100+ Creative Christmas Gifts for Her 2021

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The Best Gifts For Her: Christmas Edition

Finding the perfect gifts for “her” is easier said than done! But, worry no more! This year you are going to ROCK the gift-giving! We’ve put together an amazing gift guide to help you know exactly what to get the woman in your life. And the best part is that they all can be bought online from the comfort of your own home!

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Click on the category below that best matches the amazing woman in your life and get to shopping!

Table of Contents
  1. The Best Gifts For Her: Christmas Edition
  2. Fitness Gift Ideas for Her
  3. Sentimental Gifts for Her
  4. Food-Lover Christmas Gift Ideas
  5. Christmas Gifts for a Wife Who Loves Reading
  6. Beauty & Fashion Gifts For Her
  7. Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Fitness Gift Ideas for Her

Here are some of our favorite fitness items that would be perfect Christmas gifts for women who love staying active.

Fitness gift ideas for women. | The Dating Divas
Gifts for women who enjoy fitness

1. FitbitThis is the perfect way to help her stay motivated and on track! They look cute and work great to boot!

2. BeachBody Fitness OnDemandBeachBody OnDemand is a great way to find the perfect fitness style for her, and it works with her schedule since it doesn’t have set hours for each “class.”

3. Fitness BandsWe love these fitness band gifts for her! They are perfect for at-home, full-body workouts!

4. StepperIf you don’t have room for a treadmill or just want something a little sleeker, this is a great way for her to get her steps in without gigantic equipment taking over the entire house!

5. Women’s Workout GlovesDoes she love lifting weights? Then workout gloves are the perfect Christmas gift idea for her. These babies will keep her hands from getting torn up during a gym session!

6. Adjustable DumbbellsThese are a great way to get a workout but without the bulk of traditional dumbbells. She can tuck them easily under furniture, and they are a snap to adjust!

7. Senita AthleticsWorkout inspiration = CUTE workout clothes!! These are some of our absolute FAVORITES, plus the prices are GREAT!

8. Thick Yoga MatThere are some cheap, thin yoga mats out there that tear after just a little use. Then there is THIS ONE! I love it not only because it’s thick, cushy, and comfortable, but also because it’s made with excellent quality. This puppy will last forever!

Workout gifts for women. | The Dating Divas
A variety of gifts for women who like working out

9. Bosu BallA must-have fitness tool for every athlete’s workout regimen. She can enhance her balance and strengthen her core stability with this gift for her!

10. Bluetooth HeadphonesShe’ll never get wrapped up in her headphone cords again! These bad boys make training hassle-free!

11. CamelBakHands-free hydration! If the woman in your life loves fitness or even just being outdoors, a CamelBak is a perfect Christmas gift for your wife.

12. Ab CarverHere’s a great way to tone and tighten abs and arms!

13. Foam RollerTake a roll on one of these to work out all those sore aches and pains.

14. Medicine BallSwitch things up and get a great workout with our favorite medicine ball!

15. YETI CupThis cup will keep your water freezing cold for HOURS! The price tag is well worth it! Seriously – it’s a MUST-HAVE any time of the year, but it makes a wonderful Christmas gift idea for her.

16. Yoga Wheel The best tool to enhance her yoga experience by learning to stretch further, reach higher, and dig deeper! Yoga gifts for her will show that you care about her practice and support her desire.

17. FlipBeltThis will become her favorite workout companion to keep all her goods in while she gets her sweat on!

18. Zumba DVD SetSuch a fun way to work out! Dancing + grooving to achieve overall body toning? That’s my kind of exercise! It’s one of our favorite gifts for her, especially if there are no live classes in your area.

Sentimental Gifts for Her

Do you have a lady who may be a little sentimental, loves to take pictures, and keep memories in plain view? These are some fantastic Christmas gift ideas for her!

Photographer will love these gifts. | The Dating Divas
Photography-inspired gifts for your favorite lady.

19. Clip-On Ring LightTake the BEST selfies of all time, even at night! Every girl needs this light!

20. Phone Tripod with Bluetooth RemoteThis is a great hands-free BlueTooth tripod! It even has a remote to help you get those group shots.

21. Lumee CaseNot only does this phone case look GORGEOUS and protect your phone, but it’s the bomb at capturing the perfect selfie!

22. Fujifilm InstaxRemember Polaroid cameras? We absolutely LOVE the modern versions: Instax! It’s affordable, good quality, and DARLING! Plus, they come in the cutest colors! This is a Christmas gift for your wife that she would be happy to unwrap!

23. Diaper BagTHE Diaper Bag. Sometimes life is messy. Your diaper bag doesn’t have to be! If you have a little or 4 in your household, this should be one of the top gift ideas for women in 2021. The world is opening up, and she needs a way to carry that stuff!

24. Willow Tree KeepsakeAny Willow Tree lovers out there? This is one you’re going to LOVE! Show that you cherish your relationship with this gift for her.

25. DSLR Camera StrapSay goodbye to the dull black! She will love this cute strap!

26. Personalized NecklaceThis personalized necklace will become a staple in her jewelry box! The bar detail makes it a modern take on jewelry and will top her list of gifts for her.

Christmas gift cards and memory keeping ideas. | The Dating Divas
Memory keeping and other gift ideas.

27. Shutterfly Gift CardYou can’t go wrong with this gift! Let her choose which photo gift she most desires. That way, you both get the perfect Christmas gifts for her – she got to choose! 🙂

28. CircleEvery family needs a Circle! So if you’re looking for a way to reign on the internet in your home and keep your family safe from the many dangers online, then this is for YOU!

29. ChatBooksCheapest, easiest, cutest photo books! What more can we say? EVERY woman would love this!

30. Canvas PrintsThese are a long-time favorite of ours! When in doubt – a canvas print is always on our list of Christmas gift ideas for her!

31. Groovebook SubscriptionGet your pictures from your phone mailed to you each month! Hassle-free, sign. me. up!

32. Messenger BagWe LOVE this bag! It keeps you organized on the inside and trendy on the outside!!

33. Feminine Robe This feminine robe is everything! It’s a flattering, fantastic material, and SOO comfortable! Gifts for her need to be practical but pretty, and this one fits the bill.

34. SlippersFinally! Slippers that stay on your feet! These are so cozy and perfect around the house!

Food-Lover Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you know a woman who love to be in the kitchen? Add some of these popular items to your list of Christmas gifts for her.

Foodies love a thoughtful kitchen-themed gift. | The Dating Divas
Kitchen-focused Christmas gifts.

35. Dutch OvenEvery chef needs a dutch oven! Here’s one we LOVE!

36. MicroplaneThe KING of zesters, this is a must-have for every serious home cook.

37. Cravings CookbookWho doesn’t LOVE Chrissy Teigen?! She has some of the BEST recipes in her new cookbook!

38. Pioneer Woman Cook BookThe Pioneer Woman Cookbook has recipes for every family. From comfort classics to freezer meals, there are solutions for everyone to “Solve Supper!”

39. Flirty Aprons Women’s ApronTake the monotony out of daily life by adding the exciting and sexy flare. It’s a fun but practical gift for her.

40. Nutella Recipes BookCalling all Nutella lovers! This cookbook has fantastic recipes and is shaped like a Jar of Nutella! SO fun!

41. Wusthof KnivesThe best knives on the PLANET! She will LOVE these, I promise. Excellent knives are perfect gifts for her and make cooking much more pleasant.

42. Silicone Flower LidThis thing is incredible! It replaces plastic wrap, and it’s heatproof so that it can go on the stove! It also comes in lots of cute flower designs!

Christmas gifts for the baker in your life is easy as pie! | The Dating Divas
Kitchen tools and accessories

43. Decorative Measuring CupsMeasuring cups do not get cuter than this!! Not to mention, what an easy and decorative way to keep your measuring cups handy.

44. Dough Cutter/Bench ScraperKeeps a couple of these around: one for cutting dough (the traditional use, which it does beautifully) and one for easy cleanup! The wide, flat edge makes scraping bits and pieces off of the countertop a breeze. It’s probably a Christmas gift for her that she wouldn’t expect but will love.

45. KitchenAid Flex Edge BeaterThis is a must if you are splurging for the KitchenAid.

46. Silicone Muffin PansSome people use them for baking, but they also work perfectly for freezing small soup or sauce portions! Pour your completed soup or sauce in, freeze, and pop the “pucks” out into a bag. Then, when you get a craving for some of your soup, pull out two or three pucks, put them in a bowl in the microwave, and you are good to go!

47. KitchenAidThe KitchenAid mixer. A kitchen staple! Choose from many different designs, or allow your wife to choose one of the perfect Christmas gifts for her kitchen.

48. Measuring CupsThese measuring bowls will bring out your inner chef! They are darling!

49. Silicone Baking MatsThese are the best tools for a baker. Once you use a silicone mat, you’ll never go back!

50. Cookie ScoopsThis cookie scoop makes the perfect-sized cookie. Not to mention, it will save you a ton of time!

Christmas gift ideas for a homemaker are found here. | The Dating Divas
Homemaker Christmas gifts

51. Soup BowlsIsn’t this just an adorable set!?

52. Cast Iron PanThis Cast Iron Pan is heavy-duty and cooks so well!

53. Jumbo PanThis pan will become the new go-to, hands down. Big enough to mix a big batch of homemade caramels or soup, and great for one-pot meals.

54. Watermelon SlicerSay goodbye to the hassle of cutting watermelon! Maybe this isn’t one of the best Christmas gifts if you live somewhere where winter is all snow, no melons, but summer will come eventually! 😉

Christmas Gifts for a Wife Who Loves Reading

We’ve got some cute and clever gift ideas for the women who love to curl up and read a book!

Give the gift of reading this Christmas. | The Dating Divas
Book-themed Christmas gift ideas

55. Vintage Book Kindle CaseDoes your bookworm love their eReader, but loves the feel of an actual book even more? Well, this Kindle cover at least gets them a bit closer!

56. Kindle Fire Forget turning pages and lugging books. The Kindle Fire is an INCREDIBLE tablet that you can load all your digital books onto, then cozy up in your favorite reading spot and enjoy! If you are looking for gift ideas for women who love to read, this is the top of the list.

57. Folding LED LightThis nightlight is simply amazing! Foldable and rechargeable, this light turns on when it opens and turns off when it closes! A must for any book lover.

58. Harry Potter CollectionThe Harry Potter series is a FAVORITE for all ages! Add a little magic to your day!

59. Book ClutchWhat a clever idea and a great statement piece to any outfit! Gifts for her have never been easier than when you stick to a theme she loves.

60. BookcaseIf you have a home library, then this shelf is the perfect way to SHOWCASE {and organize} all those treasures!

61. Trivial Pursuit Book Lover’s EditionThe must-have trivia game for all serious bookworms! Just imagine the fun to be had!

62. Be Right Back BookmarkWhat a fun idea for a bookmark! This would also be a fun stocking-stuffer or one of a few book-themed gifts for her.

Christmas gifts for book lovers. | The Dating Divas
Booklover Christmas gift ideas

63. Old Book Scented CandleThe bookworm in your life can’t get enough of that old book smell? This candle will be right up their alley! It is a great stocking stuffer.

64. Personal Library KitThere’s no greater pleasure than sharing beloved books, but no crueler pain than losing them for good, until the Knock Knock Personal Library Kit! Revive old-fashioned library circulation techniques for fun and book retention!

65. My Weekend is All-Booked Shirt – If your weekend plans consist of revisiting your favorite form of literature, you could say that your weekend is all booked! So enjoy a quiet, relaxing, introverted day with your inner bookworm! Getting matching shirts could also be a sweet and sentimental gift for her. 🙂

66. Pointing Finger BookmarkWell, how clever is this? You can adjust the finger to show exactly where you left off!

67. Jane Austen CollectionJane Austen is a favorite and a classic; as far as authors go, her stories are simply enchanting! The novels included in this beautiful leatherbound collection are Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, and Lady Susan.

68. Leather Book Phone CaseLet your bookworm show her love of reading to the world! This clever phone case will surely make her smile.

69. Invisible BookshelfAn ultra minimalistic shelf, perfect to showcase all of those old, beautiful books!

70. Book Bath Caddy Letting her relax in the tub with a good book might be one of the very best Christmas gifts for her. This caddy with help!

71. Amazon Gift CardThis is ALWAYS a good option! Let the lady in your life choose her own gifts for her!

Beauty & Fashion Gifts For Her

There are some great stocking stuffer ideas in this section! Plus, some must-have beauty items for every woman!

Christmas ideas around beauty and fashion. | The Dating Divas
Gift ideas for the fashion-lover

72. Stitch Fix Gift Card – With Stitch Fix, you take the hard work out of a wardrobe makeover! She will love this gift, and you will be the talk of the town for giving it to her!

73. Argan OilWith this Body, Hair & Face Treatment, everything is covered! It restores elasticity, softens wrinkles and fine lines, heals dry scalp, and restores nutrient content to skin cells treating an array of skin conditions. It’s a thoughtful gift for her that she might not get herself!

74. Dry ShampooBatiste Dry Shampoo is an instant hair refresher! A quick burst revitalizes hair, adds body and texture, and leaves it feeling clean and fresh too!

75. Tangle TeaserThis is a great brush that doesn’t pull your hair! YAY! We love this anything that makes getting ready easier.

76. Ring Light MirrorHere is one AMAZING mirror for getting ready! With LEDs to light up your face, your makeup is sure to look FLAWLESS in any lighting!

77. Gift Card to Sally Beauty SupplyThe possibilities are endless when you give a Sally Beauty gift card! Let her choose gifts for her, by her!

78. Birch Box SubscriptionGet her a monthly beauty box of five samples tailored to her skin, hair, and style! It’s unique, and she’ll love it for sure!

79. Nail BlockThis handy little block files, smooths, buffs, and polishes your nails to a natural, beautiful shine! A perfect stocking stuffer to fit any girl’s needs.

Beauty gifts for women. | The Dating Divas
Different beauty ideas for women

80. Morphe Brushes Warm Palette Looking for the BEST warm eyeshadows ever? We found them for you AND look at that price! She will LOVE them. They are hands-down the best!

81. Sephora Gift CardSometimes, you just have to let her pick it out!

82. Lorac Eyeshadow Palette Here it is: THE BEST eyeshadow palette in the Rose Gold Neutral palette! Can you say B-E-A-UTIFUL?!

83. Lorac Eyeshadow Palette And here’s THE BEST Neutral color eyeshadow palette for her!

84. Beauty BlenderUse to apply foundation and creams with perfection! Every girl needs this in her life.

85. The Balm HighlighterUniversal highlighter for cheeks and eyes makes for easy and GORGEOUS makeup!

86. Makeup BrushesEvery woman needs a great set of Makeup Brushes! With this 12 piece set, she will have everything she needs!

87. Satin LipsFor kissable lips: Buff away dry skin with Satin Lips Lip Mask, then moisturize with Satin Lips Lip Balm!!

Self-care ideas to give your favorite women. | The Dating Divas
Give the gift of self-care

88. Gift Card to Jane.comJane.com has the cutest stuff on sale every day. Any fashionista would love the fresh finds that come daily from Jane.com!

89. Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution BundlePamper yourself or your favorite woman! Dr. Teal’s therapeutic bath and body products contain essential oils to soothe the senses, relax tense muscles and promote well-being. Ahhhhh… time to relax!

90. HoMedics FB- 600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa with HeatGet her this massage and pedicure center to give her the pampering she deserves!

91. Dead Sea Mud MaskPampering yourself has never been so easy. No need to go to a spa, do your face mask at home! Of course, if this is a Christmas gift for her, you might need to spread the mask for her. 🙂

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Every woman wants a little more romance in her life!! Check out some of our diva-favorites below.

Romantic Christmas presents for your wife. | The Dating Divas
Romantic presents to give this Christmas

92. Silky Satin SheetsWe feel that every couple should enjoy the luxury of sleeping, or not sleeping {WINK}, in silky satin sheets! HINT: Combine this with the Sexy Subscription for a gift she can enjoy all year long!

93. Guess SpraySelecting perfume can be tricky! We want to help you out! Here is one that we really LOVE!!

94. Champagne FlutesSet the stage for romance with these elegant champagne flutes! These are the perfect touch for a candlelight dinner, a sweet celebration, or an evening in the bedroom! Christmas gifts for wives need a little thought and love. This accomplishes both.

95. ChapsticksWant chemistry in EVERY Kiss? You have got to try this buzzing lip balm by LipFreak! There are several flavors to choose from!

96. Alex and Ani Bangle BraceletRemind her of your love as she wears this gorgeous bangled charm bracelet!

97. Alex and Ani Love NecklaceThis necklace is an elegant way to dote upon the woman you adore! What girl doesn’t love Alex and Ani?

98. Massage Oil CandleThis candle warms oil to the absolute perfect temperature for a massage! Just try it; you will be obsessed! It’s the perfect romantic but luxurious gift for her.

99. Personalized Initials NecklaceThis gorgeous necklace is a PERFECT sentimental gift, personalized for your relationship! She will LOVE it!

Romantic presents to give this season. | The Dating Divas
Romantic gift ideas for your wife

100. Bath BombsLuxuriate in healing shea butter, natural oils, fresh fragrances, and flower power, leaving you and your tub peachy clean! Sounds AH-MAZING, doesn’t it?

101. Saranoni BlanketYou NEED this blanket in your life! You will never want to stop cuddling with this soft, luxurious piece of heaven!

102. The Game of LoveWe cannot recommend this game enough! It can be played repeatedly in so many different ways, and it costs as much as one date night out! One of the most fun investments you’ll ever make!

103. Massage KitA massage kit is a perfect way to say “I love you!” over and over again!

104. Mr. & Mrs. PillowsSet the scene for romance in your bedroom with these fabulous Mr. & Mrs. decorative pillows!

Are you looking for MORE fabulous Christmas ideas? Then make sure you check out our other gift guides! 

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