50 Adorable Reasons Why I Love You Jar

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How to Create Reasons Why I Love You Jar

This meaningful gift idea gives you a unique way to share with the ones you love reasons why you love them AND it includes delicious treats! The idea for this “Reasons Why I Love You Jar” came about years ago when we held a contest to gather some ideas from our brilliant readers. This gift became the winning gift idea in the “Quick and Easy” category. Our reader, Sarah Zimmerman, came up with this amazing idea that was inexpensive and easy to put together: a 50 Reasons Why I Love You Jar. We have now added our own Diva flair to Sarah’s original idea. Below you’ll find gorgeous printables to make and personalize your own “Reasons Why I Love You Jar” for someone you love!

I love this 50 Reasons Why I Love You Jar gift idea! It is perfect for an anniversary, birthday, or "just because" gift! #easygift #romanticidea #ReasonsWhyILoveYouJar

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We are always looking for fun, unique and meaningful ways to show our spouses that we love them. What I love about this idea is how simple it is to put together. This could literally be done in less than 15 minutes but will be something they remember for a long time. And, with your choice of 3 different printable jar covers (designed by the amazing Carisa from Messes to Memories,) you can really personalize this gift idea to your own special occasion! Without question, you’ll want to save this cute gift idea on Pinterest!

Reasons Why I Love You Surprise Gift

Reasons I Love You Gift Idea

Making this quick and easy gift is practically effortless! Simply use a pack of 3/4″ garage sale stickers and write a reason why you love your spouse on each sticker. Then, place the stickers on some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and fill a jar with all of the candies. See? Practically effortless! πŸ˜‰

Reasons I Love You Candy Gift

By the way, Reisens candies would also be perfect for going inside this Reasons Why I Love You Jar! (Get it? Reisens = Reasons. Cute, huh?) And, the stickers would also fit perfectly on the bottom of a Hershey’s Kiss! So many different love jar ideas and options! All you have to do is choose your sweetie’s favorite treat in mini-size and sticker them up! That being said, start thinking of all those reasons you love your sweetie so you can fill up this Reasons Why I Love You Jar in a snap. And don’t forget: the reasons themselves are 1000% more important than the candy type. Trust us! πŸ˜‰

Reasons Why I Love You Gift

Isn’t this such a cute idea? Every time your loved one reaches for a candy, they will be reminded why you love them! Not to mention, your sweetie will get a sweet treat and in turn, potentially give back a heartfelt message to YOU based on the Reasons Why I Love You gift you gave them! Win-win!

Customizable “I Love You” Gift

And that’s not all, you guys! It gets better! We have created three different printable download designs so that you can print and personalize your jar to your own situation! You’ll definitely want to save these printables on Pinterest to have a quick and easy gift idea up your sleeve down the roll. Truthfully, these printables really up the game when it comes to love jar ideas.

Three Options for Reasons Why I Love You Jar

Check out the 3 different jar design options we have for you:

  • 50 Reasons Why I Love You Jar – This was the original idea from our contest winner (in other words – our muse ;))
  • Just a Few Reasons Why I Love You Gift – Numbers don’t matter, just fill the jar up! The notes in addition to, or without, the candies will bring so much joy!
  • # Reasons Why I Love You Jar – This is the jar I am most excited about! Carisa has designed the printable to be editable! You can insert any number that you want! For example, 10! Or 365 (one for the full year!) I’m sure you are totally capable of coming up with 365 “Reasons Why I Love You” jar ideas, right? πŸ˜‰ (By the way, 365 reasons might take a bigger jar!)
Romantic and Easy Gift Idea

Reasons Why I Love You Gift Options

What I love most about this editable file is how versatile the uses could be AND how convenient they are to make. You can truly gift this to any loved one whenever you want! However, we have a few fun ideas that you can consider for your Reasons Why I Love You gift.

The perfect gift to say "I Love You"
  • As an Anniversary Gift – Using the editable file, you could do any number of candies for how long you have been married. 30 years = 30 Reasons Why I Love You.
  • As a Birthday Gift – Match the number of chocolates/notes to their age. 35 years old = 35 Reasons Why I Love You
  • As a New Year’s Gift Idea – Wouldn’t it be neat to make a 365 Reasons Why I Love You Jar and have them get a love note/eat one chocolate every day for a year!? Go ALL out! In fact, this might make it the best year ever!
  • As a Long Distance Idea – If your spouse is leaving for a time (like a deployment or work trip) you could do a chocolate for each day they are away. If they are away for a month, you could do 30 Reasons Why I Love You and have them take one a day while they are away.
  • 100 Reasons Why I Love You Jar – 100 is just symbolic of A LOT! Can you imagine how exciting it would be to receive 100 specific examples of love from your spouse?!
Quick and Easy Gift Idea

AND . . . while we are brainstorming ideas, why stop at your spouse? This gift idea would be a great idea for anyone in your life that you love and appreciate: a mother, father, friend, child, grandchild, neighbor, someone who needs to be cheered up–anyone really! So many possibilities! Who wouldn’t love something like this? Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Just Because . . .

Lastly, not only is this a GREAT gift idea that is inexpensive, thoughtful, personal, and easy to put together, but it’s also yummy! What could be better than a thoughtful gesture and treats? Let us know in the comments how you personalized this gift idea! We would love to hear!

Free Download

Reasons I Love You Gift Idea

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


I met my husband, in a beginning ballroom dance class at the age of 15. He was my first crush, my first date, and twelve years (to the day) later we married. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! I am a former theatre teacher who now stays at home with a spunky little boy. I love dancing, hosting parties, photography, organizing & chocolate!

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  1. I just love the candy jar idea for reasons you love someone. I have clicked on the download for the free printable and editable jar label. Three options cone up but nothing happens when I click on the 30 reasons I love you label.
    Would you be able to send it to me or advise me on how to get it?
    It is a wonderful idea and I am trying to do one for my sister’s 65th birthday!
    Mant thanks,

  2. This is such a sweet idea. I have done this a few times for my husband but never thought to include chocolate! It makes it better to have chocolate to eat each time you read a compliment.

  3. I love this idea but does anyone have a few different examples to use for the sweets. Preferably chocolate but he doesn’t like reese’s cups. All ideas welcome πŸ™‚

    1. Kaypee- what about mini twix bars, kit kats, 3 musketeers, milky way, rolo… any candy bar individually wrapped in bite sizes – like the ones you can buy during Halloween. They would all work perfect for this!

  4. I was thinking about the folks who don’t like candy or may have high sugar. A few thoughts are poker chips they are inexpensive and are easy to find. Another thought was cut nice strips of colored paper and fold them in the jar. Maybe even some type of his past time toys like my hubby likes Army Men and since he runs high sugar I plan to fold some notes and put them in with the Army Men. Girls could do something like Barbie items shoes, lipsticks, etc. boys and women are the same we just need to know what they like. I love this idea it is so easy to custom fit anyone! Thanks for the idea!!

    1. Teresa- What AWESOME ideas! I LOVE that you came up with a few different variations on this. Thanks so much for sharing!!!1

  5. i am very excited to make these for every member of our family for Christmas this year we are going to make a family night out of it and list what we love of each person then make the jars:) its going to be a great Christmas gift:)

    1. I was thinking if you have someone who don’t like sweets you could use poker chips. Most guys can find a way to use or even just keep them. You can find poker chips almost in every dollar store. The little center is even perfect for the stickers to fit. My hubby has high sugar so I need to watch what I buy. I like the this idea it is so easy to make it suit yourself with little thought. Thanks for the post!

  6. Unfortunately, I could not find *any* of these things at the Dollar Store. It’s a cute idea, but it looks like it will be a bit more expensive to put together than I thought…

    1. Hi Katie- I am SO sorry your dollar store doesn’t carry any of these items. I hate that different stores carry different things. A way of still doing this without the added expense would be to use a jar that you already have around the house. Maybe an old pickle jar, mayonnaise, jam, etc. Anything that you could clean out and use. I also know Walmart have the stickers for super cheap and a bonus is you can buy he candy there too :). I hope these suggestions help. Good luck!

  7. I am gonna use this idea for my mom for mother’s day. I am gonna put why I love her on the bottom. Thanks for the idea. πŸ™‚

    1. I did end up doing this for my mom for mother’s day. She really loved it. I used a different kind of jar, then I made a sticker( with a sticker maker) with a picture of a tea cup with flowers in it on the top of the jar lid. Then I made another sticker picture of a tea pot on the front of the jar. My tag for this gift said reasons why I love you. I had only a small jar so 50 pieces of candy didn’t fit. My mom also wanted to keep the stickers from the bottom of the candy. So we have these glass rocks that she is gonna to put the stickers on after she peels them off the candy. Then she is gonna put the rocks back in the jar when it is empty. The other thing that I did different was I found a circle template from the internet and typed the words on them. Printed it out and punched it out with a circle punch I have from creative memories.

      1. Wow Gena! This sounds awesome! I am so glad your mom loved it and what a great idea on how to keep your list. The glass rocks sound perfect. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Hey! This is an AWESOME idea, Im changing it a little since its for my moms 50th birthday. 50 reasons why for all 50 years. (I dont date, since im 13) but i think this is such a great idea and i will problably use this when i am older! But I have one question, my mom doesn’t really like reeses but she loves chocolate (preferable dark and organic) i dont know what i could get that would fit labels. Thanks!

    1. Miakoda – what a cute daughter to be doing this for your mom. Why don’t you try using hershey kisses or peppermint patties (small version). I hope that helps. Have fun!

  9. I love this idea, and my fiance also loves reses cupes, i cant wait to do this for him..even though its not a special occasion i just want to see him smile!

    1. Kayla- I think that doing things just out of the blue makes it that much more special for your man! Have fun!

  10. I just made my guy one of these for Christmas…I used a smaller jar and 25 reasons why…it is adorable and I just love the idea. I have some friends who are copying the idea for their loved ones. =) Thanks for the great idea! With all of the Christmas colored candies, it’s just adorable! Oh…and I made two small Christmas trees for the labels instead…with red ribbons all around. Thanks!

  11. I did something similar to this on our anniversary but instead I had a jar engraved with I love you and I took some red tissue paper and white paper with hearts printed on them and wrote out the 50 things I love about him. Than I had him read one every day until all of them were read. Needless to say, he loved it.

    1. Wow Christi- this sounds WONDERFUL! How awesome. I’m sure that will be an anniversary gift alwayas remembered. Way to be creative!

    1. Nicole- I totally relate to a hubby not eating treats. Why not get snack sized baggies and fill them with his favorite snacks, like an awesome trail mix, or dried fruit of some kind. Also yummy fruit leathers would be an easy way to do this or granola bars. I hope that helps.

  12. I love this idea! However, I really need some ideas for a hubby that’s not crazy about sweets. *sigh* I’ve done a deck of cards “reasons why I love you,” I did a jar of “365 things I love about you” (though I did put candy on the bottom of that one), I made a small picture book with scrapbook paper filled with some quotes and poems… but I’m running out of ideas!

    1. Hi Karla- I am SO sorry I missed your comment earlier than now (don’t know how i did since I have replied to a lot of comments that came after yours. I am so grounded!). Like I told someone later that asked something similar, why not get snack sized baggies and fill them up with his favorite snacks: tails mix, dried fruit, nuts, etc. and then put the reasons you love him on the baggies. Also, I did a healthy fruit basket for my hubby that had cute sayings attached to each fruit. You can find it here…https://www.thedatingdivas.com/cami/basket-of-healthy-love/ Hope this helps!

  13. This has been more than perfect! This our first anniversary, so its always nice to let him know just how much I love him!

    1. Oh Kayla- sounds like you took advantage of this and let him know how much you loved him on your anniversary. I bet it was great!

  14. I love this! I actually just made this for my husband because his birthday is Sunday. I made 33 because that’s how old he’ll be. I’m going to also add kisses to fill the jar. I let my son tell me a few things to put on stickers & I signed his name (he’s 3). I also combined 2 of your other ideas for another gift. I made a book of dates for the next year and the “love map” with maps of places we have lived, etc. I am so excited to give him these gifts! I love this site!!

    1. @Kelly- I am SO glad that you enjoyed this idea. I LOVE that you put your own twist on things and also used a couple other ideas for gifts too. I know your hubby will just LOVE it!

    1. @Miss Beth- some ideas could be: his smile, laugh, any body part that is handsome :), being your best friend, trustworthy, dependable, him helping around the house, him helping with kids, etc. The list could go on and on. HOpe this helps!

  15. Silly question – do 50 Reeses fit in the jar? (I was always terrible at those “guess how many” games as a kid!)

  16. i think you should put however many in the jar for whatever age they are. for example, if my husband was turning 36, put in 36 reasons

  17. Love this one! I did it with Hershey’s Kisses because it seemed even more love appropriate! The stickers fit perfectly.

  18. I think I might try this with some of those Chocolate Reisen treats. I wonder if the stickers would fit right on those. Thanks for a cute and simple idea!

    1. @Jes: I bet the stickers would have fit perfectly with the Chocolate Reisen treats, and if not, it wouldn’t be hard to tweek them to get them to fit! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  19. Doing this today for our anniversary on Sunday! It is our 23rd (how is that possible I ask you??!!) and I had nothing in mind. My hubs loves Reese’s too and I have some I bought after Valentine’s or Xmas that I can use. Might even have the price stickers too. Love that I can do this so quickly and easily.

    Thanks for an awesome idea!

    1. @Laura: I am so glad we gave you an idea for your Anniversary! I’m like you too and LOVE that you can put this together so fast! I hope things went well.

  20. My husband loves reeses as well so I may use the same candies and put together this little gift, great idea for Father’s day!!!!

    1. Hi Diane, I actually had a set of these jars that I purchased from Ross, but I have seen the exact same ones at the Dollar Tree! -Sarah