Free Printable Patriotic Bike Decorations

Bike Decorations Perfect for Your July 4th Bike Parade

If your neighborhood is hosting a 4th of July bike parade this year, we’ve got the most festive bike decorations for you! We think bike decorations are a great way to amp up the parade!

Not sure if your neighborhood is hosting a parade? Well, why not get the ball rolling yourself! We even have a darling invitation that makes the planning easy peasy!

Festive bike decorations for your neighborhood 4th of July bike parade! | The Dating Divas
Bike decorations for July 4th

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Table of Contents
  1. Bike Decorations Perfect for Your July 4th Bike Parade
  2. Printable Bike Decorations
    1. 1. Bike Parade Invite
    2. 2. Easy-to-Make Pinwheels
    3. 3. Patriotic Banner & Stars
  3. Additional Bike Decorating Ideas

Printable Bike Decorations

We have you completely covered when it comes to the decorations for your bike parade! Let’s take a look at the FREE printables and how to use them, and then we’ll jump into more bike decorating ideas!

Your FREE printable pack (linked below) includes:

  • One adorable USA banner
  • Two easy-to-make pinwheels
  • Three neighbor bike parade invitations
  • & seven festive stars
Check out these fun and festive bike decoration printables! | The Dating Divas
Bike decoration printables

1. Bike Parade Invite

We can’t even with this cute invitation! There are three invitations on one page for convenient printing, but print as many as you need to include everyone in your neighborhood!

There are blank spaces for the WHERE, WHEN, CONTACT, and ADDITIONAL DETAILS. You’ll also have the option to cut out the hole at the top of the page so the invitations can be hung on a door handle! Easy, right?

These darling invitations are perfect for inviting your neighbors to the bike parade! | The Dating Divas
Bike parade invitations for neighbors

2. Easy-to-Make Pinwheels

Now for the pinwheels! Both are super easy to assemble. You will definitely need brads for the center of each pinwheel, but as for using them, you have tons of options! Tape them onto a bike or wagon, attach paper straws so the children can hold them, or make a banner of pinwheels with twine!

Easy-to-assemble pinwheels for your neighborhood 4th of July bike parade! | The Dating Divas
Pinwheel for a 4th of July bike parade

3. Patriotic Banner & Stars

Lastly, check out this patriotic banner and red, white, and blue decorative stars! Aren’t they so cute?! Twine is a great way to assemble the banner, and there are two ways you can cut out the stars.

The printable has a dotted square around each star for easier cutting! If you’d rather have the stars stand out on their own, cut around the outer edge of each star.

The banner and stars can be used anywhere! On the side of a wagon, hanging on the handrails of a bike, in the tire spokes, you name it!

This USA banner pairs perfectly with red, white, and blue stars for your bike parade! | The Dating Divas
Banner and stars 4th of July bike decorations

We hope you feel festive and fun with these patriotic bike decorations and have a blast with your neighborhood friends!

Additional Bike Decorating Ideas

Now that you’ve seen the printables, let’s talk about other decorations you can use for your bike parade.

  1. Streamers. We love how versatile paper streamers can be! These are easy to hang off of bike handles or even to cover the side of a wagon.
  2. Balloons. Patriotic balloons such as stars, flags, Uncle Sam’s hat, or even just the classic 4th of July colors would be perfect!
  3. Mini flags. These would be great for the littles to wave as they ride in the wagon or even attached to the bikes!
  4. Glitter. Adding glitter to any of the printables would make them sparkle in the sun!
  5. Tassels. These tassels are specifically for the handles on a bike or scooter!
We've got you covered when it comes to bike decorating ideas for July 4th! | The Dating Divas
Bike decorating ideas for July 4th

One of our Divas hosted a 4th of July bike parade a few years ago, and she had the great idea of passing out red, white, and blue popsicles after the parade! Walmart has these Freedom Pops and this yummy Red, White, and Blue Sorbet. Both would be perfectly patriotic for the occasion!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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4th of July Bike Parade

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