A-Team Movie Date

Pre”FACE”: We made a weekend trip to Boise with another couple to have a little get-a-way. We stayed at a hotel in downtown Boise at the Marriot (A very nice place I might add!). Since we were getting away anyway, [my friend] “Tree” and I decided to plan this super cool date for our hubbies. I’ve been extrememly excited for the movie A-Team to come out, so this posed as the perfect opportunity to have some fun!
MISSION CARDS: I printed up 5 super cool A-Team Mission Cards to give to the guys as we went along our date (you can print these out below). Each one has a fun military message and guides them to our next activity. I just printed these out and glued them to 2 pieces of scrapbook paper (1 solid and 1 stripes). I left these blank so that you can fill in the information for your own date. If you don’t know how to convert civilian time into military time you can visit the Military Time Conversion and it will convert it for you.


The first mission card was to inform our guys that they’ve been drafted into a special forces unit. Their orders were to report to duty at their “Bunk” (a.k.a. hotel room). We attached their super secret mission cards (print out below) to these awesome camouflage cars that we found at Walmart for around $3 each (I wish we could have found them cheaper, but Walmart was really limited on anything military related). We gave both of our sexy soldiers a cool car over breakfast that morning. The guys loved them! [Even though they didn’t get to keep them. We gave the cars to our little boys after the date was over. Now they are going to wonder why they don’t get a toy every time we go on a date!]


Official Gear: Upon arrival the guys were given a “carrier” (gift bag) with “SPECIAL FORCES TRAINING GEAR” written on the outside of it. We attached their 2nd Mission card to the bag which instructed them to put on their assigned gear and to report to Wahooz immediately to receive further instructions. Their “gear” consisted of a t-shirt that we made with vinyl lettering, camo shorts and a dog tag.

T-Shirts: The front of the t-shirts say “Bank of Hanoi”. The back of the guys’ shirts have the name “Face” and the girls’ shirts have the name “Sosa”. In the original TV series the A-Team was given orders to rob the Bank of Hanoi to help bring the Vietnam war to an end. This mission was significant to the series because the repercussions of this mission led to the A-Team being sent to prison for a “crime they didn’t commit”. A romance ensues between two of the main characters in the new movie: Templeton “Faceman” Peck (usually referred to as “Face”) and Charisa “Sosa”. [Can you tell that I am a true A-Team fan yet? LOL]

We purchased the t-shirts at Fred Meyers for $7 and the vinyl lettering cost around $3. The vinyl is an iron-on so it will last a long time even after all their Special Forces physical training. The camo shorts were $12 at Walmart and I found a pair of camo capri’s for me at Fred Meyers for $12 as well. (You don’t have to purchase the camo bottoms, I just loved that it really added to the army theme.)


Dog Tag: We made these super cool dog tags at a machine in the front of Walmart. They cost $5 for the tag and $2 for the necklace. We put our names, Special Forces Unit, and the mission number (the calendar date of our date). My hubby thought this was such a cool idea! He absolutely loved it and is keeping it as a souvenier.

Our Super Sexy Soldiers

Mission Note: These uniforms are not for the wallflowers out there! {LOL} People WILL stare at you and comment on how COOL your outfits are. We got asked so many times about our outfits — especially right after the A-Team movie. Everyone was asking us where we got our t-shirts.

Once we were all decked out in our “gear” our next mission was to report for “Combat Training” at Wahooz (it’s the same thing as Boondocks or a Family Fun Center). Their training was in go-carts ($6 ea.), batting cages ($2 for 24 pitches), the Max Flight simulator ($6 ea.) and the arcade. It was a kick! Sometimes we “adults” forget what it’s like to let our hair down and play. So this was the perfect opportunity to act like ‘kids’ again.

{*Due to the fact that we had a late lunch – we were SO not hungry by the time mission #3 came around – we switched #3 and #4} Mission #3 gave our guys “Permission” to take us girls’ (a.k.a. their S-2 Commanding Officers) to dinner. Oh, and don’t forget to let them know that since they completed their combat training they have now committed to the service of their superiors. 😉 (Our guys really liked that part.)
For dinner we headed to one of my favorite restaurants called Bardenay. It’s a really cool Bistro in downtown Boise and the food is delicious. But what I really love is the crowd there. There is a fresh atmosphere, very hip-outgoing-fun… I love it. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter where you decide to eat. I just wanted to go somewhere ALIVE since our date night had a bit of edge to it. 😉

Our A-Team: Adam, Kari, Teresa & Chad


Movie Time! Now that we put our boys to work earning their Green Berets rights it was time to give them a break and let them enjoy someone else doing the work. The mission #4 card is their final assignment. They have been ordered to tactical intelligence training and video surveillance duty at the movie theater. This is where all of their hard work gets to be paid off. Now, I know that I am a bit unconventional as a female movie goer (i.e. I would much rather see an action-flick than a chick-flick), but I thought this movie was really good. Maybe it was just the fact that I was decked out in my army gear and sitting next to one HOT Special Forces stud.

The final mission card was a little congratulations for completing the training. But really, we just wanted to give our guys’ permission to celebrate with their commanding officers. {*WINK**WINK}
“I love it when a plan comes together!” (“Hannibal”; A-Team)

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I am a very outgoing person that loves spending time with my family and friends. I have a thirst for knowledge, I am completely at home in the kitchen, and my biggest passion in life is snow skiing. I've been married to my sweetheart for 15 years and we have 3 children. I also love to travel!

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  1. I love this Idea. a girlfriend of mine and I are trying to plan this one for in a couple of weeks. so my question is…. WHERE did you get the iron on letters for cheap??

    1. Hey Jessica! So glad that you are going to be doing this date! We had such a BLAST doing it! I actually own a vinyl lettering business, so I created the stickers myself using T-shirt vinyl (not the cheapest way to go…). However, you can purchase iron-on t-shirt transfer paper from Walmart (usually in the computer/printer section & that is also where I got our matching shirts) or a craft store (i.e. Michael’s). Just design and print them off on your printer. Tara used the transfer paper here: I’d get lost with you any day! Date Hope this helps! Let me know how your date turns out! 🙂