60+ Fun Family Traditions Year Round!

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Are you looking to make some fun family traditions {or marriage traditions} and need a little help? We have found some fun holidays and great ways to celebrate them and make them amazing! Check out our

60+ FUN Family Traditions YEAR ROUND!

and you will see why it would be a blast to do it every year!

Fun Family Traditions

In order to make family traditions even EASIER to plan out, we’ve separated all of our ideas into 3 month categories:

  • 10 Fun Winter Traditions for January through March
  • 10+ Fun Spring Traditions for April through June
  • 10 Fun Summer Traditions for July through September
  • 20+ Fun Holiday Traditions for October through December
  • 6 Fun Family Traditions for ANY time of year!

So grab a pen, get out your calendars, and let’s get these traditions STARTED!

10 Fun Winter Traditions for January through March

There’s NO such thing as the “winter blues” when you’ve got these amazing traditions to look forward to!

Fun Family Tradition Ideas

Fun Family Traditions January Valentine's Day St. Patrick's Day.jpg

1. Snow Day  The holidays bring cold and snow, why not make the most of the cold weather and have an annual SNOW DAY, snow or not!

2. Strawberry Ice Cream Day {January 15th} Need an excuse for yummy ice cream?? We all do! How about an ice cream party on an actual holiday? Yes please! Link also includes adorable FREE printables!! Woot-woo!

3. Blueberry Pancake Day {January 28th} Is breakfast your favorite meal? Doesn’t matter, one day a year you can celebrate amazing blueberry pancakes with a fun date!

4. Crepe Day {February 2nd} I love crepes, they are a must and this cute date is perfect to celebrate crepe day with!

5. Secret Cupids {A Valentine’s Day Tradition} This is a super cute idea you can do with the whole family or just for your sweetheart! Write notes, deliver small gifts and just have fun!

6. Heart Attacks {A Valentine’s Day Tradition}  Everyone loves being loved! Show them with FREE printables what a heart attack really is!

7. Tortilla Chips Day {February 24th} There are so many good salsa recipes out there to go with the American favorite, tortilla chips! Try this recipe today and enjoy a new fun tradition with the fam!

8. Pi Day {March 14th} I know this is a “math” holiday, but I think it is a great excuse to have some delicious pie!

9. Wear Green {A St. Patrick’s Day Tradition} This has always been a tradition in my house! Wearing green, keeping it simple and not getting pinched!

10. Hide a Shamrock {A St. Patrick’s Day Tradition} Play a fun little game with your spouse or kids, hide a shamrock is perfect for the start of this fun holiday!




10+ Fun Spring Traditions for April through June

Start Spring off right with these SUPER fun traditions!

Father's Day Tradition Ideas

Fun Family Traditions St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day.jpg
11. Pillow Fight Day {April 5th} Who doesn’t love a good pillow fight??!! Now you have a good reason to have ONE at least once a year!

12. Magic Jelly bean Garden {An Easter Tradition} Have you ever planted jelly beans? They grow into beautiful bright colored treats that you can enjoy with everyone! Try it today!

13. Easter Family Party  With free printables and great ideas to kick start your Easter every year, this is a sure winner with the fam!

14. Flashlight Egg Hunt {An Easter Tradition} Try something new this year with a hunt in the dark. Grab your flashlights and glow sticks, finding eggs in the dark is a fun change!

15. Firefighter Day {May 4th} Do you know a firefighter or just want to celebrate these awesome people who serve us? We have the perfect date to do this on firefighter day!!

16. Cinco De Mayo {May 5th} Many of you probably celebrate this fun day already with a fun fiesta! Make it so much better with these great printables and party ideas!

17. Breakfast in Bed & Tissue Paper Flowers {Mother’s Day} Cute idea to make mom feel like a queen for the day! Start it out right with these cute homemade/handmade ideas!

18. Mother’s Day Adventure Take your mom on an adventure she won’t forget with a day full of excitement. Free printable and all!


St. Patrick's Day Traditions.jpg


19. National Penny Day {May 23rd} Finding a penny is a good luck charm! Give someone that good luck for a day on this fun national holiday!

20. National Chocolate Chip Day {May 15th} Mmmmm….chocolate! Need I say more? You need to celebrate with this fun traditional date of s’more fondue!

21. Camping Month {June} Do you love to camp?! Even if you don’t, I bet your hubby does! Surprise him with these fun ideas during the month of June!

22. Drive In Day {June 6th} Don’t have a drive in near you? That is ok, bring it home with this fun date night idea!

23. Questionnaire {Father’s Day} We all love our dads! Free printables to remember those small moments!

24. King for a Day {Father’s Day} Treat your dad with royalty treatment! Every year, he deserves it!



10 Fun Summer Traditions for July through September

Summer is when you finally have the kids to yourself and when making memories is in full swing! Don’t waste a second of your time together and start these amazing traditions today!

4th of July Tradition Ideas

4th of July Family Traditions
25. Canada Day {July 1st} Canada loves bacon! Make this fun bacon pie for a tradition in your home!

26. 4th of July Printables  A lot of fun ideas for your favorite red, white & blue holiday with FREE printables!!

27. National Nude Day {July 10th} GASP!!! Yep, you read that right, maybe just share this special day with your sweetie!

28. Milk Chocolate Day {July 28th} Lots of days that involve this favorite addicting sugary treat! We all need as many excuses as we can get! Check out these yummy homemade snickers!

29. Golf Month {August} Go out and relax with a bucket of balls and some snacks! FREE printables too!!

30. S’more Day {August 10th} Cute FREE printable you can put s’mores in to celebrate in a fun way!

31. Kiss & Make Up Day {August 25th} Need I say more? If you dont need to make up, just KISS then!! Free KISS CARD too!

32. National ‘Chocolate’ Milkshake Day {September 8th} Have a date night or a party! Cute printables and all!!

33. Video Games Day {September 12th} Your boyfriend or husband will love this national day! Relax with your favorite video games for a night!

34. Hobbit Day {September 27th} The movies are out and this date night would be a fun way to celebrate!


20+ Fun Holiday Traditions for October through December

The Holidays are the PERFECT time to get your family into the swing of traditions. Don’t let another year go by without making some wonderful Holiday memories!

Christmas Thanksgiving Halloween Family Tradition Ideas

Halloween Family Traditions
35. Thankful Tree {Fall Time} Start out early this fall with your thankful list! Cute decor through Thanksgiving too!

36. Apple Day {October 21st} Fruit & electronics! Send an apple to your favorite person today!

37. Oktoberfest {October} Cute date night for this fun and scary month! Celebrate with our favorite… CHOCOLATE!!

38. Dracula’s Diner {Halloween} Dinner for Halloween? We have you covered! Make it fun and memorable every year!

39. Halloween Breakfast {October 31st} Your kids will flip over this fun breakfast party AND look forward to it every year!

40. Black & Orange Party {Halloween Time} Throw a neighborhood party or just a private one at home! It can be fun and creepy too!

41. Origami Day {November 11th} Cute flowers you can make for a loved one! Try it today or find something else fun to make!

42. Turkey Tickets {Thanksgiving Time} Write down the things that you are grateful for every November at Thanksgiving time! Cute idea for everyone!

Fun Family Traditions

43. Gratitude Rolls {A Thanksgiving Tradition} Thanksgiving is a fun time to share what you are grateful for! Try it in rolls this year! Surprise everyone with the gift of gratitude!

44. Letter Writing Day {December 7th} Write a few letters today, with this fun idea of “Open When” you can write them in advance to make them feel special for a while!

45. Brownie Day {December 8th} Yum! I will take advantage of this day! Try these amazing brownies at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe!!

46. Chocolate Covered Anything Day {December 16th} Have you tried chocolate covered cinnamon bears? It doesn’t matter what you dip, it is a national holiday and you should be celebrating!

47. Go Caroling Day {December 20th} Like to sing? Pick a few carols and get out and sing them to your neighbors. Fun for all! End it with warm treats too!!

48. Elf On The Shelf {Christmas} Need LOTS of ideas for your elf? This is the place! Everyone is doing it now-a-days! And we have you covered!

Christmas Family Traditions.jpg

49. Christmas Book Countdown {Christmas} Another fun countdown to bring in the spirit of Christmas! Open and read a book every day until December 25th!

50. Fill the Manger {Christmas} When you get out to do some service or pay it forward in some way, add a piece of straw to your manger decor for the baby Jesus!

51. Grinch Movie Night {Christmas} Love this  movie! Every year! We watch it to get in the giving spirit of Christmas! Here are lots of fun ideas to tie in with the movie night!!

52. 12 Days of Sexy Christmas {Christmas} This one is for the special someone in your life! Give them a special gift to look forward to every year!

53. Reindeer Games {Christmas} More fun games for you and your sweetie! Wrap it up and celebrate it later!!

54. Christmas Countdown {Christmas} Cutest countdown ever! There are so many these days, get your family excited by choosing one you can all have fun with!

55. Card Playing Day {December 28th} Love cards? Take a break from the hussle and bussle of the holidays with a game night!

56. Balloon Countdown {New Years Eve Tradition} Pick your favorite activities for the night or year and celebrate them hourly with this fun idea!



6 Fun Family Traditions for ANY time of year!

And just in case you needed ANOTHER reason to start up an awesome family traditions, here’s 6 more amazing ideas!

Family Tradition Ideas

Fun Family Traditions Daddy Date Ideas
57. Daddy & Daughter Dates {Anytime} Plan your date night monthly with your son or daughter! They will remember it forever!

58. Mommy & Me Dates {Anytime} Do it annual or make it monthly, every kid wants to have special time with mom!

59. Daddy & Son Dates {Anytime} Plan it, do it, love it! Make your kids night whenever it fits for you!

60. Summer Bucket List {When school is out!} Write up a fun bucket list that your family plans to do this summer and involve the kids. Get them excited to make some goals and achieve them!

61. Half Birthdays {Anytime you have a special “half” day!} Everyone loves cake and cupcakes, my kids think it is great to have an extra celebration throughout the year! Make them feel special twice a year!

62. Yes Day {Any day of the year you are feeling happy} Say yes to everything they ask! Surprise them with the ultimate answer they are dying to hear!


This is such a fun list of traditions you can start TODAY! Pin it for later if you need, but be sure to come back and makes plans!!

Need more tradition ideas?? Try THIS idea for National Waffle Day {March 25th} BEWARE it will make you drool…..


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