Best Bullet Journal Supplies

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Have you heard of bullet journaling?! If not, just know that you will LOVE it! It is basically a cute notebook that you make into whatever you want it to be! I am a list maker and a doodler, so mine would have plenty of to-do lists and lots of fun little drawings with some calligraphy. But, that’s the best thing about a bullet journal, there is no right or wrong way to fill it up! So we rounded up…

All Things Bullet Journaling

These bullet journal supplies will help you get started! You’ll be hooked in no time! Bullet journals are a major productivity tool. Plus, journaling can also be a huge stress reliever. Need another reason to start? Your kids will love looking through your journal and learning a bit more about you! That might have scared you off!! If that worries you, find a really good hiding place. But if you do keep a journal you’ll know that having a journal helps YOU remember important moments in your life. You can get started with a simple notebook and pen… but color makes journaling even more fun, right? If you are inspired by bright and beautiful things, these tools will help you take your bullet journal to the next level. 

Best Bullet Journal Supplies #bulletjournal #journaling

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Bullet Journal #Journaling

1. Dotted Bullet Journal 

2. Flat Lay Bullet Journal 

3. Fineliner Colored Pen Set 

4. Watercolor Brush Markers 

5. Stencil Set or This Stencil Set

Bullet Journaling #BulletJournal

6. Stencil Ruler 

7. Divider Sticky Notes 

8. Helix Angle and Circle Maker 

9. Masking Sticker Set 

10. Skinny Washi Tape 

Bullet Journal Supplies #SuppliesforJournal

11. Alphabet Stamps 

12. Correction Tape 

13. Washi Tape Stands 

14. Check Box Washi Tape 

15. Day of the Week Tape 

Journal Supplies #BulletJournal

16. Dot Journaling Guide 

17. Lettering For Beginners 

18. Cell Phone Stencil 

19. Zipper Stationery Bag 

20. Photo Sticker Printer

Bullet Journaling is the perfect way to get organized, to have a creative outlet, or just to write down some thoughts. I am so excited to get those watercolor markers, aren’t they so fun?! And I love that sticker printer! Makes it so quick and easy to have pictures in your journal. Start your bullet journal today and happy journaling! Save this step by step process on your Pinterest board.

Check out our Couple’s Journal for a fun way to include your spouse and our Gratitude Journal for a thankful twist.



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  1. I totally am putting that lettering guide book in my shopping cart right now! What a fun post…. I love planners so I’d love to get into this bullet planner thing!

  2. This list is AMAZING! i’ve totally been wanting to try out Bullet Journaling too and you have so many great ideas here!

  3. SO glad you explained what a bullet journal was! Haha! I’ve never heard that term before and I LOVE it! Annnnddd… LOVE all of these great links! xo