Anniversary Photo Keepsake Idea!

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When I came across today’s idea, I just had to share!  One of my dearest friends in the world is Jessica.  She is truly one of the greatest, funniest, easiest-to-be around gals I know!

When Jessica got married, one of her favorite gifts was an anniversary photo album.  On the first page of the photo album was Jessica’s wedding announcement. The gift included a note that indicated that the photo album was for anniversary pictures only.  The gift giver hoped that Jessica and her man would take a picture each anniversary and add it to this special album.  Well, after nine years, Jessica has done just that!  By taking a quick picture each year on her anniversary, Jessica has an amazing photo album that documents her marriage each year!

Chrissy - Updated Pinterest Pic - AnniversaryPhotoKeepsake

Check out the great photo that marked Jess’s ninth wedding anniversary….

I have also been married for nine years and LOVE this idea. I looked through old scrapbooks and was able to find a picture for each year I have been married. I can’t wait to put these pictures together and make my own anniversary photo album.  I was shocked how different my husband and I look now versus nine years ago!  Jessica’s pictures are terrific and she shares great ideas.

Do you have a great anniversary idea you do each year?



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  1. I love this great idea !!! We have been trying to do a ikon on our anniversary in the same pose each year but it hasn’t been easy, I hope we get better at it. But, every year for our anniversary we got through all the pictures from the previous class and put option the ones we like best into a exposure album. It’s always great to look binding at what we did the last year and keeps us up to day of the month in documenting our lives!

  2. I’m coming up to my first anniversary and have decided to do a photo album that each year we’ll add a photo to. What will make it unique is that each year we’ll recreate a pose from one of our wedding pictures! I can’t wait to look through it after years of marriage and see all the memories re-created with us and our bridal party and family!
    I also heard of someone tracking which gifts they get one another on each anniversary so I might try and add that in somehow too!

  3. I got this idea from my parents who have been doing it for going on 30 years! Each year I bake an anniversary cake and top it with the topper from our wedding cake. We get out our wedding day toasting glasses and take 4 pictures… one normal, one toasting, one kissing, & now one with our kids! It’s so great to look back each year and see how we’ve changed and a wonderful way to celebrate as well 🙂

  4. Each year my sister and her husband take a picture on their anniversary, holding the last year’s photo. It’s a sweet idea, and ends up looking very cool after a few anniversaries.
    Thought I’d share 🙂

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