Christmas Treats Ding-Dong Ditch

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I love Christmas time! It is seriously so much fun. I think that the best part is making the people that I love happy. I love to see their happy faces. Treats definitely go along with this holiday and I enjoy baking all sorts of treats. I honestly think I bake all month long for different reasons but it is fun to have help from the little ones. This year I wanted to get my husband involved with the baking, so it could be more intimate. We used to bake a lot more when the kids were too little to help. So this year the treats were quick and easy which is sometimes better.


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We cooked in the kitchen together while listening to Christmas music and helping each other out. It was fun to have a companion in the kitchen that I didn’t have to watch. 😉 We made our treats, put them on plates and then used a sweet note to attach to our plate.

Micah Folsom Photograph
Micah Folsom Photography

Ding Dong Ditching used to be an activity that my husband did. Of course it wasn’t always for positive reasons so this time he was sort of apprehensive. But after a few houses, we were good to go and the more fun it was to try and not be spotted. It was funny to watch how he reacted to not being seen and wanting to take long walks around the backs of houses as we hid. It was fun and definitely turned into a special night that we will both remember. Plus, we made our friends, neighbors, and family happy.

Micah Folsom Photography

To see other treat ideas from previous divas, click here.  If you would like to buy treats rather than make them check out They have great treats and they could be mailed right to you. That could also make for some great fun. Or you could just add to the fabulous treats that you have already made.

Lisa P.


I love my family and enjoy all of the little things. My husband is my best friend and we enjoy doing many things together. We love trips, playing games, watching movies, and hanging out with the kids. I enjoy crafting, taking pictures, and being outdoors.

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  1. I remember doing this ALL the time growing up! We could never do it for Christmas, though. Our neighborhood was SUPER close….and we would have to ring the doorbell and wait for them to come to the door, because they usually had something for OUR family as well! So many yummy treats & fun family presents. We seriously had the BEST neighborhood ever! 🙂

  2. If you aren’t a great cook there are lots of cute “neighbor” gifts on the web like:
    1. Tie a box of Hostesss “Ho Hos” and “Ding Dongs” together with a red ribbon and add a tag that says, “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas from the Ding Dongs next door.”
    2. Give a roll of wrapping paper with a tag that says, “We hope your Christmas is wrapped with joy!”
    3. A Jar of hot sauce with a tag that says, “Merry Christmas! from your “nacho” ordinary neighbors”
    4. A box of fudge brownies witha tag that says “Fudge a little bit on the calories this Christmas”
    5. A box of microwave popcorn or even just one bag with a tag that says, “May your holidays be poppin”.

    There are LOTS of cute ideas on the web for neighbor Christmas gifts.

    You could start your date at the store with a set amount of money…try $20 and see how many neighbors you can get a “Ding Dong Ditch Gift” for that amount. Then you can run it all home put it together and go ding dong ditching together. It would even make a fun family date night.