Baby, You’re a Firework!

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I know, I know, that song is gonna be stuck in your head now too.  I love it!

This is totally my theme for an unforgettable 4th of July date.  Celebrating family, freedoms, and blowing things up, right?  This is a 4-star holiday for my hubby – cuz we all know boys will be boys – and they are like magnets to anything that explodes.

 So… Carpe Diem!


Everybody has their favorite fireworks – yeah, I’m talkin’ about the ones you stock up on every year – but if you thought Monster Snaps {a.k.a. Pop Its, etc.} were just for kids, you’ve been fooled.  These are the little tiny white things that *POP* when you throw them on the ground. They’re really not dangerous as far as fireworks go… I’ve seen {someone who shall remain nameless} even put them in his mouth and pop one! Chances are that you’ll be doing 4th of July activities with kids, and they love ’em!  There’s 50 per box, they’re super cheap and fun for everybody.  Have an all out war with your hubby or a contest to see who can pop the most in a handful as a warm up before you begin your regular firework spectacular! Do whatever it takes to get the tunes on outside, and don’t forget the theme song!  If you can, find a secluded spot to watch your city fireworks together on the 4th… watch from the back of a truck, wrapped in a cozy blanket, or whatever sparks your fire.

On a side note, fireworks have always reminded me of flowers as they boom and bloom in the sky… so I thought I’d throw my hubby a curve ball and have flowers delivered to HIM. They can make a great red, white & blue centerpiece anyway.  My favorite flowers online always seem to have a sale going on.  Bonus!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

For a daytime activity, there is nothin’ quite like ICE BLOCKIN’!

Find the BIGGEST hill you can, grab a couple BLOCKS of ice from the supermarket, throw a folded hand towel {NOT these ones} on top of each block, and you’re set for some sweet summer-sleddin’!  This is totally a great activity with the kids too!  After you get the hang of staying on your block, you gotta RACE, do a TRAIN, go down backwards, etc.

Believe me… it’s freakin’ fun.

If by chance you’d prefer a quieter and less crazy evening, surprise your hubby by goin’ fishing! If you’re not sure whether you have fishing resources nearby, you might be surprised.  Check your location with the US Fish and Game or just call your city hall.  Fishing can be totally romantic mostly because you’re in a beautiful place, and there’s a lot of peace and quiet {hopefully!}  Plus, you can always use the excuse that you don’t know (or don’t remember) how to fish, and you reeaallly need his hands-on “help”… yeah.

*    *    *     *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Call it tradition or call it seasonal convenience, but I can’t pass up the opportunity to throw dinner on the barbie.  This stuff used to totally intimidate me until I realized my husband loves to grill and is more than happy to take over {duh! YAY!}

The kabobs and other things I still take care of don’t have to be all Martha Stewart perfect, so I can just relax, even let the kids help, and enjoy it.  BBQs are usually awesome no matter what exactly is on the menu, so choose your FAVS and invite some friends to bring their favs too.

To end your outdoor-sy date, find a good place to light a campfire.  {Make sure it’s allowed if you plan on doing this at or near the fishing location.}  Roast marshmallows, make s’mores, or if it’s more your style, do a huge bonfire with friends.  I looove the smell of campfire ~ it’s so… summer-y.

Whether you’re playing with fire{works} or ice{blockin’}, make the most out of your 4th of July fun together.



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  1. It’s been forever since I’ve gone ice blocking, but it’s one of my great childhood memories, and it’s so fun! I know a perfect hill to go on too. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I wish we could do that! Unfortunately there has been a fire ban here where I live, no fireworks or grills… boo! I suppose we could always do the Ice Block Racing!!!