Fun Money Gift Ideas For Christmas

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Cash for Christmas

Do you have someone on your Christmas list this year that is impossible to buy for? OR might you be wanting to give money as a gift but don’t want it to be boring? Well great news! We have TONS of money gift ideas for you that make the perfect Christmas gift! And the truth is, giving a money gift is never a bad idea! You’re literally giving THEM the chance to buy exactly what they want. It’s a win-win! While handing over a card with cash is a decent option, why not hit your gift out of the park with a fancy, Christmas’y, super creative money gift instead? We think there’s nothing better! So let’s dive into these money gift ideas for Christmas!

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Once again, gifting money as a Christmas gift is an EXCELLENT route to go. Similarly, gifting something that brings an instant smile to the recipient’s face is something we think everyone should strive to do! So while some of these ideas require a little extra work, we think they’re totally worth it! Let’s check them out, shall we?

Money Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas Chocolates Box

  • Box of Christmas “Chocolates”: Everyone loves a box of chocolates, right? However, this box just might be MORE appealing than actual chocolate! The fun would definitely come in prepping the “chocolates” beforehand!
  • Rolling In The Dough: Who wouldn’t love to be “rolling in the dough” this Christmas season? First, this idea would be cute for any baking-lover. Second, it’s cute for any money-lover! Plus the easy assembly makes it an automatic Christmas WIN!
  • Cash Christmas Wreath: Not only is this wreath a valuable gift, it makes excellent Christmas decor! This would be an adorable addition to any Christmas party OR a simple home accent. Regardless of where you put it during the holidays, don’t forget to spend it after! šŸ˜‰
  • Money Filled Christmas Ornament: I know that finding this ornament on the tree at our home would be a big hit! It also would be a fun family activity to consider making together! 
  • Coin Candy Rolls: This gift would be perfect for a college student paying for their laundry! {But lets be honest. Anyone would love to receive this in the toe of their stocking, right?!)
  • Christmas Tree Lot: What a fun and creative way to gift money to someone special (or multiple someone’s) this year! This “Christmas Tree Lot” made out of money is beyond impressive. It would actually be a tragedy to take it down and spend it!
  • Christmas Money Book: Books are always a great gift, but I have a feeling this one would be extra special! Just imagine the look on your recipients face when they open it! šŸ™‚
  • Ornament Money Holder: Hiding money on the tree for a friend or family member to discover could become a favorite holiday tradition! More importantly, these darling homemade ornament holders are easy to make and SUPER cute, too!
  • Jar of Candy and MoneyChristmas M&M Jar: Hidden money is always a fun surprise! This M&M jar would make the perfect money gift…Because it includes delicious treats too! 
  • Cash Christmas Tree: Christmas isn’t complete without a tree, and this one is just the right color of green! Additionally, imagine walking into the room and seeing this decoration…I’d be quite excited! 
  • Surprise Snowball: This idea may be the most complicated to assemble (however, it’s still very easy!) but it’s beyond worth it! Anyone would love to unravel this snowball surprise to discover cash and little treats along the way!
  • Origami Christmas Tree: This origami Christmas tree is sure to brighten up someone’s holiday! While the folding might take some practice, the outcome is cute AND makes the perfect money gift!
  • Folded Money Tree: Almost too cute to take apart, this gift is sure to be a crowd favorite! And the fun part could be assembling this gift as a family!
  • Christmas Star: Folded just perfectly, this Christmas star will be sure to add sparkle to anyone’s tree! Not to mention, it will very well add a sparkle to the recipient’s smile, too!

Now, will it even be possible to decide which money gift idea for Christmas you’re going to use? It’s a tough one! But we think you got this! (And it will be so fun!)

And on that note, in case you need money gift ideas for other times of the year, make sure to check out The Best Way to Give A Money Gift to Kids and Graduation Money Gift Ideas! Both are sure to help you out with your next cash gift!


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