60 Father’s Day Ideas & Printables!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas & Printables

Look no further, everything you need for Father’s Day is right in this post!  

We have HOOKED you up with 50 Fabulous Father’s Day Ideas with FREE Printables.  AND (just to top it off) 10 more ROCKIN’ ideas for those of you who’d rather just buy an awesome gift, instead of messing with the crafty printable-ness  (See-we’ve thought of everything)

Yep, that makes 60 simply fabulous ideas to choose from.  

{You’re totally welcome!!!}


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I think most women would agree that coming up with DIY ideas for dads is no easy feat.  Well, you’re in for a treat!  Because we found 50 of ’em and they’re gonna knock you off your feet!

Alright, go ahead and pin this baby right now, and then warm up those printers.  Because darlin’…

You just hit the Father’s Day Jackpot!!


1.  “You Push My Buttons” Card by 30 Handmade Days

Do you have a video game loving husband with a sense of humor? He’s sure to love this clever and funny card!

2.  “Real Men Have Kids” Card by The Mombot

We’re lovin’ this printable card for your “real” man. Plus, it comes with one that your kids can color and customize as well. Sweet!

3.  Crossword Game Card by Bric & Brac

Does your dad or husband enjoy puzzles – crosswords, suduko, word searches??  Yes?!  So… what would a perfect card for them be? One they open and read? Or a game that unlocks how you feel? Yep, I vote the game!


4.  SIX Cute Cards by The TomKat Studio

With these SIX darling Father’s Day cards, you’ll have a hard time choosing a favorite to send. Phstt… don’t even try- just send them all. 🙂

5.  Printable Father’s Day Party Pack by Catch My Party

This party collection has everything you could ever want at your Father’s Day celebration: party tags, invitations, flags, tented cards, large tented cards, large labels, water bottle labels, napkin rings, favor tags, and the cutest “Happy Father’s Day” banner you’ve ever seen!


6.  Alphabet “I Love You Daddy” Card by Sweet Scarlet

This sweet card is perfect for the kids to give to Dad. Print it on an ‘earthy’ cardstock, or whatever color of paper you’d like.

7.  Shirt & Tie Template for Card or Banner by Lifestyle Crafts

This Father’s Day freebie comes with two options! One template you can do with just a pair of scissors, AND a second file that’s perfect for those of you with digital die-cutting tools. Use them to make cards, banners, or fun photo booth props!

8.  A Book All About The Best Dad in the World by Eighteen 25

Let the little ones fill out this premade printable booklet and prepare for some tender “Maddie loves Daddy stories” and hilarious “Chloe thinks Daddy is 102 years old?!” moments!

9.  Manly Bottle Labels, Cards, and Sock Labels by Hello Lucky

How cool and clever (and practical)are these printable sock labels for dad? They even come with coordinating drink bottle labels and matching cards!

10.  Nifty Necktie Notes by P.S. Blog

Give your dad something nifty this Father’s Day. These Necktie Notes are the perfect way to put a smile on his face!

11.  Shaving Kit Printable by Delightfully Noted

Let dad know he’s a “cut about the rest” with this funny shaving kit printable. Besides, what daddy-o doesn’t need to shave every once in a while?


12.  Dad’s Token Tin by Eighteen 25

Instead of the usual coupons, why not give dad some fun tokens this year? All you need is a little tin, some cardstock, and this free printable!

13.  Samples of Why We Love Our Dad by Eighteen 25

Here’s a simple, last minute gift to make for that special dad or grandpa. And it’s pretty near free to make. Just take a quick trip to Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-mart or anywhere that sells paint and grab yourself some free paint samples.

14.  Dad’s “Stache” by The Dating Divas

Create the perfect Candy “stache” for your husband, dad, or grandpa! This is perfect for anyone as it can be used at home, at the office, in their car… anywhere!


15.  Collar & Tie Candy Gift Wrapping by Martha Stewart

How cute is that packaging? Turn his favorite treat into a Father’s Day worthy gift with this downloable tie and collar template.

16.  Superhero Kit by Alphamom

Dad’s a hero – let him know it! Create your own Superhero-themed gift box and Dad will be battling villains and saving the world before dinner-time!


17.  Super Dad Pop Box Set by Lil’ Luna

How perfect is this Pop Box Set? Grab a six pack of pop bottles, fill them with dad’s favorite goodies, and then snazz it up with the SUPER printables.

18.  “What a Catch” Father’s Day Gift by Lil’ Luna

Grab a bag of Swedish fish and let your man know what a catch he is. Perfect for the fishing fanatic dads!

19.  “Walk in Your Shoes” Printable by I {heart} Crafty Things

Take pictures of your cute kiddos in Daddy’s work boots and put them in a frame with this cute printable quote.

20.  Poster Card by Profittable Life

Print out this free graphic poster commemorating some of Dad’s favorite sayings. It’s sure to be a hit! “Father knows best!”

21.  Fast Food Fun by Bakerella

Does Dad have a sweet tooth? Whip up these amazingly realistic cupcake burgers and cookie fries complete with printable trays and sleeves to put them in!

22.  TIE-rrific Printable Party Pack by Amanda’s Parties To Go

This TIE-rrific set includes a cute tie-shaped “Happy Father’s Day” banner, centerpiece signs, and cupcake toppers, too. Best of all….there’s a page for DADs, for GRANDDADs and STEPDADs just to cover all scenarios.


23.  You’re a Tee-rrific Dad by Inspiring Creations

Let your dad know he’s TEE-rrific with this darling gift good for a free round of golf! (There’s even THREE different color schemes to choose from!)

24.  “We’re Nut About You” by Lizzie Jane Baby

Are you in need of a super quick and easy gift for Father’s Day? Then this is the perfect gift for you! Besdies, we all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

25.  Soda Bottle Covers by The Idea Room

This one is perfect for the soda lovers and SO simple. All you need is to grab a six pack of his favorite beverage and add some of these fun little “cover-ups” to personalize them.


26.  “Be a Couch Potato” by Darling Doodles

Sometimes the man in your life just needs a break from opening jars, squishing spiders, reaching the top shelf, and taking out the trash. So give him a gift of a day of nothing. Nothing but being a couch potato.

27.  A Pop-Top for a Top Pop by Our Best Bites

These tin can treats are SO much fun! Just remove the bottom of a tab-top tin can, empty and clean it, and then fill it with treats and goodies. After you attach the bottom of the can again, you can cover it with cute paper, and it’s perfect for gift giving.


28.  Father’s Day Questionnaire by The Crafting Chicks

This cute Father’s Day questionnaire was a HIT last year with my Dad and husband. After all, what can be sweeter than the thoughts and feelings of your kids or grandkids?! Nothing! (And we found out that my two-year old’s favorite thing about her Papa was that “he no time-out me.” Oh- and her daddy’s a ‘mile tall’.) hee hee.

29.  Retro Labels by Martha Stewart

Turn dad’s favorite foods into a custom gift for Father’s Day by using these fun old-fashioned labels.

30.  Guy Tie Gift Box by Tethered 2 Home

Here’s a really cute template for a Father’s Day Tie-shaped Box. Grab some fun scrapbook paper and hide his favorite treat inside.

31.  Father’s Day Coupons by Martha Stewart

Offer Dad a free car wash, lawn mowing, or breakfast, with these downloadable designs. Once your kiddos make a cover, they can simply staple the booklet together.

32.  Father’s Day Photo Props by Paper Coterie

This darling photo prop kit lets kids have fun and be creative while wishing Dad a Happy Father’s Day in photos. Choose your favorite photo props from mustaches to ties and take photos to make into cards, send dad a photo text, post on his Facebook wall, or print for his desk.

33.  “Best Pop Ever” Coke Can Sleeve by Oopsey Daisy

This Coke can “sleeve” dresses up his favorite beverage for Father’s Day! It doesn’t get much easier than that! (My favorite part is the nutrition facts!)


34.  Father’s Day Ticket Book by Nellie Design

All dad really wants is a couple free slobbery kisses by the kiddos and maybe a free back scratch from you. So, ditch the idea of getting him a new tie or gift certificate for the garden store and make him this adorable and FREE ticket book!

35.  Toolbox Kit by Papercraft Inspirations

Check out this free download with all of the elements you’ll need to make your own Father’s Day Toolbox Kit.

36.  Superhero Set by Kiki & Company

Every dad is a hero! Let him know with this coordinating SUPER set that includes a coupon book, card, and wall print!


37.  Treat & Beverage Labels by The Elli Blog

What dad doesn’t love a tasty treat and an ice cold beverage. . . especially with your personal touch! And the labels can mix and match for any package or jar that holds your treat. Quick, easy, AND delicious!

38.  Dad’s Rootbeer Sampler Stache by Family Ever After

Does your dad love rootbeer as much as mine does? Then grab ALL the printables you’ll need to make him his own “Rootbeer Sampler Stache.” (The mustache straw tags take it to the next level) 😉


39.  Grill Kit by Mom on Time Out

Snag these fun printable tags and make dad a Grilling Kit full of his favorite grill accessories, seasoning, and marinades. Because a dad that SMOKES the competition is RARE.

40.  iDad Card by She Knows

Here’s the perfect card for the gadget-loving dad. Go ahead and let dad know he’s the Apple of your i.

41.  Father’s Day Mustache Party Pack by Catch My Party

The fun collection of party printables has everything you’ll need for a Father’s Day Bash. “Stache” includes: cupcake wrapper & toppers, straw & food flags, mini candy wrappers & cake buntings, party props & sign, tented cards, bottle wrappers, and a big banner!

42.  Tie Treat by Little LDS Ideas

It’s not another tie to wear, but maybe one that he can share! Check out this darling tie-shaped treat and the clever, printable poem that goes with it!

43.  King for the Day by Spoonful

Crown daddy “King for the Day” with this fun printable crown the kids can color. His Majesty is sure to appreciate the royal treatment!

44.  Disney DadsPass by Spoonful

Is your man a Disney fan?! These clever printable DadsPasses from Disney are sure to make him smile!


45.  Candybar Poster Printable by Lil’ Luna

Okay- this Candybar Poster is perfect! Especially if you hate coming up with your own candy-gram phrases and having to make sure everything fits and lines up right. She’s done all the hard work for ya! All you have to do is download, print, and add the candy in the designated spots. Easy peasy!

46.  Treat Jar & Card by My Sister’s Suitcase

We love this fun treat jar perfect for Dad’s desk at work. OR use the same sweet printable as a Father’s Day card, instead.

47.  Dad Bucks by Thirty Handmade Days

Make dad a “Dad Bucks” coupon book for Father’s Day. Pick and choose from 12 different Dad Bucks to create a book that’s perfect for the dad in your life.


48.  Star Wars Kit by Sandy Toes & Popsicles

Is your dad or hubby a Stars Wars fan? Well then, you’re gonna LOVE this! ALL of the printables you’ll need to make your own Daddy Star Wars Kit. Seriously hilarious. I can’t decide if I like the Hans Rolos, Leia Buns, or Wookie Cookies the best.

49.  Father’s Day Candy Bouquet by The Dating Divas

Women aren’t the ONLY ones who like to receive bouquets! Change those flowers out for some of your man’s favorite treats and this easy idea is sure to be a hit!

50.  World’s Best Pop by The Dating Divas

All you need is a can of your man’s favorite soda, this darling printable, and a strip of fabric.  What an adorable way to let him know he’s loved.

There you have it- 50 Fabulous Father Day Ideas with FREE Printables.  How will you ever choose?

AND if you’re the kinda girl that would rather ditch the cutesy printables and just buy a totally awesome gift for your man- never fear!  We’ve thought of you too, and rounded up 10 more ROCKIN’ gifts for dad just for you.  

 (Heck, even if you are planning on using one of those 50 fabulous printables, why not add one of these popular gifts to it and kick it up a notch?!  Father’s Day is just once a year- go ahead and spoil him!)  

Here’s our Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Guide…


51.  Magnetic Stud Finder

For the man who helps his darling wife with all the home makeover projects, he will feel like a better home improvement stud with this Stud Finder!  You could even attach a note letting him know that you’ve already found your stud!

52.  Outdoor Extension Cord

For those handymen who love a practical gift – what man couldn’t use another extension cord?! Don’t forget to add on the cord reel!!


53.  Reusable 3-Inch Rubber Twist Tie

For the techie guy that won’t throw away any chords and likes to keep things organized behind the desk and tv stand, snag this inexpensive gift! Reusable 3-Inch Rubber Twist Ties!!

54.  $3 Photobook

If you are into scrapbooking and have lots of photos of your cute kiddos with their daddy, you cannot pass up the opportunity to make a 5 x 7 photobook for $3! Check out the details at York Photo and hurry!! Offer ends June 8th.

55.  Nike Dri-Fit Tech Golf Pants

If your hubbies are anything like some of our Diva’s hubbies, they will be EVER so grateful for Nike Dri Fit Tech Golf Pants – something they probably wouldn’t splurge on for themselves but will LOVE as a surprise for Father’s Day!!


56.  Apple iPad

Did you get a REALLY nice tax return this year? Go ahead and splurge and get him the iPad he’s been coveting!  (Idea #40 would be the perfect printable to go along with this too!!)

57.  Men’s Grilling Apron

I’ve been wanting to get my husband a grilling apron for years because he is seriously the BBQ KING! Flirty Aprons has so many fun ones like this ‘Caution: Extremely Hot’ apron.


58. Wallet

For a favorite go-to gift, there’s always a wallet.  Even better if you fill it up with pics of the kiddos and a couple of gift cards to his favorite stores or restaurants!

59.   Watch

And the typical big time splurge, a nice new watch!  Get a little sentimental and add a note letting him know you’ll love him until the end of time.

60.   3 Piece Lingerie

And lastly…the gift to END the night with…the one you surprise him with after the kids have gone to bed – some new fun lingerie!!

With those 60 fabulous ideas to choose from- he’s sure to have one HAPPY Father’s Day!

Oh, and for EVEN MORE ideas- don’t forget to check out our Father’s Day board on Pinterest.  It is jam-packed with fun ideas.

Which gift(s) are YOU going to give this year?  We’d love to hear your favorites!

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH!! I’ve been down for over a week after just having surgery. I am SO SO SO grateful for these ideas so my hubby can know how much our 4 kiddos and I appreciate him on his special day. You ladies are all awesome!