30 Day Love Challenge Printable Pack

 Divas 30 Day Love Challenge


Have you heard about the Divas 30 Day Love Challenge? Aren’t you excited?! We can’t wait to help you to take your marriage to a whole new level in just 30 days! We’ve gather 30 quick and easy ideas, from love notes, to acts of service to small gifts. Complete one each day to make your sweetie feel loved and appreciated!

We will be posting each daily challenge for FREE here on the blog, starting January 16th. BUT if you want to get a head start, this post is for you!

We know that completing each idea in just one month is not possible for some, SO we have a solution!

Divas 30 Day Love Challenge Printable Ideas

It’s the little things that really add up to make a great marriage. Inside this pack you’ll find 30 quick and easy romance ideas to help you work towards an even happier, hotter relationship! Of course, we’ve made the whole thing A-DORABLE, with the help of 15 amazing designers. Here’s a little peek into each daily challenge and the brains behind it all!

We have modeled this 30 Day Love Challenge around the 5 Love Languages, so you’ll find printables and ideas for showing love with Words of Affirmation, Kind Deeds, Giving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. Every area of your relationship is COVERED!

This super-convenient printable pack includes:

  • Explanation of the 30 Day Love Challenge
  • Materials List for the Entire Month
  • Daily Instructions and Photos
  • Printables for each Quick & Easy Love Idea

Explanation of the 30 Day Love Challenge

At the beginning you’ll find an overview of the challenge, and tips on how to make it work for you! You’ll also be able to see a visual list of each day’s activities.


Materials List for the Entire Month

To minimize stress and preparations throughout your challenge, you can gather ALL your supplies upfront! The materials list contains every printable, small gift or supplies you’ll need to make the challenge happen!

Dating Divas 30 Day Love Challenge

Daily Instructions and Photos

Each day we have in-depth instructions and a photo to help you set up your daily challenge!


Printables for each Quick & Easy Love Idea

This pack contains pages and pages of cute printables to put into action for your spouse! We’ve gathered all sorts of fast, darling ideas to help you keep that spark in your relationship!


Grab the convenient, all-in-one

30 Days of Love Challenge Printable Pack

for only $2.97!

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We will be posting each daily challenge as a FREE option here on the blog, starting January 16th. This amazing pack is a convenient, all-in-one place to find the printables, and instructions for the whole challenge if you want everything together. It’s also a great option if you can’t follow along on the blog or want to complete the challenge on your own schedule!

Post your pictures of each day on Instagram (@datingdivas) using our hashtag- #Divas30DayLoveChallenge

for a chance to be one of our 30 Grand Prize Winners!

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11 Responses to 30 Day Love Challenge Printable Pack

  1. Hi! I am looking forward to doing the 30Day Love Challenge with my husband! I am just going to each challenge by the day but I am having trouble finding Day1 on the website. thanks for your help!

    1. Welcome!! So, if you are on our homepage, click on “Recent posts” and you will see the challenges in the feed. We will be airing these at 5AM MST each day on the site. They will also be on Instagram at 10AM MST. Good luck! XO

    1. Hi Lina! The store pack is HUMONGOUS because it contains 30 different printable PACKS. So it is 120 pages total, BUT you can just print them off one by one the night before to prep for the next day to make it more manageable? I actually printed off the whole thing at once at Office Max then spent a morning cutting and prepping everything and it was actually really fun seeing it all come together! It made me SUPER excited to get started!!