1st Day of School Teacher Gifts

Teacher Gifts for the First Day

The Diva team is full of current and former teachers, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t like gifts from the kiddos! However, we also have a lot of moms who seriously don’t have time to whip up elaborate gifts for multiple teachers! What’s a girl to do?! Turn to the Divas to fix the conundrum! We created 3 beautiful gift tags that will not only show your appreciation for your littles’ new teacher, but also allow you to get it put together in just one 10 minute trip to the printer and grocer.

Free printable teacher gift tags!

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These printables were designed by none other than the fabulously talented Leah Aldous! Check her out for all of your design needs!

The main point of these gorgeous tags is that you seriously only have to print 1 page {make a couple copies if you have more than 3 kids}, grab a quick accompanying gift, and you are done! Stress less this “Back to School” season!

“The influence of a teacher can never be ERASED”

Cute pencil gift tag for a teacher.

This saying is so, so true and so, so adorable when paired with a fresh set of pencils. We love these day-of-the-week pencils we found in Target’s dollar aisle. Teachers can always use some more pencils so this is a quick, easy, and totally practical first day of school gift.

“I’m TOE-TALLY excited to be in your class”

Fun nail polish tag for the new school year.

Kids get so excited to meet their new teacher, share the excitement with some adorable nail polishes. If your little one has a male teacher who may not be toe-tally excited for nail polish 😉 you could always go with some flip flops or a foot scrub.

“I’m so CHAPPY you’re my teacher”

Chapstick gift tag for the first day of school.

This is another quick idea that would work for any teacher. Chap stick is a desk essential! We grabbed a pack of Blistex Fruit Smoothie lip balm so we could split up all three chap sticks. That way each of the kiddos could take one to their new teacher. {Or Mom could finally replace the one at the bottom of her purse…} Slap a glue dot on the print, pop the chap stick on, and you are done!

3 great 1st day of school gift ideas.




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