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We are SO excited to have the Crafting Chicks here Guest Blogging for us today. I have been following their site forever and LOVE all their creative ideas. They are a wonderful group of women and today they are sharing an amazing idea of something you can give your husband!


Baby Daddy Gift Basket

Baby Daddy gift basket with printable tags

Hello! I’m Becky, one of the 5 “Chicks” who writes on The Crafting Chicks. I am so excited to share one of our crafts with you on this fabulous site. We get inspired whenever we read fun blogs like The Dating Divas! It is filled with so many great treats and ideas! We, at the Crafting Chicks, love to inspire you as well!

The Crafting Chicks began with friends sharing crafty ideas and along the way, we are excited to say, we have gained a whole community of friends that also share our passion for Motherhood and all things Crafting!
Between the 5 of us, we have 15 kids, and just like many of you, are very busy! We often get asked, “How do you do it?” We all have this in common, we would go crazy if we couldn’t craft or get creative. It truly is our therapy. Here is something that I have been working on that I wanted to share with you. I am about ready to give birth to my third baby girl. (I have most likely had her by the time you are reading this.) This pregnancy has been a little more difficult since I’ve had to chase after my two older girls and have not had as much time to myself for the rest that is needed. I am sure that I have focused tons on my needs and demanded more from my sweet husband. He has been great going above and beyond in order for me to get that extra rest I’ve needed. Since birth and pregnancy are mostly about the mom and new baby, I was thinking that he needed a special treat. I decided to make him a fun little goodie basket to take to the hospital. I’m sure the guy in your life would love it too .

Baby Daddy gift basket with treats

Here’s what you will need:

My hubby is always bored at the hospital and sometimes gets hungry. Now every hospital I have delivered at has had a fun little goodie room for the dad’s waiting, but my hubby feels awkward going in to get himself a treat. I wanted him to have all the fun treats he loves right in the room with us!

Baby Daddy gift basket treats with printable tags

So here goes. Pretty simple stuff. Just go find all the fun treats your hubby loves. Mine loves crackers, Coke, beef jerky, Junior Mints, Red Vines, and Nut Rolls. I tried to think of something clever to add to each note that attached to the treat. Some ended up with me just telling him how much I loved and appreciated him. I made sure to include examples of things I had noticed he had been doing. (The best way to keep them doing what you want is to let them know how much you appreciate it. Just a small tip from me!

Baby Daddy gift basket for Father's Day

Give the basket to your “Baby Daddy” and watch him smile. Remember ladies, you don’t have to wait for a huge moment like having a baby to let the guy in your life know that you love and appreciate him. You could make this basket any time for any reason. Thanks so much to the Dating Divas for letting me guest post!!! Come stop by The Crafting Chicks to see what we are up to!



Thanks again, Becky and The Crafting Chicks! Becky is so amazing, she sent this to us the night before she had her baby. How on top of it is she?! I can’t wait to use this idea this coming June when my baby is due – definitely a great way to make your husband feel important too! Make sure to check out the Crafting Chicks for other great ideas.


I married the love of my life and enjoy being with him and our son. We love to try new things - traveling, food, games, and everything in between.

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  1. Sweet!! With our first kid… we STARVED in the hospital!! Especially my poor hubby since the hospital didn’t provide him meals, we were so unprepared! This would be so fun to sneak in somehow (we’re having our second in a week) and surprise him with it. Maybe this will help him be a little more comfortable in the hospital and not have to fight the munchies so much. I love the idea!! Thanks!!

  2. I am so glad you posted this! My husband and I are going to be having our first baby here in May. This will definitely be something I would love to make for him. However, can you bring something like this into the room with you? I worry about the nurses and everything getting upset or something.

    1. Robyn, from my experience (I’ve only had one) it would be fine to take the basket in to the hospital. You bring your own bags with whatever you want in, and people are always bringing you gifts. We had treats and snacks for my husband in our hospital bag – in fact a lot of hospitals encourage that. The nurses shouldn’t have any problem with it. If you are real concerned, I’m sure you could call the hospital and double check their policies on what you can bring in.

      Congrats and good luck with the new baby!