Galentine’s Day: Girls’ Night

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Ladies Celebrating Ladies: Girls’ Night

February is one of our most favorite months of the year since it’s all about LOVE! February 14th is all about that romantic love but we also think it’s important to celebrate the friends you love and couldn’t live without, so we decided to take a hint from the hilarious and super popular show, Parks and Recreation. And now we’ve got everything you need to create the perfect, girly celebration and let your BFFs know how much you appreciate them on the day before Valentine’s Day, because February 13th is Galentine’s Day!!

Galentine's Day Party with Friends

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In the spirit of Galentine’s Day, Courtney from Paperelli helped us put together some gorgeous and sweet printables, layered with all things pink and girly. They’re perfect for making a Galentine’s Day celebration memorable and easy all at the same time. If you need something designed for a fun event or really, any occasion – Courtney is your gal!

Host a Galentine's Day Girls' Night

You can start by inviting your gal pals to come party with you. This invite is so much fun! Just check the boxes that fit with each of your friends and you’ll have personalized invitations for each of your guests. {Although, if we’re being honest, you could probably check pretty much every box for your besties!} The ideas range from simple and sentimental to practical and hilarious.

Galentine's Day Invitation

Girls’ night (or day) wouldn’t be complete without a little pampering so we’ve got you all set up to create the most adorable nail polish bar. If you’ve already got a stash of nail polish, then you’re all set but if not, you could always ask each guest to bring a few to share. You can set up the tent labels so everyone knows where to grab their favorite colors, all the necessary mani/pedi tools (like nail files and orange sticks), and fun embellishments (think: glitter and rhinestones)!

Galentine's Day DIY Nail Polish Bar

We know most ladies don’t need too much help chatting but sometimes when groups of friends mix, you need a few icebreakers. To help out, we came up with a few fun conversation starters. Get ready for all kinds of girl talk. Chances are, you’ll only need a few before there are raucous fits of laughter and there’s chatter with no end in sight.

Galentine's Day Conversation Starters

Since Galentine’s Day is all about showing your lady friends the love, we also created an entire list of hilarious but kind phrases. In the show, Parks and Recreation, Leslie’s best friend is Ann and she showers her with funny compliments throughout the entire season. We gathered some of our favorites and put them together to give you sweet cards that you can give out like friendly love notes, attach to a party favor OR even play charades with!

Check out a how adorable Leslie and Ann’s friendship is:

And, as if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve got one more empowering activity for the ladies, it’s our own, modified version of 20 questions, but in our version you only get SIX hints to figure out the answer!

Galentine's Day Compliment Cards and Activity

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each guest will receive a card and fill it out for a different gal. It’ll be a card filled with all of the things that make her special and wonderful. (This is a great activity to start as guests are just beginning to arrive – just let each guest draw another guest’s name out of a hat as they enter!)
  2. When everyone’s cards are complete, take turns reading off the descriptions one at a time. (You could even roll a die to see which hint gets read first.)
  3. See how many hints it takes before you can figure out who the card is describing.
  4. The first person to guess correctly gets the card, and a point towards winning.
  5. As a bonus, make sure each lady gets the card that describes her at the end of the night so she can have a little confidence-boosting encouragement whenever she needs it!

So are you ready to add a new tradition to the month of love?! One where you let your girls know how much you love them?! Gear up for Galentine’s Day!!

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Galentine's Day

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  1. Just celebrated Galentine’s Day over the weekend. Could you post things like this ahead of time so we can use? Today is too late!!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Barb! We’re always glad to hear feedback and we’ll see what we can do – Hopefully you can use it next year though!