Hilarious April Fools’ Day

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Nothing like a harmless little prank to make someone laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine so really you’re just helping them! April Fools’ is such a fun little holiday for us to brighten someone’s day with laughter after making them jump a little. I laughed just imagining how some people would react to these practical pranks. We found…

The Best April Fools’ Pranks and Jokes

April Fools’ Day is often forgotten or not celebrated but I think it is such a fun day! A day where it is ok to pull jokes and practical pranks on your family and friends? It is great! So let us help you find the perfect prank for your victim HA! and let’s celebrate April Fools’ Day!

April Fools' Ideas

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April Fools' Ideas

1. Toilet Roll Talker 

2. Mega Prank Kit

3. Ultimate Prank Kit 

4. Sound-Activated Drop Down Spider 

Funny April Fools' Ideas

5. Snake in a Can 

6. Scare Box Spider 

7. Rattlesnake Eggs 

8. Remote Control Cockroach 

Hilarious April Fools' Ideas

9. Trick Squirt Pens 

10. Fake Mold Sandwich Bags 

11. Fake Bug Sandwich Bags 

12. Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags 

Funny April Fools' Pranks

13. Fake Parking Tickets 

14. Voice and Motion Activated Prank Stickers 

15. Organ Transplant Lunchbox 

16. Fake Outlet Stickers 

April Fools' Pranks

17. Chewed Gum Magnets 

18. Hairy Rat 

19. No Tear Toilet Paper 

20. Prank Pack Extreme Chores 

April Fools' Ideas

21. Box Of Jokes 

22. Denture Shaped Ice Cubes 

23. Pick Your Nose Paper Cups 

24. Screaming Doormat 

Prank Ideas

25. Pranklopedia 

26. Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids 

27. Authur’s April Fools 

28. April Foolishness

Are you ready to pull some practical pranks?! Cause I know I am! That fake parking ticket might appear on my hubby’s windshield and the moldy sandwich bag in his lunch. Sorry, babe! Find that perfect prank and make someone laugh, Happy April Fools’ Day!

Check out our Tricky Love Cards and we also have 50 additional pranks!


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