65+ Spring Cleaning Hacks

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Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Spring is in the air… I am so excited. I feel like the weather has been tempting me all Winter! It’s time to get outside or let the outside in a bit! Open up those windows and let the fresh air in. Breathe a huge sigh of relief! I might be outnumbered, but I love the motivation Spring gives me to tidy up the house and hit the reset button. In an effort to embrace the freshness of Spring, we’ve rounded up some of the best Spring cleaning hacks out there to help you get the cleaning done and on to the fun!! Believe me – these cleaning tips and ideas will change the way you approach your Spring Cleaning this year!

65 Spring Cleaning Tips and Ideas

Spring Cleaning can be overwhelming. I like to split up the work into manageable parts to accomplish each day or week. Let’s be realistic here!

So to make this post a little more manageable, we’ve split the Spring cleaning tips into sections:

  • 16 Cleaning Hacks for the Kitchen
  • 8 Cleaning Hacks for the Living Room
  • 7 Cleaning Hacks for the Bedroom
  • 11 Cleaning Hacks for the Bathroom
  • 6 Cleaning Hacks for the Laundry Room
  • 10 Homemade Cleaners and Cleaning Hacks
  • 7 Spring Cleaning Resources

To help you stay even more organized, we created the Spring Cleaning Kit!

Get your house clean in no time!

Now, let’s work our way through the house!

16 Cleaning Hacks for the Kitchen

Now, this is my favorite room in the house, so I really want it to be nice, clean and organized! Here are some great cleaning tips to make the kitchen a little easier to master.

Cleaning Hacks for the Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

1. Toaster Step by step instructions for how to clean your toaster quickly!

2. Kitchen Organization TipsSome great storage tips to help you stay clean and organized.

3. Glass Doors on the OvenClean between the glass door on your oven! This is a crazy cool trick…

4. Garbage Disposal Sanitize and clean your sink with natural products.

5. Cutting Board How to clean a cutting board the quick and easy way!

6. Deep Cleaning in the Kitchen This deep cleaning guide will help get the cleaning done quicker!

7. Glass Cooktop Tips for getting the stovetop shiny and clean!

8. The Fridge Cleaning tips and tricks to keep your fridge clean & organized.

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

9. Microwave Tips for cleaning the microwave, the easy way.

10. Cabinets 2 ingredient kitchen cabinet gunk remover!

11. Shiny Sink Get the sink shiny with natural products!

12. No Slip Dish Towels A great way to add color, beauty and function to the kitchen.

13. Aroma Fill your house with the aroma of spring!

14. Crockpot Get that crockpot looking brand new with this trick! 

15. Stove Top How to clean those grimy stove tops.

16. Dishwasher I’ll bet you haven’t seen this trick for cleaning your dishwasher before! 

8 Cleaning Hacks for the Living Room

When you have guests, this room is the first thing that they’ll see so it is really important.

Cleaning Hacks for the Living Room

Spring Cleaning tips for the Living Room

17. Basic Cleaning TipsHow to clean up FAST.

18. BlindsAn easy way to keep the blinds dust free.

19. Baseboards6 ways to clean the baseboards.

20. Leather Couch— Clean leather like the pros.

21. Dusting FansIf you have a fan, this is a must-read that will make your air cleaner and your life easier!

22. Microfiber CouchGet those tricky spots off with this trick.

23. Add a little GreenI totally agree that a little green goes a long way to making a room feel fresh and clean!

24. VacuumingAre you vacuuming the right way?

7 Cleaning Hacks for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a room that you want to feel nice and cozy! So here are some excellent ideas for how to get and keep this room clean (long-term).

Cleaning Hacks for the Bedroom

Spring Cleaning tips for the Bedroom

25. Clean Mattress This post is packed FULL of information on how to deep clean your mattress. Additionally, this step-by-step guide to cleaning your mattress is helpful if you have a unique type of mattress!

26. Deep Clean Bedroom Checklist Not sure where to start? This checklist will definitely give you some ideas!

27. Cleaner Closet Love the great tips from this post on organizing the closet. My husband and I definitely need to work on our closet!

28. Cleaner Bedroom, Permanently If you are taking the time to deep clean, you might want to implement these tips to keep it clean.

29. Dresser Organization If your dresser is organized, it’s easy to keep it clean.

30. 29 Steps to a Deep-Cleaned Bedroom I had no idea there was so much involved in deep cleaning. This list is thorough!

31. Change a Duvet Cover Ever had a fight with a duvet cover? This will definitely help.

BONUS. How To Wash Pillows— SideSleeperReviews has great information on keeping your pillows clean and caring for them! 

11 Cleaning Hacks for the Bathroom

Everyone enjoys a nice and shiny bathroom!

Cleaning Hacks for the Bathroom

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom

32. Clean Bathroom in under 30 Minutes— This is a how-to, broken down by the minute. Clean the bathroom in under 30 minutes!!

33. Clean Bath Toys— If you have kids with bath toys, you need to make sure that you are cleaning them, check out why and how!

34. Cleaning Toothbrushes Clean your toothbrushes… tips for why and how!

35. Lego Soap— Brighten the bathroom and get your family excited to sanitize with this trick!

36. Glass Doors— A couple tricks to cleaning those tricky glass doors.

37. Remove Hard Water Stains— A natural way to make your faucet shine!

38. Make Old Towels like New— Do your towels need a makeover?

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom

39. Deep Clean the Bathroom This is a must-read, with a ton of great tips on tools and other essentials to help you get your bathroom really clean!

40. Toilet Bombs These babies are perfect for unclogging and cleaning your toilet.

41. Freshen Towels Get rid of the stink and make the towels smell clean.

42. Shiny Faucets Another neat way to get some shine in the bathroom.

43. Vintage Mason Jars These jars can be used for cute storage or soap dispensers!

BONUS TIP! We recently found an article that expertly shares how to deep clean a bathtub the RIGHT way! This post is a CAN’T MISS!

6 Cleaning Hacks for the Laundry Room

These tips are genius! I had no idea that you should clean out your washing machine… Check out this quick and easy tutorial!

Cleaning Hacks for the Laundry Room

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Laundry Room

44. Clean Iron— This is one of those things that I would never even think to clean. But look how shiny it is.

45. Clean Your Washing Machine This is a great tutorial on how to clean your washing machine. I didn’t even know that was important, but it is!

46. Whiten Pillows Pillows should be washed twice a year, find out some more secrets to whitening your pillows!

47. Washing Kids Toys A great way to clean the kids toys, I never would think to do this.

48. Baby Toys A guide to washing every kind of baby toy!

49. Remove Almost Any Stain Tips and solutions for cleaning the worst of stains.

10 Homemade Cleaners and Cleaning Hacks

More and more people are becoming aware of how dangerous the chemicals in cleaners can be. These are some great and super easy alternatives to cleaners that you can put together at home!

Homemade Cleaners

Spring Cleaning Tips Using Homemade Cleaners

50. Sanitize Sponges Do you hate sponges because they always seem to get so icky? Learn how to sanitize them, plus 55 other tips for cleaning!

51. Recycling Socks This is such a neat use for old socks and will help save a buck or two as well!

52. Lemon Peel 25 ways to use lemon peel to help you clean!

53. DIY Floor Cleaner Tips for cleaning wood and stone floors.

54. Orange Degreaser Make cleaning tough, greasy spots a little easier!

Spring Cleaning Tips Using Homemade Cleaners

55. Magic Erasers Did you know you could make these magical things?

56. Lemon Dustcloths This is so unique and has some great information on how to dust correctly so that you’re not inhaling the junk that you wipe off the furniture.

57. Carpet Deodorizer Fast and easy homemade cleaner for your carpets!

58. Air Freshener Love this idea for getting the air a little more fresh.

59. Homemade Soft Scrub This is a favorite cleaner in the bathroom or kitchen or anywhere else, really!

7 Spring Cleaning Resources

Now that you know some amazing cleaning tips, here are some great checklists and other resources to help get the job done.

Spring Cleaning Resources

10. Spring Cleaning Checklists

60. Create a Cleaning BinderThis shows you how to create a cleaning plan to help you get through the whole year.

61. Weekly Cleaning ScheduleKeep on top of it with this weekly cleaning schedule.

62. Deep Cleaning ChecklistThe ultimate colorful checklist.

63. Spring Cleaning ChecklistsGet your Spring cleaning done one room a day, during naptime!

64. 31 Spring Cleaning Tips One task for each day.

65. Toss or KeepHaving trouble deciding what to keep or toss? Check out this flowchart.

66. Spring Cleaning ChecklistBreak it down by room to make it easier.

If you loved this post and are looking for even more ideas to help you get your house in order, you will definitely want to check out this post with 75 Ways to Organize Your Life.

Or maybe you just want some cute Spring Printables

Hello Spring!


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    1. Thanks! I’m a huge fan of making life a little easier, so I’m always looking for good cleaning tips! Good luck!

  2. I really liked your tip to keep a weekly cleaning schedule. I’m a very scheduled person, so it’s difficult for me to just take the time to clean any of the rooms in my house without setting a specific time to clean it. That must be why there are some rooms in my house that are cleaner than other. Keeping a weekly cleaning schedule for each room in my house seems like an excellent way for me to take the time to clean.