50 Fun April Fools’ Day Pranks

Harmless and Hilarious April Fools’ Day Pranks! 

Who loves April Fools’ Day?! I will be honest that there are a few Divas in particular that are known for being little tricksters! When the Divas get together there is never a shortage of humor and pranks, however we all agree that pranks are only fun if they leave everyone laughing and enjoying a harmless joke! Some April Fools’ Day pranks can get a little out of hand so we decided to gather up 50 of our all time favorite creative, fun, and harmless April Fools’ Day Pranks!

April Fools' Day for the Whole Family

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In this post you will find:

  • 20 Fun Food April Fools’ Day Surprises 
  • 15 April Fools’ Day Pranks for Your Kids
  • 15 April Fools’ Day Pranks for Your Spouse

Amazing, right!?! We can hardly wait to share these great April Fools’ Day pranks with you, so let’s get started!!

20 Fun Food April Fools’ Day Surprises

April Fools' Food Surprises


So many fun food surprises! I cannot wait to pull a few of these on my family this year! 

April Fools' Day Tricks

1. Blue Breakfast – An easy and fun morning surprise.
2. Brownie Eggs – Who wouldn’t be shocked by this harmless prank?
3. Potted Plant Dessert – Watching everyone’s faces when you serve this potted plant for dessert will be priceless!
4. Edible Worms – They may look disgusting, but you are sure to get a good laugh out out your loves ones for this for surprise.
5. Chocolate Soup – This dinner will thrill your family when they realize it is actually dessert!

Food For April Fools' Day

6. Frozen Cereal – Solid cereal will bring lots of laughs on April Fools’ morning!
7. Switched Up Fries – They may look average, but these are not your normal fries! {Slide #8.}
8. Cookie Surprise – People will love this dessert for dinner!
9. Corn Dog Cake Pops – A sweet cake pop for your April Fools’ Day!
10. Donut Delight – One more dinner shock that is not what it appears to be.

Food Tricks To Play On Everyone

11. Glass Potato Chips – These chips are a puzzling surprise.
12. Jell-o Juice – Fool your friends this year!
13. Surprise Grilled Cheese – Silly food is the perfect choice for this crazy day.
14. “Meatloaf” Dinner – A plate full of food mystery!
15. Sushi Sandwich – Sushi will be on everyone’s plates on April Fools’ Day!

Fun April Fools' Day Pranks

16. Solid Milk – Confuse your loved ones with this solid milk.
17. Pizza Cake – A sweet surprise on a silly day!
18. Cupcake Dinner – This post has a few cupcake options for your April Fools’.
19. Carrots and Peas – No veggies will be found in this side dish.
20. Spilled Drink – This drink surprise will start someone’s morning with a smile.

15 April Fools’ Day Pranks for Your Kids

April Fools' Day for Your Kids


Your kids will get a kick out of these hilarious April Fools’ Day pranks! 

Kids April Fools' Day

21. Blue Bath – Your kids will love this colorful bath.
22. Broccoli Pops – What will your family think of these broccoli pops?
23. Buggy Lunch – Give your kiddos a giggle at school when they pop open this lunch.
24. Crazy Cafe’ – A dinner surprise that everyone will love!
25. Candy Mix-Up – A simple trick for your April Fools’ Day.

Kid's Edition - April Fools' Day

26. Dollar Chase – How far will your kids chase this dollar before they figure out your trick?
27. Fun Fruit Can – The shock factor will be great with this can surprise.
28. Disappearing Ink – Your kiddos will be shocked when they get a splash of this ink on their shirts.
29. Tot Lunch – Shock your big kids with a this tot lunch. {Scroll down to idea #8.}
30. Sauce Squirt – Who will you fool with this trick?

April Fools' Day Pranks for Kids

31. Marshmallow Picking – What will your kiddos think of this marshmallow prank?
32. Shoes Everywhere – Shoes, shoes all around!
33. Googly Eye Lunch – A googly, giggly lunch!
34. Mustache Surprise – Make their first look in the mirror the first prank of the day. {Scroll down to idea #30}
35. Upside-Down Home – Flop your house to confuse your kiddos. {Scroll down to read #9}

15 April Fools’ Day Pranks for Your Spouse
April Fools' Day for Your Spouse


Make your spouse laugh all day long with these amazing April Fools’ Day prank ideas!

April Fools' Day Pranks

36. Spider Shock – You may want to get this prank on video!
37. April Fools’ Date Night – Dedicate your entire date night to April Fools’ Day.
38. Spilled Polish – This prank may scare your spouse at first, but it is sure to leave them laughing.
39. Scratched Car – Yikes! Does your honey love their car!? This prank may be a heart stopper for a moment or two.
40. For Sale – The calls will start flooding in to your spouse’s phone with this silly prank.

Funny pranks to pull on your spouse!

41. Googly Eyes Everywhere – Cover your home with google eyes for a harmless prank.
42. Gum Swap – A nasty surprise for this April Fools’ Day.
43. “Ice” Water – Let your kids help out with this sly trick.
44. Colored Tooth Brush – This prank will leave them smiling… green!
45. M&M Dispenser – A sweet trick for your sweetie.

April Fools' Day Pranks for Your Spouse

46. Splattered Milk – Will your spouse cry over this spilled milk?
47. Remote Blunder – Why on earth will the remote not work?!
48. Duck Tape T.P. – This prank will not fool them for long but they will smile over the switch-up!
49. “Special Outfit” – Tell your spouse that you will meet them in the bedroom for this prank. {Scroll down to idea #7.}
50. Silly Toilet Paper – Send your spouse a silly toilet paper message. {Scroll down to idea #5.}

Are you having as hard of a time as we are at picking which April Fools’ Day pranks to pull together this April Fools’ Day!?! We love these April Fools’ Day prank ideas and hope that you do as well!

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