Corn Maze Date

Corn Maze Date Night

Autumn is HERE!!!! Ah, colorful leaves, crisp air, pumpkins, apples, cuddling -what’s not to love? This time of year makes me want to grab my sweetheart and bank some serious cuddle time! Sounds like we need a date night! We’ve put together a fun and yummy fall date idea that celebrates all the BEST autumn has to offer!  It’s about time to find yourself a corn maze!

Corn Maze Date Night

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Get Lost With Me
My husband and I went to a corn maze when we were first dating and it’s something we look forward to every year. He likes the night time haunted corn maze while I prefer the day time “nice fall walk” corn maze. Either way, we have a great time, laughing, running, and drinking hot cider. SOO yummy!!  
Our girl Kayley over at Ollie & Lulu Designs created these adorable printables to get this fall date night rolling! {She is just the cutest, most talented lady!  Check out her stuff!} We’ve created a cute printable invitation, mason jar labels, darling straw flags, and a flirty bedroom love note to wrap up the evening! Sounds like the mak’n’s for a perfect date to me!

Corn Maze Date Idea

Dinner in a Jar

Plan out your meal for the evening and pack a little picnic with these CUTE mason jar lid tags! Cut them out or save your hand and just use an extra large hole punch then glue to the lid of a regular sized Mason jar. Fill them with your fall food favorites, pack up your dinner, and head out for the corn maze!

Corn Maze Date Mason Jar Labels

The pie-in-a-jar looked a lot better than the soup that I made.  So, that’s the picture I took. 🙂 The husband loved it!

Corn Maze Date in a jar

Corn Maze Bedroom Invite

Once you’ve made it through the corn maze safely and the time is right, slip your sweetheart our flirty little card. A good fall date night needs a little cuddling. {And maybe a little bit more! Blush!}

Corn Maze Date Love Note

More Activities

If you’ve got a little extra time after the corn maze you may want to:

  • Rent a Movie: Rent a movie like, The Maze Runner and watch it at home with a bowl of popcorn.  Yummy!
  • Create Your Own Maze: Make your own maze and challenge each other to a competition. This maze generator is free and pretty easy to work with.

Find yourself a corn maze and get lost with your sweetheart! Happy Fall!!

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16 Responses to Corn Maze Date

  1. I’m going to make Apple Crumble for either the “pie in a jar” or the “dessert in a jar”. Chili for dinner. Warm cider – yum. What are you thinking on the “Fall in a jar” though?

    I’m thinking of crocheting some quick jar cozies for this date. In some nice autumn colors.

    1. Oh that sounds so darling! I can’t crochet to save my life. I was thinking some fall scented potpourri with cinnamon sticks, cranberries, orange and apple slices. But those cozies sound way better! 🙂