A Check For 100 Kisses!

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A Printable Check for 100 Kisses!

Quick and Easy Romance Tip

Romance Check

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Everybody loves getting a big fat check, but what if that check was for something much more valuable than money? Snag this FREE printable check from The Bank of Love {WINK}, and leave your spouse a check for 100 kisses!

Printable Check for 100 Kisses
If you’re looking for another fabulous idea that can be done right away, in less than 10 minutes, then you might want to consider giving your spouse a romantic massage, or take a few minutes to grab a romantic slow dance!

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Check for 100 Kisses

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  1. Hi! My Husband and I have just found and started using your love calendar and we love it!!
    My only issue with this is that when I download and print the check comes out HUGE! There’s no way that fits in his wallet (per your suggestion). I would like it better if it were the closer to the size of a real check or would at least fit in a wallet.

    1. Hi Cortney! Thanks for your feedback! We will definitely look into this. Sorry you’re disappointed with it! You can always fold it up a few more times to try to make it fit better. I know that’s not as fun, but it may be worth a shot. Thanks again for your comment and for reading! XO

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