Hocus Pocus Dinner and A Movie

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Not Your Ordinary Dinner and Movie Night!

We put a twist on dinner and movie night with yummy food, creative ideas, easy desserts, gorgeous printables, unlimited bonding time, and a spicy after party for the two of you, what more could you ask for on date night?!

Now that I’ve got you excited about dinner and a movie, I’ll fill you in on today’s movie.  Get ready for it…Hocus Pocus with a twist!!!


Can I tell you how excited I am to be partnering up with Once A Month Meals for today’s magical and yummy dinner and a movie date!? Take a moment to to peek at Once A Month Meals and be prepared to be IMPRESSED with Tricia and Kelly and the amount of time they are going to save you on preparing meals!

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Dinner and A Movie!!!

The number one no-fail date for my hubby is the good old fashioned dinner and a movie date. We all know the regular dinner and a movie date requires zero thinking, planning, or creativity. On top of all that, it’s just not as fun as the Dating Divas “Dinner and A Movie Date”, we know how to have a “Not Your Ordinary Movie” night. We put a twist on movie night with yummy food, creative ideas, easy desserts, gorgeous printables, unlimited bonding time, and a spicy after party for the two of you, what more could you ask for out of date night?!

Now that I’ve got you excited about dinner and a movie, I’ll fill you in on today’s movie.  Get ready for it…Hocus Pocus with a twist!!!


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The Movie

When was the last time you saw Hocus Pocus? This is a must-see movie for Halloween. I love all of the songs, Jessica and Barbara are entertaining, and the story isn’t half bad either. Some of you might be thinking my man won’t watch this, I promise, if you add a bit of spice at the end, he will be all over this.  Yes, you are going to bribe him with an “after party for two”, no one is ever too old or too cool for a bribe. Go on, you can do it and he will be all over it!

For online streaming services, we highly recommend VidAngel!

The Theme

Now that we’ve got your hubby on board let’s talk about planning… If you’re a seasonal decorator, then you’ve got witches, pumpkins, bats, spiderwebs, skulls, candles, and all the oranges and blacks you can think of all over your house. So here’s what you’re going to do…  Collect a few of these Halloween items and place them on your dinner table.  Set out as many candles as you can by collecting them from around the house, place them in your TV room, and light all of them.  Dim the lights.  Set out a few fluffy pillows and fuzzy blankets. Voila, you’ve got your Halloween buffet table and romantic movie room all set up.

Secure a sitter for the night or wait ’til the kids are in bed. Have the scene set up as your hubby walks through the door.

If you’ve got the home all to yourself, you’ll be setting up an area for the after party in a private little nook. If you’ve got a full house, set it up in your bedroom.  For now, just remember that you need to set up a steamy after party, we’ll get to the details a little later.

You’ll be preparing and making everything just right for the two of you, so go all out and make it a perfectly “spooky” night!

The Printables

Before I get into the printables, I have to brag a little {or a lot} about our super talented designer Erin with Strawberry Mommycakes. She totally got my vision for the night and came up with these gorgeous grown-up Halloween party printables that I’m in love with! You have to check her out, you will love her just as much as I do! Hurry on over, I’ll still be here. Use card stock for all of your printables.


The Invite

Add the date, time, and the address of your home to your invite before presenting it to your hubby. This invite would be super cute attached to some of your honey’s favorite Halloween candy. {Candy might also work as a little bribe for the night too, ha!}


The Dinner

Halloween is all about food and junk, right?! Of course it is! This is a grown-up affair so say bye, bye to all the kiddy food you see all over the place for spook night! Instead, we are going to make our honey’s tummy growl and maybe a little drool will fall at the sight of your buffet table!

Find your favorite recipes (I’m linking you up to my favorites just in case you don’t have a favorite) for the yummy dinner items below and create the perfect grown-up Halloween dinner menu:

Bubbling Caldron-homemade rootbeer or another drink mixed with dry ice

Ghastly Chili-Black Bean and Sweet Potato Turkey Chili or Black Bean ‘n’ Pumpkin Chili or Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Chili in Pumpkin Bowls.

Oven Roasted Ribs with Blood Sauce-Oven Roasted Ribs With Barbecue Sauce or Cranberry Cola Glazed Babyback Ribs.

Crunchy Green Bean Salad

Decomposed Salad

Shriveled Potatoes-baked/roasted Yukon or red skin potatoes

Shrunken Pears-baked pears in syrup

Poison Apples– an apple dessert or the traditional candy apple

Now, I’m getting hungry! lol What I love about this menu is that you can prepare everything, except the bubbling cauldron, a day or two ahead of time.

The Witches Brew

The “Witches Brew” is a combination of your favorite treat items.  Before the movie, each of you get to concoct your own personal brew mixture to make a magical, heavenly, and sugary spell to cast during the movie. The label “Witches Brew” can be taped/glued to a paper lunch sack or onto a bowl. The brew includes:

Witch Hair- licorice

Wolves Nails-candy corn

Rat Droppings-black jelly beans

Frog Tongue-peach rings

Creepy Crawlers-gummy worms

Bone Chunks-kettle corn

Wizard Guts-black rope licorice


Goblin Eyes-whoppers

Vampire Bites-hot tomales

You can’t have a movie without a treat!!!


The Dessert

One of my favorite things is a pretty little drink! This Halloween cocktail is a perfect addition to a our “adults only” date night. Hurry on over to Once A Month Meals to grab this pretty little recipe. While you are there, be sure to give Tricia and Kelly from Once A Month Meals a huge thank you for sharing it with us!


The After Party

It’s the end of the night and time for the real party to begin! Remember this song “I Put A Spell On You” in the movie…” I put a spell on you and now you’re mine, you can’t stop the things I do…I put a spell on you and now you’re mine.” That song is the inspiration for the theme of this little magic love spell book and it’s going to be your little after party surprise for your hubby. Thanks to Diva Becca for adding a few sassy spells to this book.


Print off all the pages for your book, cut them out, place the cover on top (this is the page on the left of page 8), roll them up like scrolls, and tie with a ribbon or punch with a hole on the top left and tie with a string.

There are 14 spells in the book, pick one of them to end the evening. Good picks for the night would be the Fountain of Youth, Kissing Spell, Flame in the Heart, Attraction Charm, Fireside Lust, or Passionate Evening Spell.  {These are all laid back, easy, and a very spicy way to end the evening!}  The Attraction Charm would be awesome if you want to dress up, it is Halloween, after all, and dressing up is a must. Check out my  Halloween “After Party” Costume Ideas, you’re sure to find sexy costume for both of you.

Gather needed items for the spell you have chosen and pick a private nook for your love spell encounter. Give the spell book to your hubby with a little note inviting him to perform the next spell.

The next morning give your hubby this little “falling in love with brew” or “sassy love spell treats” gift as a thank you and reminder for a lovely and sassy evening.

This is a lot to fit into a couple of hours. A good idea would be to make a whole day out of it. Have your hubby play hookie and enjoy the movie and treats while the kids are at school. Send your kids to the sitters or to their rooms in the evening and have a romantic dinner for two and end the night with the spicy after party.

Enjoy your date and Happy Halloween!!!


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