7 Days of Sex Challenge

Heat up your intimate life with a 7 Day Sex Challenge!

7 days to a closer, stronger and HOTTER relationship. Are you up for taking the challenge with us?! You might be thinking, “7 straight days of sex?!?” Yes, it might sound daunting, but if it was easy it wouldn’t be called a challenge, right? Whether you are in a bedroom rut, or just looking to turn your love-making up a notch, you’ll be surprised at what a whole week of sex can do for your relationship! Believe us, it can work WONDERS. So what do ya say? Are you up for the 7 days of sex challenge??

7 Days of Sex Challenge

Dating Divas Intimacy Disclosure

7 Day Sex Challenge Benefits

You may have heard of the Lifetime TV show “The 7 Days of Sex Challenge.” Couples with marriage struggles sign up and agree to be intimate every day for a whole week. The results? Each couple rediscovers things about each other and grows closer together. Not every marriage problem can be fixed or erased with sex, BUT remembering the spark and connection you once had can strengthen and help heal you both! That’s where this idea originated, but we’ve put a Diva twist on the concept and are excited to see it work in your intimate life! We have to give some serious love to our designer Joanna of Cutify Creative for creating these super sexy printables to help make your challenge even more fun and successful!

What’s Included In The 7 Days of Sex Challenge Kit:

  • Intimacy Obstacles Activity Lists
  • 7 Days of Sex Challenge Cards
  • 7-Day Calendar and Planners
  • Bonus Punch Cards

Let’s look a little more in-depth at the printables that will help you be successful in pulling off this couple sex challenge!

Intimacy Obstacles Activities Lists

We all have those “excuses” that get in the way of sexy time. We narrowed it down to seven obstacles that ALL couples face when it comes to intimacy, and 10 awesome ideas to help you conquer each one. The activities for this couples sex challenge are fun, sexy and meaningful to help strengthen your sex life. Intimacy Obstacles 7 Days of Sex Challenge

Each of the sex challenge ideas has a coordinating card to go with it, so you can pick one to use each day… and make sure to save the lists for ideas to use later! After all, the 7 days of sex challenge can be done as many times as you wish!

7 Days of Sex Challenge ideas

7 Days of Sex Challenge Ideas Cards

Using the activity ideas above, choose a sexy deed for each day of your sex challenge! Write it on the coordinating card to help you overcome those excuses that are preventing you from enjoying intimacy together. Planning ahead is always a good idea to help with ANY goal you set, and with our couples sex challenge ideas, you’ll be set up for SUCCESS!

7 Days of Sex Challenge Cards

If you want to tweak the challenge so you can do any activity on any day, we made blank cards for more flexibility! There is really so excuse to NOT do this amazing 7 days of sex challenge!

Seven Days of Sex Challenge Activity Cards

7 Days of Sexy Challenge Calendar and Planners

If you need another method to plan out this challenge, we also included a Sunday-Saturday calendar where you can write your daily sex challenge activities.

7 Days of Sex Challenge week calendar

Or use our HIS and HERS planners if you want to surprise each other with different activities. You can split up the days, or even choose 2 activities per day if you are feeling ambitious!

7 Days of Sex Challenge Planners

Bonus 7 Days of Sex Challenge Punch Cards

After you finish the challenge, the flames of love are going to be burning HOT in that bedroom! After you recover (a week of love-making is sure to wear you out!), keep the passion going with another 7 day sex challenge. Use our punch cards for a themed week of intimacy. Maybe this will become a yearly tradition? {WINK!}

7 Days of Sex Challenge Bonus Punch Cards

 Bonus 7 Day Sex Challenge Punch Cards Include:

  • 7 Days of Positions
  • 7 Days of Fantasies
  • 7 Days of Sexy Games
  • 7 Days of Foreplay
  • 7 Days of Locations
  • 7 Days of Role Play
  • 7 Days of Lingerie
  • and a blank card if you have other ideas!

7 Days of Sex Challenge Punch Cards

So what do you think? Are you up for it?!?! Give your sex life a boost and grow closer than ever with our 7 days of sex challenge!

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7 Days of Sex Challenge

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  1. I would love your wonderful 7 day sex challenges but with no printer and computer it makes it very difficult. It would be nice if you could make it available to order and it be sent in the mail

    1. Thanks for your suggestion Marybeth! We currently don’t have any physical products, but I think you totally adjust this and use it on your phone! Maybe try a screen shot of each days suggested activity and pick one together! Or you could probably order these to a print shop right from your phone- I know my local UPS store will print files that are emailed! Good luck! xoxo