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Cupcake Wars Printables and Ideas

If you are a fan of the Food Network, I’m sure you’ve caught a few episodes of Cupcake Wars! It’s one of our favorite reality food competitions. Basically, 4 bakers compete in 3 rounds of themed cupcake baking and decorating. It is such a blast to see all the amazing flavor combos and decorations the bakers come up with. We thought this would make for the perfect date night idea to recreate with your own spouse and maybe even invite a few friends. Now, who wants to host their own Cupcake Wars Date? We’re giving you all the ideas and printables you need to pull it off…

Cupcake Wars printables! I can't wait to host a fun, themed Cupcake Wars party! #CupcakeWars #GroupDateIdea #TheDatingDivas

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To get started, you’ll want to choose who your competition will be! Just want to keep it intimate between you and your spouse? That’s cool! This is your chance to finally see which one of you is the better baker. But this is also the perfect double date or even a group date. Invite some friends to compete against and bake as a couple, instead.

Cupcake Wars Printables

We’ve included the cutest cupcake-themed invite! Thanks so much to Messes to Memories for creating these super fun Cupcake Wars printables.

Cupcake Wars Invite

After pulling the wrapper off you’ll reveal the details for this fun date night idea! Isn’t that clever?

My husband and I have hosted a Cupcake Wars Date a couple of times and our experience has always been better when we bake the cupcakes before date night and then all the couples bring their cupcakes! Then the date allows for a lot more cupcake tasting and enjoying your friends’ company!

Cupcake Wars Invitation

Our invite does mention that couples should bring a dozen cupcakes. But you can always have everyone come ready to bake at one person’s house. Just be prepared for a floury mess! Also how cute would it be for all the cupcakes to be displayed on this cupcake stand?!

Cupcake Wars Digital Invite

We’ve included a digital Cupcake Wars invitation that you can text if that’s easier for you. If you do this, don’t forget to text the theme details. You can also choose your own theme and activity and text those details with the invite!

Cupcake Wars Theme Ideas

If you want to add a theme to your date night, we’ve created 3 themes all ready for you to choose from! Each theme has specific ingredients that couples should choose from to bake a batch of unique, delicious and beautifully decorated cupcakes. 

Cupcake Wars Activities

Just like in the reality Cupcake Wars competition, there are some classic cupcake flavors… as well as some more challenging ingredients. Bonus points are always awarded for those who pull off a risky flavor combo!

  • The Perfect Pair – Focus on romantic flavors or flavors that pair well together!
  • Adventure – Want to try a few more adventurous flavors… these are all ingredients you might taste while on your own little adventure.
  • Rock N’ Roll – These ingredients are taken straight from a Rock N’ Roll themed episode of The Cupcake Wars! They are legit!

Each theme also has a suggested activity idea to do for your Cupcake Wars Date that fits the theme!

Cupcake Wars Scorecards

After friends arrive and present their cupcakes, you’ll want to admire and taste each cupcake. Distribute scorecards before tasting so that people know how they should be judging the cupcakes.

Cupcake Wars Tasting

We suggest that each cupcake is judged by each couple, so you’ll need quite a few cards and you’ll need to discuss with your partner to come to an agreement as you score each cupcake! Tally up the scores for each cupcake to decide on a winner. We think it would be so fun to have a cash prize {have everyone contribute a small amount to the pot} for the winner… up the ante a bit! But that’s totally up to you!

Cupcake Wars Judging Cards

And there you have it: a pretty epic Cupcake Wars date night that you’ll definitely want to host it again, soon! And what to do with all the leftovers? Send everyone home with a few in these cupcake boxes!

But just because your company has gone, doesn’t mean the party has to end… we’ve put together a super sweet after party for two that will take cupcakes from sweet to sexy in no time.

Diva Disclaimer

Cupcake Wars After Party

Decorate your bedroom door with our adorable Cupcake Wars After Party sign and decor… add some streamers and balloons for a fun party feel or rose petals and candles for a sexy feel. Once your spouse spots the bedroom door they’ll be excited to continue partying with you!

Cupcake Wars After Party Activities

We’ve included 12 sexy Cupcake Wars cards with cupcake-themed questions, challenges or activities on them. We’ve kept them tasteful, however only include the sexy cards that you know you and your spouse will be comfortable doing!

Cupcake Wars Sexy After Party Ideas

We guarantee you’ve never experienced cupcakes like this before!

Don’t forget to download the Cupcake Wars Date Night printables below and get ready to host an unforgettably sweet party!

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