Homemade Poke”mom” Cards for Mother’s Day

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Cute Homemade Pokemon Cards

The Pokemon card trend is back, and we can’t believe alllll the rage surrounding them right now! I’m sure the 90s babies are ecstatic!! Anyone else remembers collecting them and then spending all of recess working out trades?

With Mother’s Day coming up, we thought it would be so fun to create some DIY Pokemon cards that your kiddos can customize as a surprise for mom! Hmmm … maybe that makes these PokeMOM cards?! Whatever you decide to call them, we know mama will love receiving these darling handmade cards on her special day!

Check out these darling PokeMOM cards for Mother's Day! | The Dating Divas
Pokemom cards for Mother’s Day

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NOTE: If you’re a mom, stop reading! Subtly leave this post on your computer screen so your hubby will see it. Trust us, you’ll want the details of this DIY craft to be a surprise! {Wink!}

If you’re a dad, hello! We’re so excited that you want to help your kids with a super easy craft for Mother’s Day!

EASY TO USE Pokemon Card Printables

Your PokeMOM is one-of-a-kind, right? Therefore, it seemed only fitting that these cards feature exclusive and RARE Pokemons designed with her in mind! You’ll love the names and descriptions!

There are eight cards in total. Four of them have accompanying pictures as well as the PokeMOM stats filled out. All your kiddos need to do is pick one (or all four!) to present to mama!

These printables are an easy Pokemon card craft for kids! | The Dating Divas
Easy Pokemon card craft for kids

The other four cards are completely blank, so your kids can customize their own Pokemom for mom.

We know mama will love receiving a customized Pokemon card for Mother's Day! | The Dating Divas
Printable Pokemon card for Mother’s Day

All eight cards are double-sided, too! We know mama is going to love these!

What You Need

Luckily, this is a super easy craft. All you need to make the PokeMOM cards are:

That’s it!

Print both sides of the cards onto one piece of cardstock (PokeMOM card on the front, PokeMOM logo on the back) and then use scissors to cut them out. Next, let your kids get creative!

The laminator is completely optional, but it would allow mom to cherish these forever! Laminating the cards makes them look like the real deal. And, the rarest Pokemon card needs to be preserved for years to come, after all! 😉

These are definitely the rarest Pokemon cards out there! | The Dating Divas
Rarest Pokemon cards for your mom

Fun Pokemon Crafts

Okay, hear us out. The rarest Pokemon card should come with a life-like figurine, right? We think so, too! How fun would it be for your kids to not only decorate the cards but also mold their new Pokemons into clay figurines?!

This Magic Clay has great reviews, and it’s totally kid-friendly. The clay air dries within 24 hours, too. That means you and your kids can make the cards and mold the clay the day before Mother’s Day and have everything completely ready to go by the time she wakes up the next morning! Talk about a SURPRISE!

How cute would it be if your kids modeled their PokeMOM out of clay?! | The Dating Divas
Use clay to turn your Pokemom into a figurine

Or, you can search on Pinterest for more awesome Pokemon craft ideas. We found dozens of darling Pokemon crafts on the first page alone.

Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without our cute PokeMOM cards! | The Dating Divas
Mother’s Day Pokemom cards

However you decide to surprise that sweet mama on Mother’s Day, we know she’s going to love it!

Happy Mother’s Day from the Divas!

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  1. This is literally SO cute!!! I have never found such a fun, unique idea for a kiddo-to-mommy gift!!