Believe It or Not Date Night!

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Do you Believe It or Not?!

Creative Date Idea

How many of you remember watching Ripley’s Believe It or Not?! This was always such a fun show to watch and left you just a bit squirmy after seeing all of the crazy things that people can do, right!?! I remember being in awe of some of the things that I saw on that show! I mean who really thinks some of these things up? Well, guess what?! Now, we get to relive all of that fun with this fantastic date night idea – 100% prepped and ready to go for you! Beware however, because this night will leave you truly questioning, if you Believe It or Not!?

Believe It or Not - Stay at home date night!

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The Dating Divas - Believe It or Not!

Leslie with Nina Bean Designs worked her magic on this date night idea and created the beautiful printables that we have for you! She is seriously the cutest! You should ALL go check out her site!

To get this quick and easy date night started you will need a few supplies:

  • Believe It or Not Printable Pack {link below}
  • Scissors / paper cutter
  • Favorite treat {This goes to the trivia winner of the game!)
  • Baker’s twine / string
  • Pen / pencil
  • Computer / laptop

After you have all of your supplies ready to go you are just a few minutes away from the perfect date night!

Believe It or Not date night prep!

Start by cutting everything out and then filling in the invitation for your sweetie!

Believe It or Not Printables

Once you have the invitation all ready to go with the date night info filled in, slip it somewhere your spouse is sure to find it.  This way, they will know when date night will be and can get excited about the amazing night to come!

Believe It or Not Invitation

Next, you will want to tie the Believe It or Not Champ Tag to the trivia treat and have it all ready to go with a pen, the score card, and trivia questions.

Believe It or Not Candy Tag

Lastly, you will want your voting cards ready, along with your laptop. You are now 100% prepped!

Easy at home date night from The Dating Divas!

To start off the date night, visit THIS site where you can browse and watch as many video clips as you wish! This part of the date night can last as long, or as short, as you would like it to! Be sure, however, to watch enough videos that you can both cast your votes on the “Most Disgusting,” “Most Unbelievable,” and “Most Hilarious,” video clips.  Once your votes have been cast, compare your answers to your sweetie’s and see if they match up – or if you had different opinions on them!

Fact or Fiction Trivia

The next part of the date night is the Believe It or Not Trivia Questions! Take turns drawing cards and asking each other if they think the statement is fact or fiction.  If you are careful when you draw the cards, you can cover the answer with your thumb and both have a chance to guess before revealing the answer! Keep tally of who gets the most answers correct and at the end, the Believe It or Not Champ gets a treat as a prize! 🙂
Believe It or Not Date Night Winner
After this fun at home date night, you will be left questioning if you truly Believe It or Not!

Free Download

Believe It or Not Printables

Printables Designed by Leslie @ Nina Bean Deigns Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. Hi Divas, just wondering if this site is mainly for the ladies wanting ideas for their spouse. Last year I married my beautiful wife on December 12, and at the time you had the twelve days of xmas printable love notes, which I used for the twelve days up to our wedding. Gennelle, my wife was very impressed at what I was doing, and I know it’s Divas Dating, but do you have something for men to use to keep things interesting, happy and well romantic, not that it’s not already. I like what I see on your site.
    Look forward to hearing from you.



    1. Herb,

      Thank you so much for stopping by our site!! We LOVE our readers and especially enjoy hearing when they have had success with our ideas! So glad that your wife love the 12 Days of Christmas! While we are a group of wives we strive to make our ideas applicable for either spouse to pull off for the other! If you browse our site you will find that with very few exceptions the printables and date night ideas could completely be for your wife! Since you asked however, here are a few fun ideas that have been created specifically for husbands to do for their wives! {Search our site for ‘Spouse Survival Kit’ and ‘Mommy Money’ to find some fun posts!} Hope you enjoy these and our many other ideas!