey. Like You are my “honey” bear or I love you “honey”. I can give him a bear of honey or some type of honey candy or even honey sticks.

    Instead of a banana (for the lady who’s hubby dislikes them) you could use another fruit he does like.. I think you are just “peachy”.

  19. Great ideas! I am however racking my brain to come up with something to replace bananas. My hubby absolutely abhors bananas or anything banana flavored. Help!!!!!☺

  20. thanks so much for sharing these great ideas!!! I love them!!! Someone is VERY creative. I’ve been married for 33 years, always happy to find some new way to say, “I love you”