Easter Photos and Spring Picture Ideas

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Ideas for Easter Photos

Are you getting spring family pictures taken this year?  Or do you like snapping your own Easter photos of your kids? If so, you’re probably looking for lots of inspiration, right? We’re here to help! Whether Easter family pictures are what you’re after or some darling spring picture ideas, this spring photography list has got you covered! Packed with Easter picture ideas and loads of other springtime inspo, these ideas will knock your socks off. Let’s take a look!

DARLING ideas for Easter photos! Totally doing some of these this year! #thedatingdivas #easterphotos #springphotography

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What’s included in this list, you ask? Everything related to Easter picture ideas and MORE! We’re talking about tons of Spring and Easter picture ideas including props, backdrops and even tips for editing your spring family pictures. After all, spring is the perfect time to capture the joy and excitement for life that your kids have! With the warm weather and beautiful colors, spring is the perfect time of year to take pictures!  And I am just LOVING all of the beautiful photography inspiration on Pinterest. Trust me on this, once you see all of the FUN ideas that I’ve found, I’m pretty sure you’ll be planning a photo shoot too.

To make browsing easier, I’ve divided them into 5 categories…

Whether you’re looking for ideas for spring photography OR just want to snap some fun pics of the kids this Easter, you’re sure to find lots of ideas! Ready for photography inspiration overload? Ready. Set. SCROLL…

11 Spring Photography Prop Ideas

Capture the perfect Easter photos of your family with these darling prop ideas! They’re so fresh and springtime-y, we can’t even believe it! Plus they’re super cheap and easy to use. Not to mention the fact that props are a fun way to add personality and color to your spring family pictures. Here are 11 props that are perfect for Springtime sessions…

Spring Photography Prop Ideas

Rain Boot Props for Easter Photos

  • Rain Boots- Don’t let the rain keep you indoors. Put some rain boots on the kids and snap some pictures of them splashing in the puddles. It’s a darling and inexpensive way to add a HUGE touch of personality to your cute Easter pictures. Plus, it will keep your little ones a bit dryer on those wet and rainy days. You might consider having them jump in puddles, walk next to a stream, or even line up multiple kiddos and get a shot of just their boots! How cute would that be?! (Sources {A} Stock Photo {B} Andrea Martin Photography {C} Drew B Photography {D} Stock Photo {E} Angie Kuna Photography)

Umbrella Props for Easter Photos

  • Umbrella-  Bright, fun umbrellas are a great way to add a pop of color to your spring family pictures. They come in so different colors and patterns that you’re sure to find one that speaks to you! Plus, we’ve never seen a kid who doesn’t like playing with an umbrella- we sure do! Try having your little ones spin them, peek out from behind, or stand underneath. The opportunitie are endless! You could even get the whole family in on the fun and create some wet and wild Easter photos where every member of the family is standing under their own umbrella. It would be the most unique set of spring family pictures we’ve ever seen! (Sources {A} Munchkins and Mohawks Photography {B} Drew B Photography {C} Stock Photo {D} Angie Kuna Photography {E} Stephanie Tanner Photography)

Cute Easter Pictures with Parasols

Dandelion Spring Photography

  • Dandelions-  Looking for a floral element that’s totally free?! Let the kids pick some dandelions and capture the seeds blowing in the wind! Or find some fresher, yellow ones for the perfect pop of color and whimsy. Try getting a few Easter photos of your little one running through a field of dandelions or lying surrounded by them. We promise, this will be a shot you’ll treasure forever! (Sources {A} Melange Photography {B} Denne Alise Photography {C} Stock Photo {D} Stock Photo {E} Denne Alise Photography {F} Melange Photography)

  • Bubbles- Bubbles are great for getting genuine smiles out of the kids and add a fun element to photos. Plus, they’re inexpensive and small so you don’t have to worry about carting big props around! Get a close-up shot of your little one blowing a stream of bubbles from the wand or blow some yourself and capture a pic of them running or spinning through them! Whichever pose you choose, the bubbles will work to create a truly magical element. (Sources {A} Melange Photography {B} Stock Photo {C} Stock Photo {D} Denne Alise Photography {E} Dreamstime {F} Melange Photography)

Spring Picture Ideas with Balloons

Easter Photos Using a Swing

Cute Easter Pictures with Flower Crowns

Spring Picture ideas with Flowers

Spring Family Pictures with a Bike

  • Bike-  If your family loves riding bikes together, why not add one to your family photo shoot to personalize it a little? The best part is that you probably already have one sitting in your garage! If not, ask to borrow a neighbor’s. Consider adding a basket to the front (temporarily of course) and filling it with fresh fruit or flowers. Make the bike the central focus of your photo and have the family gather around it. (Sources {A} Kristin Duke Photography {B} Drew B Photography {C} Kristin Duke Photography)

Easter Photos Using a Chair

  • Chair-  Chairs are great props for adding color and providing different posing options. We love using more antique looking ones but you could really get away with anything! Consider tying a balloon on the rungs for added effect. (Sources {A} Jessica Downey Photography {B} Lovelock & Co {C} Drew B Photography)

11 Prop Ideas for Easter Photos

While the kids are already dressed up this Easter, why not snap a couple of cute Easter photos?  OR plan a whole Easter-themed photo shoot! They’ll make for great memories and we’ve already got you covered in the prop department! Take a look below for some fabulous and Easter-y ideas.

Prop Ideas for Easter Photos

Chocolate Bunny Easter Photos

  • Chocolate Bunny-  Before they completely devour their Easter basket goodies, snap a couple of cute pictures to capture these memories you’re making. The chocolate Easter bunny is a classic treat that also (surprise, surprise!) makes for a fantastic photo prop. (Sources {A} Stock Photo {B} Him and Her Photography {C} Stock Photo {D} Stock Photo)

Easter Egg Props for Easter Photos

Easter Photos Using Easter Baskets

  • Easter Basket-  After the annual Easter egg hunt, see if you can get the kids to pose for a couple of pictures. After all, they’re only little for a little while. Have them pose holding their Easter baskets or sneak some totally candid shots of the fun. OR if you want to go all out, plop a pet rabbit in one of the baskets for ultimate cute Easter pictures overload! (Sources {A} Stock Photo {B} Denne Alise Photography {C} Stock Photo {D} Melange Photography {E} Stock Photo)

Easter Photos Using Easter Hats

  • Easter Hats-  Easter hats are perfect for a dress-up or tea party photo shoot this spring. Look for wide, floppy brims, and consider adding extra ribbon or florals to spruce things up a bit. You might even do a tea-party themed shoot for your Easter photos! How adorable would that be?! (Sources {A} A Different Light Photography {B} Chelsea Lee Photography {C} Andrea Martin Photography)

Carrots as a Prop for Easter Photos

Bunny Ears for Easter Photos

Stuffed Bunny Prop for Easter Photos

Easter Photos with Real Bunnies

Easter Photos with Live baby Chicks

Easter Photos with Lamb

Spring Photography nest as a photo prop

11 Easter Picture Ideas for Backdrops

Now that we’ve shared some fun ideas for outdoor spring photography, here are some great backdrops that are perfect for indoor, studio photography. They’re bright, colorful, and will totally make your spring or Easter photos amazing!

Backdrop Ideas for Spring Photography

Backdrop Ideas for Cute Easter Pictures

  • Kites – Springtime means kite season and these kites couldn’t get much cuter!
  • Paper Pinwheels – These paper pinwheels are so easy to make and add such a fun touch.
  • Rainbow Background –  Wouldn’t this fun rainbow background make for a memorable photo shoot?? Love it!
  • Paper Chains – I love how easy this idea is!  Just make a bunch of paper chain links using various colors of paper. Hang them up and voila! You are good to go.
  • Spring Fence – Recreate the outdoors, indoors with a cute scene like this.
  • Yarn Balls –  I love how these colorful, yarn balls resemble Easter eggs. Simply wind large yarn balls and hang them from the ceiling. So simple!

(Sources: {A} PepperLu {B} Alicia Q Photography {C} Drew B Photography {D} Drew B Photography {E} Jami West Photography {F} Amy True Photography)

Photography Backdrops and Easter Picture Ideas

  • Indoor Swing – You could dress up an indoor swing in so many fun ways for Spring! Just add florals, fabric, or ribbon- the opportunities are endless! I love the old fashioned look of these flowers.
  • Raindrops–   These raindrops and clouds make the perfect backdrop and would be perfect to pair with an umbrella and rain boots as props.
  • Fabric Garland –  If you love shabby chic, here’s a fun and easy backdrop idea- just use scraps of fun fabric. You could also throw in a small antique chair for an extra dose of Easter charm.
  • Textured Wall and Balloons – Find a uniquely textured wall (concrete, brick, etc.) Add some variety with balloons and you are good to go!
  • Flowers and Balloons – Nothing says spring more than flowers! Add some unique vases for texture and balloons for a new pop of color. Use fresh or faux- it really doesn’t matter with this setup!

(Sources: {A} Amy True Photography {B} Fresh Art Photography {C} Chelsea Lee Photography {D} Chubby Cheek Photography {E} Chelsea Lee Photography)

7 Spring Color Palettes for Easter Photos

Often figuring out what to wear can be the hardest part of planning spring family pictures. We’re here to help make that process a whole lot easier! Here are 7 of our favorite spring color palettes to get you started.

What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures

Yellow Spring Family Photos

Aqual & Coral Spring Family Photos

Navy & Yellow Easter Photos

Navy & Coral Cute Easter Pictures

Spring Family Photos with Blue & Green

Blue & White Easter Photos

Bright Colors for Family Easter Photos

10 Free Spring Picture Ideas for Editing

If you use photoshop and haven’t checked out actions yet- then you are missing out! They’ll help make your photos bright, colorful, and full of personality! Seriously, you NEED to see what all the fuss is about. Here are some fun, FREE actions to get you started.

Free Editing for Spring Pictures

Free Photoshop Actions

Free Actions for Photoshop

And there you have it- more spring photography and inspiration for your Easter photos than you’ll know what to do with! If you liked this, don’t forget to check out our 50+ Tips and Ideas for Newborn Photography and our list of 50 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas. Happy Picture Taking!

**We did our very best to find and link to the original sources of each photo, but if you see a photo that is not linked correctly, please let us know so we can fix it.  We definitely want to give credit where credit is due.  We are so grateful for these wonderfully talented photographers who capture memories so beautifully!**


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