75 Disney Tips and Ideas

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If you are a Disney fanatic, we KNOW you are totally psyched about Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Celebration (fist pump)! And since we are HUGE Disney fans here at The Dating Divas (HELLO…it’s the most magical place on earth after all!), we have put together 75 Disney tips you can’t live without! Not only that, we’ve got Disney World tips, too! If you’re looking for cute disney shirts, cute disney drawings, apps, and any other Disney tip or trick, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Disney Tips and Tricks

(and Disney World tips, too!) 

The ULTIMATE list of 75 Magical Disney Tips and Ideas! Tons of secret tips, hacks, and celebration ideas like cute Disney shirts to get you psyched for your upcoming Disney trip! We have put together 75 Disney tips you can't live without... Not only that, we've got Disney World tips, too! #DisneyTips #DisneyWorldTips #TheDatingDivas

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To make browsing easier, we’ve divided our magical Disney tips into 4 categories, click on the link for where you want to go!:

  1. 25 Disney Tips for Traveling
  2. 10 Ways to Get Hyped for Your Disney Vacation
  3. 25 Cute Disney Themed Party Food Ideas
  4. 15 Creative Disney Themed Party Ideas

So whether you’re planning a Disney vacation or simply a Disney themed party, you’re sure to find TONS of ideas below!

Ready for your Disney tips (and Disney world tips) overload?

Ready. Set. SCROLL…


25 Disney Vacation Secret Tips and Ideas

It’s no secret that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth! If you are planning an upcoming Disney vacation, learn how to make the most of your trip with these awesome Disney tips…

25 Awesome Disney Tips

1. Disneyland on the Cheap – If you are looking for ways to do Disneyland on the cheap, you have got to check out these AMAZING money-saving Disney tips from Fun, Cheap, or Free! First of all, we pretty much ADORE Jordan and her awesome saving hacks (be sure to share some love with her over on her blog!) And second, she has come up with THE ULTIMATE guide to vacationing at Disneyland on a budget! No joke, this is THE BEST and MOST DETAILED Disneyland money-saving article out there — There are so many great Disney tips, Jordan even had to split her guide into THREE parts! Here are parts 2 and 3!

2. “Single Rider” or “Rider Switch” Option Do you LOVE Disneyland, but hate the lines? Here are a couple secret tips to help you minimize your wait! The “Single Rider” is a lesser known option that can help you significantly reduce wait times! The “Single Rider” option is available on several of the attractions at Disneyland and California Adventure, and is ESPECIALLY helpful if you are visiting with adults or older kids. The second way to get around those long lines is with the “Rider Switch” option. This option is especially great for families with young children.  If you have kids who aren’t able to ride a particular attraction,  the “Rider Switch” provides a way for both parents to get a turn without having to wait in line a second time!

3. Quickly Find Your Favorite Disney Characters – Save time trying to hunt down your favorite Disney characters, by learning their locations on Finding Mickey! For example, did you know you can find most of the Disney Princesses at the new Princess Fantasy Faire (to the left before the Castle) or the Frozen characters in Fantasyland? (Find more info HERE) Learn more about where you can find your favorite Disney characters!

4. Bring In Your Own Food to Disneyland –  One of our favorite Disney tips is to bring your own food and drinks! Yes, you read right! Disneyland actually ALLOWS you to bring in your own food and drinks to the park (as long as there is no alcohol or glass containers). You can get a variety of Disney themed snacks for a fraction of the cost you would pay in the park.

5. Must-Try Disneyland Park Snacks – Let’s face it, the rides at Disneyland are not the only things that look amazing! How about the food?! If you are looking for a few Disneyland snacks that are actually worth the splurge, check out this list of Disney tips from one of our favorite girls and designers, Kristin at Yellow Bliss Road! 

6. FREE Disney Souvenirs – Shhhh…Here is an AWESOME Disneyland secret your kids will LOVE! Did you know Disneyland offers some free souvenirs? Ask for a free map of the Jungle Cruise when exiting the attraction or go to a free drawing class taught by a real Disney animator and keep your masterpiece! 

Best Disney Travel Tips

Disney Tips You Can't Live Without

7. What to Pack for Kids During Your Disney Trip – Sometimes packing for a Disneyland vacation can be a little overwhelming…not to mention STRESSFUL if you have a family! That is why we can’t live without these amazing Disney tips from Kristyn at Lil’ Luna! She has a packing list of EVERYTHING you will need for the PERFECT Disneyland vacation! Be sure to read up before your next Disney vacation!

8. Search for Hidden Mickeys Did you know you can find hidden Mickey impressions throughout the Disneyland park? The Mickey Mouse silhouettes are intentionally placed on rides, in restaurants, and other attractions by Imagineers and artists! How cool is that?! The original idea we had here no longer exists, so we found another option for you!

9. Apps to Keep Track of Ride Wait Time This is one of our favorite Disney tips yet! There are several FREE apps you can download to keep track of the wait times for rides, including the awesome Mousewait app! This app allows you to keep track of Disneyland attraction lines (so you can see if you can squeeze in one more ride before lunch or a snack!) You can also try Line Times or Disney World Lines.

10. Get Disney Special Occasions Buttons – Simply put, Disney LOVES to celebrate! If you are celebrating a special occasion during your Disney vacation- birthday, first trip to the park etc… ask for a free special occasions button at City Hall on Main Street or at Guest Services at California Adventures. Not only do these fun buttons make a cute souvenir, but the person wearing them gets special attention throughout the day from the Disney staff!

11. Knowing When to Visit for Fewer Crowds –  Although Disneyland is busy year round, it is helpful to know it’s non-peak seasons! For some great Disney tips, here is an awesome list of prime times to visit. Also, if you have flexible travel dates, check out Is It Packed. They have a great Disneyland Forecast Calendar!

12. Use the Baby Care Center on Main Street – Trust us, this is one of our BEST Disney tips! If you are traveling with a baby or a toddler, there is a Baby Care Center on Main Street. Not only does this awesome facility feature changing tables, but it also has microwaves for heating up formula and a private area to nurse! We are pretty sure Disneyland has thought of it all!

Best Tips for Traveling To Disneyland

The BEST of the Best Disney Travel Tips

13. Get the Best Disney Parade Seating – We love the Disney tips How Does She! Disneyland parades can provide a much needed “break” after a long day of running from ride to ride! For the best seating, find out where the parade starts and sit as close to the beginning as possible (it’s best to go 30-60 minutes early!). If you are able to sit near the start of the parade, you will be one of the first ones done watching and can take advantage of the shorter wait times for the rides!

14. Know The Ride Height Requirements – Before getting in line for a particular attraction, it is important to know how tall your children are and also the height requirements for each ride. We LOVE this quick list of Disney tips from Undercover Tourist! Knowing the height requirements will be especially helpful in preventing temper tantrums and disappointment!

15. Grab FastPasses for Fantasmic – One of our FAVORITE Disneyland attractions is the Fantasmic production! Did you know that recently Disneyland created a Fast Pass system for seating during the Fantasmic show? They totally did and we are JUMPING FOR JOY! We would recommend getting these passes if you have any interest in seeing the show! The seating options are great, whereas the spots for viewers without the Fast Passes are limited and require a lot of waiting. FYI: Your Fantasmic Fast Passes do not count as a “regular” ride pass so you can still get passes for other rides while holding those Fantasmic passes. 

16. Check Out Closed Rides in Advance – It helps to know in advance if a ride is closed! Save time by keeping up-to-date on the attraction closures with this quick reference! 

17. Buy or Make Disney Shirts in Advance –  The prices of shirts in the Disneyland souvenir shops can be pretty pricey, especially if you are buying one for every family member! Another one of our great money-saving Disney tips is to make DIY (or even purchase) matching cute Disney shirts BEFORE your vacation. Grab some iron-on heat transfer, black felt, spray adhesive, and some cute plain shirts for the fam…and you’re all set!  Check out these adorable personalized Mickey Mouse shirts from Kelli at Random Thoughts of a Supermom!

18. How to Stay Cool on a HOT Day at Disneyland – It’s no secret that it can get HOT while you are running around the Disneyland park…especially during the summer! The trick is to stay hydrated (did you know you can always ask for FREE water?) and take a break when needed! There are several rides that offer a leisurely break from the sun including Finding Nemo, The Enchanted Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Small World. So if it is hot outside, be sure to grab a spot on one of these great attractions and catch your breath! And these Disney mister fans are a lifesaver for little ones or even yourself. 

Awesome Disney Travel Tips
19. Disney Line Games – These Disney tips from Kathryn at How Does She are absolutely genius! We all know the lines at Disneyland can be a little lengthy, so why not bring along something fun for the kids to do while they wait! It could be something as simple as notepads and pencils, phone games, or searching for Hidden Mickeys! 

20. Disney Pin Trading Info and Tips –  Have you heard of the Disneyland pin trading phenomenon? Trust us on this one, once you try it, you will be hooked! Get the 411 and all the fun Disney pin trading secrets from Tiffany at Peanut Blossom!

21. Fast Pass Tricks and Tips- What if we told you you could “jump in line” at your favorite Disneyland rides? Well you can! Make the most of your Disneyland experience with the amazing “Fast Pass”.  “Fast Pass” tickets allow you to by-pass the regular attraction lines at Disneyland and stand in a much quicker line. Check out these “Fast Pass” tricks and other Disney tips from Kristyn at Lil’ Luna! 

22. Bring Disney Characters a Small Gift Disneyland characters are not allowed to accept money or food, but they CAN accept small gifts like drawings or letters. Not only will this small gesture make a cast member’s day, but it will also lead to an unforgettable experience for your child! 

23. Put ID Bands on Kids –  Before exploring Disneyland, be sure to put ID Bands or tattoos on your kids in case they get lost! These ID bands or safety travel tattoos would be perfect. This could be a lifesaver in an emergency situation!

24. Get Your Hands on a Guide Book – Okay, but seriously — this is a MUST! Each year new Disney guidebooks are released with hundreds of helpful tips and tricks to help you plan the best Disney vacation possible! 

25. Photos to Take on Your Disney Vacation – This is one of our “Must-Do” Disney tips. Hold on to those magical memories for a lifetime with photos. We highly recommend packing  this AWESOME Disneyland Photo Checklist from Rebecca at Simple As That Blog. This simple printable will offer some major photography inspiration as you run around the Disney park with your loved ones!


Disney World Tips

Start your Disney vacation countdown today with these magical Disney tips! 

Cute Disney Shirts

26. Make Disney Character Autograph Book – Create a personal Disney souvenir for your kids that they will always cherish! You can either create your own personalized autograph books  or purchase them online!

27. Create a Disney Vacation Countdown – Looking for Disney tips to plan your next vacation? What better way to get  prepared for your trip than with an adorable Disney countdown chain?! We love the simplicity of this Mickey Mouse inspired chain from Lisa at Grey Luster Girl! It is so easy to assemble and SO CUTE!

28. Create Matching Disney Shirts– A fun way to get ready for your Disney trip is by making matching t-shirts for the entire family! Check out these cute Disney shirts from Kelli at Random Thoughts of a Supermom! She has even included a complete step-by-step tutorial! Don’t want to make them? Buy some matching Disney shirts here!

29. Prepare Disney Road Trip Bags – Start your adventure to the Happiest Place on Earth with some surprise road trip activity bags! These cute Disney tips are using red party bags like these from Adelle will make the drive so much fun and is guaranteed to get the entire family excited for your Disney vacation!

30. Make Disney Water Bottles – Get your family psyched for your upcoming Disney vacation by making fun personalized water bottles! We especially love these dollar store water bottles Rachel converted into personalized Disney souvenirs! You can’t beat a dollar each! Or you can purchase some Disney water bottles here!

31. Put Together Disney Fun Baskets – How adorable is this Disney surprise from Dixie Delights? Use a fun basket filled with Disney goodies (activity books, treats, etc.) to announce an upcoming Disney vacation! One of the best Disney tips, right?

Cute Disney Shirts and other Disney World Tips

32. Disney Vacation Surprise Reveal – We love the idea of making a Disney vacation a surprise for the whole family! Create a memorable reveal moment by gathering the family together to share the news. Check out this adorable Disney vacation reveal that the amazing Rebecca from Simple As That Blog put together for her family! She included even included a cute video of her kids reactions and other awesome Disney tips, too!

33. Create Disney Luggage Tags – Whip up some adorable Disney inspired luggage tags for your family’s bags, strollers, and other paraphernalia! These genius Disney tips from Dixie Delights will help you quickly spot your possessions as you are traveling!

34. Start a Disney Vacation Savings Jar – Make saving for a Disney vacation fun for the whole family with an adorable savings jar! Recreate this adorable design from Amanda at Mommity with her step-by-step instructions!

35. DIY Disney Lanyards – Put your craft skills to good use by creating some adorable Disney inspired lanyards for your upcoming trip! Lanyards are a great hack to keeping track of ticket stubs, child ID information (in case of an emergency), etc. Plus, how cute is this ribbon? Take a look at these cute Disney lanyards from Clever Pink Pirate for some fun inspiration! She has some great Disney tips, doesn’t she?


25 Disney Themed Party Food Ideas

Whether you are celebrating an upcoming Disney vacation or throwing birthday bash, don’t miss out on these adorable Disney themed party food ideas! These recipes are PERFECT for any Disney or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party!

Disney Party Food Ideas

36. Easy DIY Mickey Mouse Cupcakes– Check out these quick and easy Mickey Mouse cupcakes from Erica’s Sweet Tooth! Add some Mini Oreos for ears on cupcake to create the perfect Disney party food!

37. DIY Mickey Mouse Cake – How cute is this Mickey Mouse cake from Heather at The Chikabug Blog?! Use a circle cake pan and candy melts to recreate this adorable party food idea!

38. Mickey Mouse “Hot Diggity Dogs” – “Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!” is a frequent song heard in our home! Why not celebrate with some special hot dogs at your next Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bash! We LOVE how Kristin from Hunted Interior used cute washi-tape to package up her cute dogs! And stop by her site to check out even more Disney tips!

39. Mickey Mouse Confetti Popcorn – If you are looking for a quick and easy recipe for your upcoming Disney party, be sure to check out this fun confetti popcorn from Sarah at Bombshell Bling! Doesn’t it look tasty?!

40. Mickey Mouse Oreo Treats – Your kids will definitely want to get their hands on these fun Mickey Mouse Oreo treats! Get the full instructions on how to make these little gems over at Ms. Fox’s Sweets!

41. Delicious Red Velvet Mickey Mouse Cupcakes – We could pretty much eat ANYTHING red velvet! That is why we are drooling over these fabulous red velvet Mickey Mouse cupcakes topped with crushed Oreo cookies! Hop on over to Will Cook for Smiles to get the entire recipe and some more great Disney tips!

25 Fun Mickey and Minnie Mouse Disney Foods

42. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Doughnuts – Aren’t these Disney-inspired doughnuts fabulous?! They are almost too cute to eat…(almost)! Create these delicious works of art for your next Disney party with the help of these detailed instructions from Fork To Belly.

43. Mickey Mouse Watermelon on a Stick – Looking for the perfect Mickey party food for a summer celebration? This idea from Leena Eats is absolutely GENIUS! Use Mickey and Minnie Mouse shaped cookie cutters to create some festive watermelon snacks! Your Disney tips needs are met!

44. Mickey Mouse Pancakes – Here is another classic Mickey mouse food idea! Either make your Mickey Mouse pancakes from scratch or grab a box of Bisquick and blueberries to create a fun Disney breakfast!

45. Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats – Rice Krispie treats are a great option for parties because you can mold them into any shape and add food coloring to make them any color you want! Check out these darling Mickey Mouse black and red treats from Two Sisters Crafting for some fun Disney party inspiration!

46. Minnie Mouse Pretzel Sticks – We love this easy idea from The Diva Dish for a Minnie Mouse party! Dip pretzel sticks in colored chocolate and add festive Disney shaped sprinkles! So many cute Disney tips, you guys!

47. Mickey Mouse M&M Cupcakes – Create these fun Mickey Mouse cupcakes from Two Sisters Crafting with a few simple ingredients! We love how easy these little treats are to make, yet how CUTE they look when they are all done!

25 Fun Disney Themed Party Food Ideas

48. Mickey Mouse Munch – This Mickey Mouse Munch recipe from Eighteen25 is a MUST for any Disney party! Grab some popcorn, candy melts, and M&M’s to make this sweet treat!

49. Mickey Mouse Soft Pretzels – We LOVE this unique Mickey food idea from Liz on Call! Check out her complete Mickey Mouse Soft Pretzel recipe and even more Disney tips on her site!

50. Mickey Mouse Hot Chocolate – This Mickey Mouse food idea is PERFECT for a party in the winter! Get warm as you sip on some special Disney hot chocolate with your guests!

51. Minnie Mouse Cupcakes using Mini Oreos – Here is another fun Disney-inspired cupcake recipe using Mini Oreos! Create a fluffy Minnie Mouse dessert with this idea from Mascake Scarlett!

52. Mickey Mouse Quesadillas – Looking for a fun way to spruce up the plain ol’ cheese quesadilla? Simply cut your tortilla into the shape of a Mickey Mouse silhouette for a cute surprise your kids will LOVE! Definitely one of the easiest Disney tips out there! 

53. Mickey Mouse Giant DIY Cupcake Cake – Cupcakes are good, but GIANT cupcakes are even better! We love this cute Mickey Mouse party food idea from Two Sisters Crafting! The have even included a step-by-step tutorial so you can recreate this darling cake for your next Disney party! They are the Disney tips extraordinaire!

Fun Disney Themed Party Foods

54. Mickey Mouse Beignets – There is nothing quite like a warm beignets, ESPECIALLY if it is in the shape of Mickey Mouse! They are MELT-IN-YOUR mouth delicious! You will have died and gone to heaven when you taste this recipe from Chef-In-Training! Don’t forget to smear a little honey butter and sprinkle some powdered sugar on top of your beignets! 

55. “We’ve Got Ears Say Cheers” Mickey Mouse Sodas – You can’t forget the beverages at your Mickey-inspired party! We totally adore these Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bottled sodas from We Heart Parties! Aren’t they super cute?! One of our favorite Disney tips yet!

56. Mickey Mouse Jello Cups – This Mickey Mouse party food idea from The Keeper of The Cheerios is nothing short of genius! Use paper to add some buttons and ears to a red Jello cup for the perfect Mickey surprise!

57. DIY Mickey Mouse Chocolate Silhouettes – Create your very own Disney cupcake toppers with this awesome tutorial from Trisha at Momdot! Be sure to check out her other Disney tips while you’re at it!

58. Minnie Mouse Cupcakes Using Fruit By The Foot – We love how Kristin from Hunted Interior used Fruit By The Foot to create mini bows to decorate her darling Minnie Mouse cupcakes! Too cute!

59. Mickey Mouse Oreo Pops – Mmmmm…. don’t these chocolate covered Oreos look delicious?! They make the PERFECT treat for a Disney themed party! Grab some Oreos (regular and bite size), candy melts, popsicle sticks and hop on over to The Idea Room to learn how to make these cute party snacks! 

60. Mickey Mouse Pretzel Bites – We can’t wait to try out these easy-to-make Mickey Mouse pretzel bites from Two Sisters Crafting! With just a few simple ingredients you can make these little munchies for your upcoming Disney party!


15 Totally Cute Disney Themed Party Ideas

Searching for Disney tips on how to throw the perfect Disney themed party? Look no further! Check out these quick and easy DIY Disney themed party decorations, activities, and crafts!

Cute Mickey and Minnie Disney Themed Party Ideas

61. Darling Mickey Mouse Banner – Check out this SUPER CUTE Mickey Mouse birthday banner from Kelsey at Basically Frank! We love how she incorporated fun photos of her son to add a personal touch to her banner! Check out her other Disney tips, too!

62. Cute DIY Mickey Mouse Cups – It doesn’t get much easier than this idea from I’m Quite Crafty! Grab some red plastic cups and use white paper circles for buttons! The final product is a cute Mickey party cups!

63. Minnie Mouse DIY Lantern Decoration – You can find fun colored lanterns at just about any party store! We love how Catch My Party converted a simple black paper lantern into a darling Minnie Mouse party decoration with some tissue paper ears and a bright pink bow!

64. Mickey Mouse Fry Box Treat Holder – We are totally dying over this cute Disney party favor idea from Scrappin’ With my Bug!

65. Oh Toodles Party Bags – Check out these precious party favor bags Katie from Bower Power Blog created for her son’s birthday bash! We love how she incorporated the fun Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character!

66. Minnie Mouse DIY Printable Paper Plates – Looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up your Disney themed party? Hop on over to The Chikabug Blog and grab these FREE printables for your party plates! Free Disney tips? Yes please! 

Adorable Mickey and Minnie Disney Themed Party Ideas

67. Mickey Mouse Bingo – No party is complete without a fun activity! Mickey Mouse bingo is a great game to play with kids at a Disney themed party!

68. Mickey Mouse Party Garland – This Mickey Mouse DIY garland would be the perfect accent to any Disney party! The best part about this idea is that Nicole from Mendez Manor has provided complete instructions on how you can create your very own Mickey bunting!

69. Simple DIY Minnie Mouse Door Wreath – Take a look at this simple decoration idea from Simple Sojourns! She used simple black paper plates and ribbon to create an adorable Disney wreath for her party!

70. Mickey Mouse Frame Decoration– You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”! Create the PERFECT frame to highlight your favorite Disney memory with this fun tutorial from Stacey at Glued to my Crafts!

71. Minnie Mouse DIY Paper Cups – Add a little pizzazz to your plastic cups with some paper polka dots! This fun idea from The Diva Dish will add a lot of “pop” to your Minnie Mouse party decorations!

72. Minnie Mouse DIY Pinata – Your kids will FLIP for this fun Disney party idea! Be sure to include a Mickey/Minnie mouse pinata at their next bash! And the best part? You can completely DIY this project, making it SUPER budget friendly for your party! Get the full instructions from At Second Street! If you’re short on time, you can always snatch one up here.

Fun Mickey and Minnie Mouse / Disney Themed Party Games

73. Pin the Bow on Minnie Mouse Game – Let your kids have some fun with this original game idea from Girl Loves Glam! Create an easy DIY “Pin the Bow on Minnie” game that everyone will love!

74. Hidden Mickey Party Game – Just like Disneyland scatters “Hidden Mickeys” throughout the park, hide your own personalized “Mickeys” throughout your party for your guests to find! 

75. Minnie Mouse “Bowtique” Bow Decorating – We think this idea from Girl Loves Glam is simply FABULOUS! Have your kids decorate pre-made bows with unique embellishments for a fun Minnie Mouse party activity!

 And last (but DEFINITELY) not least! If you’re looking for a totally done-for-you vacation with the best deal out there, definitely check out Getaway Today. We ADORE them! They are known for getting the BEST prices to Disney (they are #1 for best deals to Disney and Southern California!), and their customer service is seriously unreal!

Even better…you can get $10 off your next So-Cal trip at Getaway Today when you enter the promo code DIVAS. Yep…you’re welcome!

Whew! There you have it…75 of our favorite Disney ideas! Did we miss any of your favorites?  If you have any additional tips that we didn’t list – spill your secrets in the comments below.  We’re always looking for more Disney ideas!

Oh, and if you are looking for more awesome travel tips you should totally check out Becca’s popular 101 Best Family Vacation ideas for or our amazing Road Trip Adventure in a Box!


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