Check Out Our Best Couple Halloween Costumes!

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Best Couple Halloween Costumes

We’ve done it! We’ve officially done it! The BEST Couple Halloween Costumes that are creative, funny, and EASY to make or get your hands on are HERE! Wouldn’t you know it that Halloween is one of the BEST times of year for your marriage because, HELLO?! Couples Costumes!! Because of that, we scoured the web for ALL the best ideas for you and your sweetie AND with plenty of time before Halloween to prep and plan! We want you to not only enjoy your Halloween, but crush any costume contests you might attend and this list is SURE to have the perfect couples costume idea for you to pull off! With that being said, you can stop searching for the best couples costume ideas because we’ve put them all in this post FOR you!!!

Best Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

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Trust us. We’ve been there! Scrambling the night before a Halloween party (or heck! An hour before!) with nothing to wear but a witch hat and a cute black dress (nothing wrong with that though!) But on the flip side, having a Halloween costume you planned out beforehand that is perfect down to every detail is just SO fun! That AND the whole experience hits a whole other level when you can dress in costume WITH your sweetheart! So what we’re saying is, couples Halloween costumes are one of the fun parts about your marriage that you can look forward to year after year. Because you’ve come here to find the BEST ideas, let’s get into it! Here’s what we’ve rounded up for ya:

While we fully believe that ANY creative costume will be a hit come Halloween, there are some ideas that just knock it out of the park! Luckily, we are starting off with a generic list of couples Halloween costume ideas that can be pulled off by anyone! Now, we understand that you might be working with only items in your own closet, a limited budget, or simply not a lot of resources. Therefore, this list of Generic Costume Ideas for Couples (that are easy to make and pull together) will kick us off perfectly!

Generic Costume Ideas for Couples

Before you check out the full list, we just have to say that some of these ideas might induce some serious LAUGHTER or APPLAUSE. Just warning ya! 😉 These costume ideas are brilliant AND funny, so you’re basically winning across all fronts. That being said, consider writing down a list of some of your favorites below so you can chat with your sweetie about what to be. Regardless of what costume you choose, it’s sure to be a hit!

Couple at Costume Party

  • Flapper & Zoot Suit – You know it would be fun to take a time machine back to the 1920’s! This couples costume is fun and fancy! 
  • Cowboy and Indian by Robinson Jr’s – Have a cowboy hat laying around? Bam! This is a great idea for if you don’t have much to work with! They did such a great job too!
  • Pirates by In The Little Red House – Um, I’ve never seen a more attractive group of pirates! You and your sweetie could easily pull a couples costume idea from this! 
  • Pirates & Pirates – OR if you’d prefer and make it easy on yourselves, grab these darling Pirate costumes! I love the details on these that make them super authentic!
  • Super Heroes by In The Little Red House – Is your jaw on the floor like mine? This group of Super Heroes totally blows me away! I love the little details but also know this costume idea could be achieved with little effort.
  • Gnomes & Gnomes – They are little, they are cute, and they stick out. Just what you want in a couples costume, right? 😉
  • Silent Film Stars by Shrimp Salad Circus – This idea is so cute and creative! That being said, it’s so unique that you can almost guarantee you’d be the only ones in this costume at your Halloween party!
  • He-man & She-ra – Firstly, I’m not blushing, you’re blushing! Secondly, these are just so HOT! Strut your stuff in these!
  • Top Gun & Top Gun – Oh Tom Cruise, you had us at hello! These costumes bring back the memories of the movie AND make us want to jump in a fighter jet! 
  • Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters – Everyone loves a good Halloween movie turned costume, right? However, good luck getting the theme song out of your head!
  • Star Trek & Star Trek – Live long and prosper in these cute couple costumes!
  • Great Gatsby by Classy Girls Wear Pearls – You better believe this couples costume idea will make you feel ready to party! Most importantly are the little details. They make it all pop!
  • Mermaid and Pirate by Buy Me Love – All your little girl dreams can come true when you wear this mermaid costume…And for your sweetie? Don’t forget the hook!

Character Costumes that are Perfect for Couples

Now, onto some bigger named costume ideas! In today’s age, almost everyone knows the big name characters that float across the cinema screens AND our screens at home. So when you see this list of character Halloween costumes that are perfect for couples, you’re going to die in excitement! Dress up like your favorite celebrity couple or characters from your favorite TV show or movie and your Halloween has been made! Basically, we love any excuse to dress our husband’s up as a crime fighting, princess saving, or tall, dark, and handsome hero. Don’t you? You’re welcome in advance for this perfect list of Character Costumes for Couples!

Couple Dressed up for Halloween

  • Cruella De-vile and Horace by Your Home Based Mom – How cute is this couple?! They nailed it with the wig, dalmation spotted coat, and the net!
  • Peter and Wendy by Sweet Lady Sass – This classic character couple is sweet and fun! Hope your “Peter” is okay with tights! 🙂
  • Posh and David Beckham by Cul-de-sac-Cool – They are famous for a reasons because well…they’re just gorgeous! Why not pretend to be them for a night!
  • Mario and Luigi by Every Saturday Is A Waffle Day  – One of our favorite duos! Decide who wants RED and who wants GREEN, but don’t forget the mustaches!
  • Batman and Catwoman by Bat-Blog – A PERFECT couples costume if you’re feeling bold and fierce! That is to say “cat-like” fierce! Rawr!
  • Jack Skellington and Sally by Craftster Share – How amazing is this Jack head?! We love it! And this creative costume could pretty easily be put together!
  • Frankenstein and Bridezilla by Brittany Wood – This idea would definitely win you points for holiday-relativity! And more importantly, you get a reason to buy or use a white wedding dress 🙂
  • Where’s Waldo and Wenda by Meaningful Mama– By the way, you won’t be missed throughout the night in these costumes! #Stripes
  • Nacho Libre and Encarnacion by Robinson Jr’s – Firstly, you’ll get TONS of laughs with this funny couples costume! Secondly, you get an extra excuse to watch this funny movie!
  • Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf by Loralees Looney Tunes – A simple fairytale will come to life with this cute couples costume! That being said, try not to scare any children with the wolf mask!
  • Alice and Mad Hatter by Keiko Lynn – Most importantly, you need to get your hands on a giant clock for this couples costume!
  • Sandy and Danny by The Shank Family – Um yep, pretty sure no girl can say no to wearing this sexy outfit! One of the best couples costumes out there!
  • Princess Buttercup and Wesley by Faught Fam – “As you wishhhhhhh” should be the response your sweetheart says when you ask him to dress up as this character set for Halloween!
  • Clark Kent and Lois Lane by Mike Hulsebus Photography – A perfect couples costume to pull together if you have a Superman shirt in your closet!
  • Harry and Ginny by Progressive Ruin – The cutest couple from the entire series, right? Bonus points if you already have red hair!
  • Mary Poppins and Bert by Your Home Based Mom – Just a spoonful of sugar (plus a few other things) to pull this costume idea off!
  • Popeye and Olive Oyl by The Patriotic Peacock or Popeye and Olive Oyl – This cute couples costume will score big points for you on Halloween because #Muscles! On the other hand, how cute is that Olive Oyl costume?!
  • Bonnie and Clyde by Real Style Network – A dynamic duo worth dressing up as? Absolutely!
  • Homer and Marge Simpson by Cul-de-sac-Cool – This couple totally committed with Marge’s tall, blue wig! In addition to that, the yellow skin paint took it to the next level! Amazing!
  • Belle & The Beast – Every girl deserves to wear a gorgeous yellow ball gown at least once in their life! Additionally, that Beast head mask is super impressive!
  • Buddy & Jovi – A favorite Christmas-y couple that you know will get some laughs! Or in other words, “The best way to spread *Halloween* cheer is singing loud for all to hear!”
  • Buzz & Jessie – To infinity, and beyond! These two together have quite the love story!
  • Uncle Sam & Lady Liberty – If you’re feeling patriotic (and even if you’re not), this combo-costume would be so fun to dress up as!
  • Princess Leia & Han Solo – So the hair on Princess Leia alone makes this creative couples costume idea worth it! But in addition, Han Solo looks quite dashing! This would be a fun one! 
  • Jim Dangle + Arrest from Reno 911 by Robinson Jr’s – If you’re a Reno 911 fan, how could you not try this costume out? It would be a total hit!

Costume Ideas That Come in a Pair

We know what you’re thinking. There’s about a million things that come in pairs…But we love the idea of the best ones that you can make a couples costume idea out of! This list of pair costume ideas has been one of our favorites to find because there’s just so many options! Also, since when can household items turn into iconic movie props? Since now! This list will surely hold your next couples costume idea!

Couple celebrating Halloween


  • Soap and Loofah by Meredith – Rub a dub, dub! We love this idea and have heard it’s not too scratchy…So you should go for it!
  • Crayons & Crayons – A creative couples costume that you can re-use year after year if you want!
  • Queen Cards & King Cards – You’ve played your cards right if you choose this pair-costume idea! 
  • A Christmas Story Leg Lamp & Fragile Box – We can’t get over how funny this leg lamp costume is! If you’re going for “funny couples Halloween costume”, this is a definite YES!
  • Paper Dolls – How cute are these? We’ve never seen anything like them but think they’re so cute and perfect!
  • Tooth & Tooth Fairy – Since the Tooth Fairy is basically like a princess, this is a total win!
  • Usb Port and Stick – This just screams TECHY but we love it! And it’s easy to quickly grab and go!
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste – Don’t forget to brush AND floss! This is a funny couples costume worthy of a 1st place prize!
  • Fork and Spoon – Better than a fork and knife, right? You could have a lot of fun with these!
  • Bob Ross with Canvas – We saw this and nearly died laughing. It’s perfect for any creative couple OR someone with big, curly hair!

Food-Themed Ideas for Halloween

Of course we can’t leave out some of the BEST costume ideas for couples that involve FOOD! We about died laughing over some of these that would just be hilarious to walk into a room wearing. But guess what? Halloween is definitely about having a good time! So if you walk into a party dressed as bacon and eggs, we think you’re doing it just right! Check out these hilarious food costume ideas!

Couple eating food

  • Salt and Pepper by The Curtis Family – Just a little shake of both and you’re good to go! 😉
  • Almond Joy and Mounds by The Girl In The Red Shoes – So many good jokes to go with this couples costume idea AND they look easy to make!
  • Milk & Cookies – Probably THE best food combination there is in history, right?
  • Mrs. Butterworth and A Waffle by Coolest Homemade Costumes – A tasty and creative couples costume that may leave your friends a little hungry! Likewise, it’s cute!
  • Bacon & Eggs – Yum!! If you have friends dressing up as well, they should be Mrs. Butterworth and a waffle to make it a breakfast costume party!
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly – Tied for first with best food combination ever…But just a tad cuter because they’re stuck together 😉
  • Cheese and Cracker – I’ll take all the cheese please! Nobody says no to this funny couples costume!
  • Ketchup & Mustard – The condiment-couple that started it all!
  • French fries & Hamburger – We hope the Halloween party you go to in this couples costume serves milkshakes too!
  • Carrot & Peas – I know what you’re thinking…Vegetables? But they are the cutest vegetable pair and would be perfect as a couples Halloween costume!
  • Oreo – Oh man! It’s quite impossible to not eat a whole sleeve of Oreos…Right? Which is why this costume idea is absolutely addicting!

Family & Couple Halloween Costumes

However, if you’re anything like most of us, you’re also likely to be Halloween’ing with your entire family. So if a family Halloween costume is what you’re searching for, we’ve got those too! The best part about these is that you can step away from your littles and still have a great couples costume with your sweetie!

Family dressed in costume

  • Candy Land by Meaningful Mama – How cute is that little gingerbread man baby?? Oh we are swooning! This is fun for everyone in the family!
  • Muppets by Meaningful Mama – This family totally outdid themselves with the details for each member of the family! Love this!
  • Star Wars by Under the Sycamore – Quite possibly the cutest Star Wars family we’ve ever seen! That baby Yoda! And R2D2! And Luke Skywalker! We’re obsessed.
  • Incredibles – Probably one of the more popular super hero families! This would make one excellent couples Halloween costume AND family costume!
  • The Addams Family – Although you need to prepare to sing the theme song a few times, this family costume idea is a 100% a win!
  • The Flintstones – Also another family costume idea that is unique, so fun, and when you commit, will be the talk of the party!
  • Wizard of Oz – There’s no place like home in these adorable costumes! However, you’re going to want to wear them to the costume contest because you most definitely will win!
  • Toy Story – So many characters from this movie to choose from! All of them are perfect!
  • Avengers – Talk about some super SUPER heros! These costumes will feel magical for your whole family!
  • Power Rangers – Pick a color, any color 😉 But seriously, what a fun family costume idea you could use more than once!
  • Caveman by  The Little Red House – We just adore this group of Cavemen who totally went for it with their creative costumes! What do you think? Could your family could pull this off?

So…Did you find it? Among this giant list, did you find your couples Halloween costume for the year? (And next year, and the year after?) We sure hope so!

Last but not least, if you’re considering hosting a Halloween party instead of attending one, you cannot forget to print these adorable Halloween Costume Party printables! (It even comes with a digital invite AND voting ballot for all the guests!) While you’re at it, print off these Halloween Photo Booth Props to add that extra touch to your party. Everyone will LOVE them!

Have the happiest Halloween with your sweetie ever!


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