Divergent Date Night

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Divergent Date Night Party! 

Who else is a HUGE fan? The Divergent book series has hit the nation as one of the most popular book series ever! The recent movies have brought even more popularity and true fans! Whether you are a super fan or just enjoyed the books – we have a date night that you are going to love!

Divergent Date Night

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My husband and I read these books when they first came out and enjoyed seeing the story hit the big screen! With the newest movie, Insurgent coming to DVD we thought it would be the perfect time to make a date night out of it! 


Start by inviting your spouse with this Divergent-themed invitation! All of the amazing printables included in this date night were created by the fabulous Crystal Nale from A Well-Feathered Nest! She totally captured the look of each faction! 
Divergent Date Night Faction Quiz
Have you and your spouse each take our official faction quiz to discover which of the 5 factions they most belong to OR if they are *gasp!* Divergent! 
You could also take the movie’s official faction quiz HERE and compare! 
Divergent Date Night Truth Or Dare Game
Now for a little game of Truth or Dare – Divergent style! We call it Candor or Dauntless. Just like the game of truth or dare, players choose a category and then must answer the question or complete the task – no excuses! 
Divergent Date Night Candor Questions
Since the faction of Candor is all about honesty, anyone choosing a paper from the Candor pile will be asked to answer a truth question – no lying! 
Divergent Date Night Dauntless Dares
And since the Dauntless faction is all about bravery, anyone brave enough to choose a paper from this pile must complete a dare! 
Divergent Date Night Game
Not only is this game super fun, but all the questions and tasks are Divergent-themed! Perfect for this date night! 
Divergent Date Night DVD
Finally – you have got to watch the movie! {Snatch it up here!} End your evening by watching Divergent or Insurgent or both! And while you watch you can enjoy some delicious food . . . 
What would a great Divergent date night be without faction-themed food? Our Designer Crystal has created some fun food tents for you to label the various food items you have at your Divergent Date Night! You can really get creative with the types of food you provide at the party! 
Divergent Date Night Candor Treats
Since the Candor Faction’s perspective puts everything in black and white – Candor cookies should definitely be Oreos!
Divergent Date Night Dauntless Treats
For the Brave Dauntless you could have some fire-hot Doritos! 
Divergent Date Night Amity Treats
The Amity faction cultivates the earth and would likely make some amazing apple juice! You could also do apple cider, apple pie – there are seriously so many possibilities! Just make sure there is enough to share because the Amity Faction would have it that way. 
Divergent Date Night Dauntless Cake
And finally – you can top off any treat with some fun treat toppers! Just add a toothpick and you’ve converted this chocolate cake into Dare Devil Dauntless Chocolate Cake! 
Divergent Date Night Treat Toppers
So fun, right? You can get all these fun printables for free right here! Just make sure to let Crystal at A Well-Feathered Nest know how much you love these and check out her site for more fun freebies! 

Free Download

Divergent Date Night Printables

Printables Designed By Crystal @ A Well-Feathered Nest Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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