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With the holidays coming up, Black Friday has become the busiest shopping day of the year! With early shopping hours and long lines this day can also be the most stressful day of the year! However, Ashley, one of our fabulous readers, suggested otherwise. She turned Black Friday from a stressful day into a surprise date for her man.  Here is what she planned:

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One of the busiest days of the year for my husband is Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving. He works in retail as a Store Manager and plans this day out months in advance. So, I thought, why not give him something to actually look forward to besides hundreds of customers standing in line?  I plan to make him an invitation for Black Friday to join me for some ’great deals he can score!’ I will surprise him that night in some sexy black lingerie and maybe a dinner involving black-eyed peas and maybe some black frosted cupcakes!

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Great idea, Ashley! If you want to turn Black Friday into something more than shopping – here are some additional ideas to make that night more memorable for your man:


Prepare a meal using black-colored food such as blackened chicken alfredo, black lentil soup or black eyed peas. You can have some snacks around such as black licorice or black olives. For dessert you may want to try black forest cake, blackberry smoothies, black forest parfait, Oreo pie, or as Ashley suggested – black frosted cupcakes.

There are so many possibilities!


Depending on how you imagine your night to turn out… you can go one of two directions:

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Go formal! Make it a black tie affair. Wear your nicest black attire. Every girl has to own a little black dress, right? The more flattering, the better for this date {wink}. Check out Kari’s post dedicated to this Little Black Dress idea. Dressing up is always fun and adds to a classy and elegant evening.

OR you could . . .

Go sexy. Pull out your sexiest black lingerie and get dolled up with some dark black eyelashes or smokey eyes. Either way you go your husband won’t be thinking about prices and presents!


Finally –  some activities to accompany your theme night!

For a more casual evening at home you could watch the movie Meet Joe Black, The Woman in Black, or Men in Black. You could play blackout bingo or the card game Rook which features a black crow.

For a more intimate evening, you definitely want to check out our link to this fun (and sexy!) activity with black lights:  Black light Body Art. You can never go wrong with black lights!

Finally,  for something completely different – why not play pretend and imagine there has been a blackout and there is no power in the house? Imagine a night completely technology and light free. A night for two in the dark!

However you decide to plan out your Black Friday date night, it is sure to be memorable and possibly a new tradition!  Thanks again, Ashley, for the inspiration!

Feel free to share any additional black-themed ideas you would add to your own Black Friday evening in the comments below!

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I met my Prince Charming when I was 15 years old and 12 years later we created our own happily ever after. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! I am a former theatre teacher who now stays at home with a handsome baby boy. I love dancing, photography & chocolate!

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  1. Wow! The Black Light looks awesome! Something you could definitely do together creatively (In the Dark! exciting!) Great idea! Thanks for sharing! this would definitely be a fun activity other than the usual shopping rush!

  2. What a great idea:) We don’t have Black Friday in Canada where I grew up, instead all of our big sales are the day after Christmas…Boxing Day. I am sure anyone who works retail would love a date like this to look forward to when their shift was done!