How to Make a Money Tree and Other Birthday Money Gift Ideas

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How to Make a Money Tree & Other Birthday Ideas

Let it be known that birthday gifts are basically the best part about birthdays, right? (That and CAKE!) But at the top of the birthday gift list is often the one thing we all think about on a daily basis in some way or another: MONEY! While money doesn’t buy happiness, it can help buy things that make us happy! One of the best money gift ideas for birthdays is a money tree, which just like it sounds, is a tree made of money! We can’t think of anything better than that, so we’re going to tell you how to make a money tree AND other fun and creative money birthday gift ideas right here!

Money Birthday Gift Ideas

In general, we’d say the amount of money given as a birthday gift varies greatly depending on the age of the birthday boy or girl! That is to say, you wouldn’t necessarily need to shell out hundreds of dollars to a 6 year old…But as you consider how or how much to give a money gift, just remember one thing: You’re making their birthday extra special with a little extra spending money! They’re going to love it no matter what!

Step by Step Guide: How to Make a Money Tree

First up, how to make a money tree! This relatively simple project takes just a bit of planning and a stack of paper money. Head to the nearest ATM if you need some cash! Secondly, follow the instructions laid out so well by SoTipicalMe. Not only is this step by step guide impressive, it’s the cutest money tree we’ve ever seen!

To clarify, making a money tree doesn’t take very long and the results are totally worth it! Just imagine the look on the recipients face when you deliver it! Priceless! 😉 (Not to mention, their birthday will now be ‘how ever many dollars are on the tree’ better because now they get to spend all that money! Oh yeah!)

DIY Money Tree

We highly recommend shopping for the ribbons and embellishments for your money tree with the recipient in mind. What’s their favorite color? Do they have a favorite sport? Are they beginning a new chapter of their life with a new year ahead? Make it special, specific, and full of love. That’s what a true gift is all about!

Now, how about some other birthday money gift ideas?

Money Gift Ideas for Birthdays

What we find most fun about a money gift is the way you can present the cash! Instead of a plain card with a few bills stuffed inside, why not make something extraordinary with the money instead? (Much like the money tree gift idea above!) We’re here to inform you that whomever receives the gift will absolutely LOVE the extra thought and detail you put in to the presentation. On that note, when you see these money gift ideas for birthdays below, you’re going to be just as excited about the gift you’re giving as they are when receiving it!

Birthday Balloons with Cash

  • Box of Balloons: Surprise! These birthday balloons aren’t just regular balloons! Have fun popping these money-filled balloons all day long! BONUS: These balloons will leave the birthday boy or girl grinning all day with anticipation to spend their new birthday money!
  • Strings Attached: This gift idea comes with a few fun rules and a required shopping trip! In other words, the best gift ever! I don’t know about you, but I would have NO issues with that!
  • Money Wrapped Candy Bars: Combining two favorites, candy and cash will always be a hit! And She’s Crafty really said it best, “Just give them what they really want!” (We’ve also been told that a money tree is exactly what they want! 😉 )
  • Cold  Hard Cash: Breaking into this cold hard cash will most definitely be worth the work! On top of that, this idea would make a great gift for someone you know who’s looking to build some muscle! 😉
  • Surprise Balloon Door: Adorn the birthday boy or girls bedroom door with these money-filled balloons for them to find first thing in the morning! This early morning surprise will kick off their birthday celebrations just right!
  • Soda Pop Bottle: On one hand, soda is delicious. On the other hand, this soda pop bottle filled with cash beats a delicious drink of soda any day! Anybody celebrating their birthday will be praising your name after receiving this fun gift!
  • Cash Wallet: Why put money inside a wallet when you could gift a wallet made of money itself? Not only that, this idea is creative as it is valuable!

Money Bouquet

  • Birthday Bouquet: Flowers on your birthday? Sweet and thoughtful! Money flowers on your birthday? Best gift ever! (In addition, the step by step guide for how to make a money tree up above yields a birthday gift just like this birthday bouquet!)
  • Money to Burn: It would be important to include instructions with this gift indicating that the money is intended to be burned, aka spent without a second thought! 😉
  • Cash Cake: Chocolate may be yummy, but this idea “takes the cake” when it comes to birthday gifts!
  • Candle Card: This idea is cute, easy, and perfectly themed. Most importantly, these candle bills are the perfect addition to a birthday gift! Just be sure not to blow these candles away!
  • Money Tie: What a fun way to give some cash to that special man in your life! In addition, you could also make a similar gift bow-tie style!
  • Rose Bouquet: Every girl loves roses! Certainly these money-roses would make a birthday girl feel special! 
  • Cash Roll: The gift that keeps on giving! The birthday boy or girl will certainly enjoy this seemingly never-ending fun rolled up surprise!
  • Mobile: This would make the perfect gift for an expecting birthday mama! While baby might not have a lot of say in where the money goes, they would certainly be entertained by it!
  • Cash Wreath: This wreath is as impressive as it is cute! Although, it would almost be a shame to take down the bills when you’re ready to spend it! (We feel very similarly about the idea we first mentioned on this post! If you want to know how to make a money tree as well, scroll to the top of this post!)

To sum up, any one of these money gift ideas would be fun to give! The best part is, you could give multiple money gifts all year, each with a fun twist and spin!

And don’t forget! If you’re looking to see how to make a money tree (the ultimate birthday gift!), just scroll right back to the top of this post!

Lastly, money gifts can be used to celebrate additional milestones throughout the year, other than a birthday. Make sure to check out these Graduation Money Gift Ideas and Fun Money Gift Ideas for Christmas!

Enjoy your money gifting!


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