75 Spring Break Trip Ideas

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The Ultimate List of Spring Break Ideas

Get ready to plan your best Spring Break trip yet! We’ve scoured the web and uncovered every brilliant idea for planning a vacation with your spouse or your entire family! Let these clever tips take the stress out of getting ready to travel this Spring.

Spring Break Trip Ideas

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In order to keep your ideas even more organized, we’ve divided our list of tips into some easy to navigate categories, so below you’ll find:

  • Planning Tips
  • Budget Traveling Tips
  • Packing Tips for Kids
  • Packing Tips for Adults
  • Traveling Activities for Kids
  • Traveling Activities for Couples

Planning Tips

As you start getting ready to head on vacation, these quick tips will help your trip run as smoothly as possible.

Spring Break Planning Tips

1. Taking Family Photos – Before you head out, read these awesome tips for taking family photos so you don’t spend your whole trip stressing over photo sessions!

2. Car Sick Kids – Plan ahead with these tips for kids who get car sick.

3. Before You Leave – A last minute reminder before you leave with everything you need to check off your list!

4. Car Maintenance Checklist – If you’re going on a road trip, the last thing you want is car trouble. Use this checklist for some preventative maintenance.

5. 101 Best Family Vacations – Trying to decide WHERE to travel this Spring Break – our round up has the BEST ideas for family vacations that everyone will love!

Budget Traveling Tips

Everybody loves to save a few bucks when traveling! We’ve included some amazing budget-friendly travel tips and trips.

Spring Break On A Budget

Spring Break Budgeting

6. Save on Airfare – Some simple tips to help you find the best deals on flights!

7. Save on Road Trips – Great ways to make your car trip even more efficient.

8. Deals on Priceline – Tips for using Priceline to get great deals!

9. Upscale, Affordable Hotels – Cheap hotel prices don’t have to mean unclean rooms, these tips will help you balance your budget and expectations.

10. Save on Food – Finding places and time to eat on the road can be such a hassle, here are some great tips for getting deals on meals.

11. Save with a Crock Pot – It’s such a unique idea to cook with your crock pot on vacation and it can save your family a bundle in your budget.

12. Save on Gas – There’s no way to get around needing to fuel up on a road trip, but these tips will have you stopping less often.

13. Save on a Rental Car – Need to borrow a car during your trip? Week-long rentals can really eat away at your budget, but these ideas can help you save!

Spring Break on a Budget

14. Cheap Souvenirs – Once you’ve planned the perfect trip, you’re going to want something to remember it by – those souvenirs don’t have to cost a fortune.

15. Travel Tips – Over 25 MORE ideas for traveling with a budget!

16. Road Trips App – Use an app like this one to help you make budget-friendly decisions on the fly!

17. Budget Friendly Vacations – Great tips that will work for almost any vacation!

18. Disney on a Dime – Disney is the ultimate Spring Break for families and it’s even better if you can do it for a reasonable price.

19. NYC on a Budget – Everyone says New York City is expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the bank!

20. Europe on a Budget – Maybe you thought Europe was a totally unreachable Spring Break destination, but it doesn’t have to be with these money-saving tips!

21. Chicago on a Budget – Chicago is perfect in the Spring. Now you can visit the city and snag some good deals!

Spring Break on a Budget

22. Tropical Destinations on a Budget – Who wouldn’t want to travel somewhere sunny and tropical for Spring Break? Especially if you can make good financial decisions along the way!

23. DC on a Budget – There’s so much do in our nation’s capital. Make plans for this inexpensive trip!

24. Beaches on a Budget – I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be for Spring Break than the beach and now I know how to make it happen!

25. Cheap Cruises – Cruises are the best trip for larger families and for people who love schedules (like me!), because everything is planned for you. Just get on the boat and have a great time!

26. San Diego on a Budget – San Diego is filled with great restaurants and fun activities, plus they’ve got some great weather… all that on a budget makes for a memorable Spring Break!

27. Discover a New Town – If you need to get out of the house but don’t have the time to go too far, this idea will still get you excited – turn Spring Break into a day trip of discovering!

28. Spring Break Boredom Busters Winter Boredom Busters, Summer Boredom Busters and this Printable Pack of Summer Boredom Busters are all perfect ideas for staying at home this Spring Break. What better way to save than to have fun in the comfort of your own home?!

29. 101 Camping Ideas – Camping is such a relaxing escape for technology and our crazy, modern lives (and BONUS – it’s a much more inexpensive way to travel!)

30. Tourist in Your Hometown – We often forget the wonders of the places we see every day, remind yourself of the reasons your hometown is fantastic!

Packing Tips for Kids

Getting the kids ready for your break can be such a headache. Use these ideas to help alleviate some stress and make sure that you haven’t forgotten a thing!

Packing Tips For Kids

Packing for Spring Break with Kids

31. Snack Backpacks – Create snack backpacks for each of the kids and let them be in charge. Give them some responsibility and take some of the pressure off yourself!

32. Seat Belt Pillow – Ideal for long road trips, the pillow lets kiddos nap more comfortably.

33. Healthy Snacks – Keeping snacks on hand is a MUST – healthy snacks are just a serious bonus!

34. Easy, Packable Snacks – A fantastic list of snack items that are a cinch to pack up.

Packing for Spring Break with Kids

35. Teach Kids to Pack – Start taking even more stress off of yourself and let your little ones help out. These checklists help teach your kids to pack for themselves!

36. Packing for Families – An extensive list of what to pack for your family and how to avoid over packing.

37. Ziploc Bag Packing – When you’re packing for toddlers, grab and go bags make the whole trip much easier.

38. Traveling with Tweens and Teens – Some simple reminders for getting your older kids on board with your vacation.

39. Family Beach Packing List – If you’re headed to the beach with your family this Spring Break, you do not want to miss out on these must-haves.

40. Packing Tips – Every brilliant tip that anyone has ever had about taking your kiddos on vacation (okay, maybe not every idea, but pretty close!)

Packing Tips for Adults

I know I always dread getting packed up for a trip. I’m the stereotypical female – I pack too much and don’t use half of it. I think I might surprise my husband on our next trip, I’ll just need to take some of this advice!

Packing Tips For Adults

Packing for Spring Break

41. Packing a Carry-On – A guide to the essentials while you’re actually on the plane.

42. Packing Electronics – Tips for storing and organizing all those cords and some favorite electronics gear.

43. Space-Saving Hacks – Genius ways to save space in your suitcase.

44. Packing for Men and Packing for Women – Let’s face it, we have some different needs – these are perfect for detailing the differences in packing for men and women.

45. Plane Must-Haves – Suggestions for what to wear and what to bring onto a flight.

Packing for Spring Break

46. 54321 Rule – A simple rule that will help you cut down on your travel wardrobe.

47. What to Pack Flow Chart – If you’re always arguing with yourself about what you need to bring, then this is the guide for you!

48. Travel Hacks – An assortment of clever tricks for keeping your luggage in check.

49. Packing the Car – A useful diagram, including what to pack in each location throughout the car to maximize space and efficiency.

50. Packing Checklist – A few different versions of checklists so you don’t forget a single thing!

Traveling Activities for Kids

Some of the most creative ways to keep the kiddos busy and entertained on along the journey.

Traveling Activities For Kids

Keeping Kids Entertained on Trips

51. Dry Erase Activity Books – A unique and reusable idea for the artistic child.

52. Road Trip Journals – Love these keepsake journals that detail the trip and are personalized for each kid.

53. Airplane Friendly Travel Activities – An awesome list of activities to keep kids busy on a plane.

54. Activities for 2 Year Olds – The smallest ones can be the hardest to entertain, but you’ll be all set with these ideas.

55. Road Trip Fun with Kids – A bunch of great tips from Diva Julie, perfect for kids of all ages!

56. Family Survival Guide – Some very unique car games, like window markers and aluminum foil sculptures!

57. Treat Bags – Individual bags are mysterious and exciting as they’re opened at different destinations throughout the trip!

58. The Road Trip Jar – A jar of over 100 questions and mini-activities to keep everyone busy and even get reacquainted. 

Keeping Kids Entertained on Trips

59. Car Bucks – A reward system where “money” can be earned with good behavior and traded in for souvenirs and other surprises.

60. Road Trip Binder – A book full of activities to keep kids busy!

61. DVD Coloring Case – Organized coloring tools that are super convenient and easy to DIY.

62. I Spy Bottles – Hiding tiny trinkets in rice bottles means tons of quiet time.

63. Sticky Note Time Tabs – Another great time manager for the kiddos – they get a reward at each interval!

64. Audio Books for Kids – Listen to stories in the car, if you pick from this list then you’ll probably enjoy hearing them, too!

65. Magnetic Activities – Try attaching magnets to puzzle pieces or using magnetic letters or animal pieces.

Traveling Activities for Couples

Use your travel time to strengthen your marriage. Here are some great games and activities to keep couples happy on long trips.

Traveling Activities For Couples

Traveling Activities for Couples

66. Interview Kit – Quiz each other to get ready for more quality date nights together. What a great use of time this would be!

67. 130 Question to Ask Before Marriage – Well, you can ask these questions any time, even if you’re already married!

68. Road Trip Date – Turning your road trip into a date with printable treat toppers, games and a countdown!

69. Podcasts – Download a podcast or two before leaving and depending on your choices, you’re sure to tune into a few laughs or a few debates, but either will keep you and your honey occupied!

70. Audio Books – Listening to books is SO relaxing and it’s one of the few things the driver can do, too!

71. Road Trip Games for Adults – Some classic entertainment ideas that I remember from my childhood and can’t wait to play again!

Travel Activities for Couples

72. Ungame for Couples – A game of questions and conversation starters that will help you reconnect.

73. Road Trip Apps – Games to play via your phone – I’m loving the karaoke app!

74. Couples Road Trip Questions – A range of questions – simple and deep – to get the conversation rolling.

75. Intimacy on Road Trips – A few quick tips for making road trips more romantic. {wink}

Pin this list and then make some time with your sweetheart for the Vacation Planning Date. Once your trip is planned out, start a Vacation Countdown to get everyone in the family pumped!! Another incredible idea is to put together our Road Trip in a Box, complete with adorable printables!!

And if you are planning a trip to the happiest place on earth and want a seamless trip, Get Away Today is the place to book it through! Disneyland is so much fun but can be daunting and stressful, these guys make it EASY! Don’t forget to use our promo code: DIVAS for additional savings! Yep, you are welcome!

 Keep this list handy and try out some of the tips and activities for Spring Break this year. You’ll be sure to create memories and avoid the stress of planning with these brilliant ideas!


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