Kid Date Night Envelope

Chocolate Games Kid Date Night Envelope

When date night rolls around, the kids always want to know what they get to do for fun! Ya know, with the babysitter. I want to keep my kids excited about having a babysitter and doing something fun, unique and special while me and my hubby are out enjoying a little much-needed one-on-one time! Introducing this brilliant idea… the Kid Date Night Envelope!! This is pure genius for SO many reasons.

We have 3 different versions of the Kid Date Night Envelope to give you plenty of resources to choose from! We want you to have the perfect options to keep those kiddos entertained!

Kid Date Night Envelope

Now, these date night envelopes will work best if the kids know that they can only play with the contents of this envelope while you are on a date! There are 2 chocolate-themed games here that are tried and true, kid-tested and approved, that are sure to be a HUGE hit with your kids! We know from experience that kids LOVE to play these two games. They love them so much in fact that they will be BEGGING you to go on your next date!

All you need to do is grab our Date Night Envelope printables below.

Kid Date Night Envelope 1

Attach the cover to a manila envelope. Make sure this envelope appears somewhere in your children’s view early in the day of your date night so that they can look forward to it! I like to set mine out on the counter right at breakfast time so that the kids can mentally prepare and get excited for their own date night with the babysitter!!

Kid Date Night Envelope Chocolate Games

Now, what are the goods inside this wonderful envelope you ask??

We have two chocolate-themed games option that you can use. You can choose which one you want to use and save the second game for another date night or you can use both… it’s up to you! I like to put ALL of the needed supplies for whichever game I choose inside the envelope so it is all right there for the sitter when we leave.

Don’t Eat Pete!!

Kid Date Night Envelope Don't Eat Pete

Check out the printables below for the instructions, plus the materials needed for this game! Just a heads up, candy is required… we love M&M’s for this game! Don’t you just love this adorable game board designed by Messes to Memories??

This is such a fun and easy game and kids will love to have a little treat! What a great motivator for the babysitter…

Kid Date Night Envelope Don't Eat Pete

The Kit Kat Game

Kid Date Night Envelope Kit Kat Instructions

Um… more chocolate, please!! We know that it’s fun to have a little treat when mom and dad are gone, so we chose these two chocolate games! This game is so easy, but we’ve included simple instructions in the printables below to help the babysitter know exactly what to do!

Kid Date Night Envelope Kit Kat Game

If the babysitter or even older kids want to play too, set out an oven mitt to give them a little disadvantage so they don’t gobble up the candy bar TOO quickly.

And the last thing to do, but definitely not the least, enjoy your date night out with your spouse!

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  1. These games are darling & you made SUCH cute printables!! Such a great idea to make “mom & dad” date night something the KIDS can look forward to! I love it!

  2. Looks so fun Robin! My kids would be all over this, except usually they are asking me to leave so they can hang with gma and gpa! LOL Or they love their sitter too! I cant leave fast enough! Great ideas!

  3. Robin, What a FUN idea! I have some very fond memories playing the chocolate bar game when I was younger, and “Don’t Eat Pete” looks like a delicious game too!! These ideas will be a hit in many homes I am sure!