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Romantic Emoji Texts & Love Notes

In recent years, we have found a whole new way to express our love… by using a romantic emoji! Aren’t emojis so fun?! I always get excited when I discover a new one, and sometimes it’s so much easier to use them than to express yourself with words! Those little icons can totally help you get the point across. So, we created a few clever, sweet, sincere and even sexy emoji messages in the form of love notes and texts for you to enjoy! Additionally, we converted some of our favorite emoji sayings into sweet love notes and text messages that you can send to your spouse. So, get ready to enjoy these fun (and trendy) ways to express your love!

These romantic emoji love notes and text messages are so clever! My sweetheart will love these! Free printable download from The Dating Divas. #emojilovenote #romanticemoji #emojitext

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Silly, Fun & Romantic Emoji Texts and Love Notes

We just cannot give enough heart-eyes emoji love to Courtney from Paperelli Designs for helping us create these fun little love letter emoji notes! She is a fantastic designer and we are swooning over each one of these love notes that she created! From silly, to sexy, we have love notes that cover ALL of the emotions! Plus, we have a variety of ways to express yourself! You will find that our romantic emoji texts and love notes download includes the following:

  • 2 jpg images to download and send to your love via email or text message
  • 2 large extra-large love notes
  • 12 small cards with clever emoji sayings
  • 2 check-the-box love notes for personalizing your message

How fun are all of these options?!

Our Favorite Romantic Emoji Sayings

If you just want to send your sweetie a quick and simple reminder that you love them, then these love letter emojis are sure to make them smile! I love the first romantic emoji that describes “My Life in Emojis”! I think that’s exactly how I felt the first time I saw my husband. In truth, my life forever changed and there just aren’t any words that express it more clearly. So, emojis can tell the story for me!

Fun and Romantic Emoji Love Notes

Personalized Love Letter Emoji

Additionally, we’ve included a couple of card-sized romantic emoji loves notes so that you can add your own message. Just grab a paper cutter to cut them all out and then you can leave them for your love like a postcard! And, don’t forget to add a sweet, personal message to the back. For a more personal touch, we even have a few where you can check all the boxes that apply!

Clever and Sweet Love Notes

Silly, Flirty & Sexy Emoji Messages

We have all sorts of fun ways to say “I love you” in emoji text language! Some of the love notes are silly, but most are flirty and so darn cute! To start, simply find the emoji-style love letter that sends the message your spouse will most enjoy. Then, leave it for them to find!  We seriously can’t get enough of these!

Cute Emoji Love Notes

Also, some of the more romantic emoji love notes are even just a tiny bit suggestive! For example, wouldn’t it be fun to slip the “I Want to Shower You With Kisses” note to your spouse right before bed? Who knows what sexy emoji messages like that might lead to! {Wink}.

Love Emoji Texts

My favorite thing about this romantic emoji love note download is the love emoji texts! We have two unique jpg images that you can download and then email or text to your spouse! With just a click of a button, your spouse will receive one of these flirty love emoji texts right to their phone! We can’t guarantee their response, but it’s sure to be good! 😉

You Give Me All The Feels Text Message

Each of these love emoji text messages has a sweet image in order to help you share some of the emotions you get from your spouse. What a fun and unique way to say “I love you” via an emoji text! Not to mention, it’s so easy!

Love Emoji Cards and Texts

Send the Right Message

There are so many flirty, unique, and even sexy emoji messages in these love notes. You are sure to find at least one emoji saying that your spouse will get a kick out of or be touched by. We’ve even given you enough options that you might want to surprise them with one emoji message each day for a couple of weeks! With these all these options, it doesn’t get much easier than this to be flirty and intentional with your sweetheart!

Romantic Emoji Cards

And finally, when you’ve thoroughly said “I love you” in emoji text, try some other unique ways to express your love! You won’t be able to stop yourself from giggling at these Punny Love Notes and our Tricky Love Cards. Unquestionably, they will have you and your spouse smiling!


Free Download

Emoji Love Notes

Printables Designed By Courtney @ Paperelli Designs Exclusively For The Dating Divas
Free Download

Emoji Text #1

Printables Designed By Courtney @ Paperelli Designs Exclusively For The Dating Divas
Free Download

Emoji Text #2

Printables Designed By Courtney @ Paperelli Designs Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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