Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas

I LOVE Halloween. The candy, the decorations, the parties, and the COSTUMES! I have always loved dressing up and it became even better when I got married and could pair up with my spouse! He doesn’t always love my ideas, but he’s pretty good to go with the flow. Most of the time.

While I was brainstorming this years costume, I thought it would be fun to see what the other Diva’s have dressed up as before. They were good sports and consented to letting me share with all of YOU! So we’ve put together a post showing some Couple’s Halloween costumes to give you some ideas. And we’re hoping at the end of this post YOU’LL share yours!

My FAVORITE costume was the year I was Cruella de Vil and my husband was the Dog Catcher. I pleaded with him to be a dalmatian, but he refused. Now that we have a son, maybe we could reuse this one and let my little guy be the dog!

Here is Kristen and her husband Jason as a Devil and Angel.
Another year Kristen and Jason went as a Greek God and Goddess – they can definitely pull it off, right?
Lisa P. and her family based their costumes off of Peter Pan/Tinkerbell. Lisa was Rosetta, her daughter as Tinkerbell, her son was a Lost Boy, and her hubby Brent was a pirate. So cute and I love that the whole family is involved.
Tara and Jamie dressed in army fatigues. GI Joe and GI Jane never looked so good!
Here is Bridget and Justin in classic Halloween attire as a witch and zombie.
This one makes me laugh! Cami and her hubby Joseph were a pregnant Nun and Priest! Joseph put make up on his face so he looked ‘beat up’ by his congregation for getting Cami pregnant. Hilarious!
Here is Kiirsten and Brian all dolled up for a night out!
Kiirsten also had this cute picture of her and a friend as Tigger and Pooh! I can’t believe she couldn’t convince her husband to dress in the Pooh costume?! Ha, ha. Would your husband wear it?
Lastly, we have Corie’s family who dressed in the scariest costumes of all – Utah Fans! Scary, right? She is a die hard BYU fan, so it was a frightening night for her.
So what about YOU?! Have any of you ever dressed up with your spouse (or family) for Halloween? Do you have a picture you are willing to show us? We know we’ve only hit a FEW of the amazing ideas out there. We Divas want to see your costumes – this year or in year’s past!
Link up a picture below by MONDAY, OCTOBER 18 – Midnight (MST). We Divas will then pick our top 5 favorites for the readers to vote on. If your costume gets the most votes you’ll win an AMAZING prize!
What is the prize you ask? Oh my, the best thing EVER!

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Which ones you ask? Oh just these super cute Jack-O-Lantern Warmer! (Perfect for the Halloween season!)

And the Pumpkin Roll Scent! Not only will your house LOOK cute with the warmer, but it will smell great for Fall! What could be better!

So go ahead and link up a your Halloween costumes! Creative, simple, unique, funny, we want to see them all. And then don’t forget to check back to see if yours was picked in our top 5 favorites!

**If you are having problems uploading your photo – go ahead and email it to us at and we will enter it for you.

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I married the love of my life and enjoy being with him and our son. We love to try new things - traveling, food, games, and everything in between.

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11 Responses to Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas

  1. Last year we were Shrek and Fiona, it turned out great! Though by the time I got home from work a lot of his makeup had worn off and he was looking more like a green Luke sky-walker hahaha. Unfortuantly no good pictures were taken… 🙁

    This year we are characters from my favorite movie (Repo! The Genetic Opera). I am Blind Mag and he is Rotti Largo. Looks AWESOME

  2. I don't use the other blog but I was able to upload a better picture. You can reach me at any email address. My blog that I use is Thanks Good luck everyone.

  3. I'd love to enter my awesome costume from last year, but my blog is private and it won't let me upload the picture, it keeps on saying invaid file type. O'well.

  4. Hi,

    this is Aris, from InLinkz.

    There is a small walkthrough on loading images from locked blogs/accounts on .

    Just remember though, that if InLinkz can't see the blog because it is locked, then your readers won't be able to see the blog too. (unless of course they have a username/password).


  5. Wow I love so many of the pictures and ideas everyone has posted! Thanks for sharing! My boyfriend and I were a Gold Digger & Flavor Flav which I just submitted and last year we were Pinocchio & Pippi Longstocking! Getting more ideas here though! Thanks again! 🙂

  6. I don’t know if I am the only one who was a bit disappointed and surprised to see the “pregnant nun and priest” costume. It seemed pretty offensive and disrespectful. I try to be respectful of other religions and practices and hope others would do the same for me. Something to think about before posting.