Can of Sharpies

What A “Sharpie” You Are!

I am constantly looking around my kitchen for pens, markers, and highlighters. They never seem to be where I left them and I don’t know what happens to them all. This is a quick, easy, idea that is sure to put a smile on your spouse’s face. It serves a practical purpose as well as being a gift for that special person.


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Grab a canning jar from the store, along with sharpies, pens, markers, highlighters, and anything else that you want to include. They will all be within reach in the kitchen.

Put it all together and write a sweet note. I added a  small piece of ribbon to dress up the can a little. Keeping the note on the jar, makes it more special, as it will be reminder of something sweet between you and your spouse.

You can find your own pens and markers here. This would even be a great gift for someone else!

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4 Responses to Can of Sharpies

  1. Love this idea Lisa! We are always short on Sharpies in my house, this is a great idea because it’s not frivolous and is something we’ll actually use later! Great idea!